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“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” ― Victor Hugo

PROGRESS, started on an idea. An idea to elevate, emphasise and magnify the UK wrestling scene, and the talent within it. To say that they have been successful in this endeavour would be a gross understatement. With a thriving business, concentrating on establishing the crop of United Kingdom talent, PROGRESS has become a ‘go to’ destination for fans worldwide. After decades in the dark, British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish wrestling and its fans, promoters and talent are at the forefront of worldwide wrestling, driving forward the arts story, characters and match quality like never before.

Coming off the heels of the biggest PROGRESS show in history, if not one of the biggest in UK wrestling past or present, the thriving company returns to their northern home, The Manchester Ritz. Come Sunday 16th of October I do, however, envision there being no roof left on the popular venue due to the main event booked that afternoon.

A battle will ensue that will leave all of the Ultras in attendance without a voice to shout with as new PROGRESS World Champion Underrated Mark Haskins goes against Liverpool’s Number 1 Zack Gibson. Both men oppose each other in personality and styles, but not more so than their relationships to the PROGRESS faithful. Haskins has become the most beloved PROGRESS roster member, with fans willing the talented star in his long road up to the possession of the PROGRESS crown. While the Liverpool native gets the most passionate and reliant mockeries from the crowds, both as part of his stable The Origin or under his own merits.

Star Armbar vs Shankly Gates. The Star Attraction vs Liverpool’s #1. PROGRESS Champion vs The Origin’s Own.

In a card stacked full of quality talent, interesting angles and character developments, there is but one match that I look forward to seeing most on Sunday. A match guaranteed to be a spectacle of in ring anarchy, high flying acrobatics, bruiser beat downs and glorious grapples. When Pete Dunne vs Shane Strickland vs Joe Coffey vs Marty Scurll takes place in front of a SOLD OUT Northern crowd, fighting over who shall be the number 1 contender to go against the winner of Mark Haskins and Zack Gibson. Dunne and Coffey have been on incredible winning streaks in tag and singles action respectively, while Strickland won in a classic clash with former champion Will Ospreay at Chapter 35. Finally the former champion Marty Scurll throws his hat into the ring, looking to regain his place on top of the PROGRESS kingdom. Every man has a rightful claim to be the next contender to the new champion, expect fireworks when all these talented stars meet in the centre of the PROGRESS ring.

FSU has had an incredible streak of matches at past Manchester PROGRESS chapters, going up against the likes of The Dunne Brothers and The Origin that will be strongly considered in the upper echelon of PROGRESS bouts by years end. At Chapter 37 they take on The South Pacific Power Trip (TSPPT) and once again The Origin, in a triple threat tag team match. TSPPT has been on a roll in recent months, with Travis Banks and TK Cooper causing a major stir in tag team action. The Origin needs no introduction and have truly been a dominant force in PROGRESS, throwing their hat in the ring as being the strongest faction in PROGRESS company history. Expect a titanic clash as these six men go to war to see who deserves to climb up the ladder for a shot against the tag team champions, British Strong Style.

The first ever woman’s Natural Progression Series to crown the innagural PROGRESS Women’s Champion is imminent. At Chapter 38 in Camden a rivalry is renewed as Jinny takes on Pollyanna in the first match of the series. Two women looking to stake their claim to spots in the series will be Kay Lee Ray and Kimber Lee as both of them make their debuts facing each other this Sunday in Manchester. This is far from their first meeting, their feud stretched throughout many promotions worldwide, most notably in SHIMMER. Look for these two talented women to lay it all on the line in the prestigious PROGRESS ring, in this prologue to the Natural Progression Series IV.

Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room…Again was a historic event, filled with many significant and memorable moments, but it can be argued none more so that the crowning of the first ever PROGRESS Atlas Champiomn, in Rampage Brown. The Atlas Tournament (to crown the inaugural champion) proved to be a spotlight on the thriving and talented “big lads” wrestling today, a move that has cemented the company as having one of the most inclusive collections of talent. No matter what kind of style you like your wrestling, it can be found here in PROGRESS. Rampage has laid down the gauntlet, and in his first defence of the championship it will be an open challenge. Who will answer the call and be the first to step up for this monumental match, the first Atlas Championship defence in British wrestling history. “If you think your big enough, come take it from me”

PROGRESS continues to expand and cultivate it’s talented roster, constantly looking to bring the best to the pinnacle of the independent scene. This is proved evident as Fabian Aichner faces James Drake, both setting foot into the company at the epicentre of the British boom for the first time at a Chapter show. Born in Italy, Aichner impressed many around the world in his participation in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, being a surprising combination of both power and agility. British born James Drake has been making waves up and down the UK for six years, although this is his first time as part of a PROGRESS Chapter, he has had experience in a PROGRESS ring at ENDVR:17, where he defeated Chuck Mambo. Look for these two talented stars to pull no punches in hopes of climbing the ranks of the prominent PROGRESS roster.

This Sunday sees the clash of two of the most outgoing and eccentric characters on the British Independent scene, as Chuck Mambo faces a returning Bubblegum. Mambo has found success teaming with former PROGRESS World Heavyweight Champion Pastor William Eaver, but a singles victory on October 16th will help elevate his standings within the PROGRESS roster. At the opposite corner of the ring shall be the man from Hubba Bubbaville, and a fourteen year UK independent wrestling veteran. Bubblegum will be looking to return triumphantly after a long absence from PROGRESS.

PROGRESS has found A Sudden Sense of Liberty. Coming on the heels of their biggest show and entrenching its mark in UK wrestling history, this is movement that can’t be stopped. PROGRESS has found its place in the heart and minds of wrestling fans the world over. With its inviting atmosphere, spirited environment and freedom of expression, it is a must for any wrestling fan to experience live no matter what the distance. It is the place to be and the hottest ticket around. PROGRESS.

I feel so extraordinary Something’s got a hold on me I get this feeling I’m in motion A sudden sense of liberty

True Faith, New Order

I shall be ringside Sunday 16th October representing The Indy Corner bringing you up to date live coverage from all the action at, PROGRESS Chapter 37: A Sudden Sense Of Liberty

Past PROGRESS Manchester shows reference.

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