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I always wanted to do an article about PWG for the site but a recent article by Adam Timmins pushed me to write one about my opinions on the promotion. First and foremost this article isn’t ripping what Adam thinks because although I don’t agree it’s good that he wants them to expand and grow. This past year for PWG has gotten a lot of buzz and especially from ELEVEN.

My opinion on the show is that it was really good that featured the rise of Trevor Lee as he defeated PWG legend Kevin Steen in his farewell match but I do think 3 matches went too long. PWG is also infamous for starting late and/or running long but the way the show ended with a phenomenal match that ended a long feud, the match got more mainstream attention due to what happened in the match, and got attention on Candice LeRae. Then you had the most hyped up BOLA as it was stacked with 5 or 6 debuts, 2 or 3 returns, and went back to 3 nights of wrestling. Then to the 2 last shows of the year that featured the debut of Uhaa Nation and the last matches for a while of Adam Cole, Kyle O Reilly and Bobby Fish but I don’t want to get into that situation. Now into 2015 we have the first show in February that features 3 debuts and the debuts are “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Beaver Boys and Monster Mafia.

I think the issue of expanding is debatable as they have so many guys under contracts to certain promotions that do not allow them to appear on iPPV so I understand why they don’t do iPPV. I would like if they did iPPV as well because it would be more convenient for fans who want to see who can not make it out to Reseda. The iPPV is not any real issue to me as they would probably have to run in a different venue which would take away from aura of PWG in that venue in front of those fans.

My opinion of PWG is that it is a promotion that has 3 storylines max and the rest is just pure fun that everyone from the wrestlers to the fans to the Excalibur and whoever his commentating partner is for that match is to enjoy. I think that of course expanding in some way would be good as it would be growing but I think they need to keep the party atmosphere. The way for PWG to do this is to give rising independent wrestling stars shots in the promotion like they have to start off 2015.

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