My Holiday Visit To Wrestling

Added by Joel Yentis

So, 2017 I have a challenge – see at least one wrestling event a month for all of 2017. So far so good. I got my July grappling entertainment in early, I went to the Cockpit show AND British J Cup promoted by the good folk at Revolution Pro Wrestling. These shows are so much fun.

Other promotions I visit are Apex and Southside. I would do a lot more, but as a man with a wife, 2 kids, a job and a dog – it’s a little tricky to do it all. However, I always try and support the British Indie scene where I can.

That being said, I decided to go visit an event whilst on a family holiday in Cornwall. A lot of the “family friendly” shows, I tend to take my eldest daughter who is 4 years old. She has loved going to Apex and Southside and definitely prefers live wrestling to that on TV. Unfortunately, she was a little too poorly for me to take her to this event.

What did I decide to see? Pro Wrestling Pride – HEROES AND LEGENDS 5. How exciting. I told some of my wrestling friends back at home what I was going to see. There was no jealousy. There was no “oh man, can you get me that t-shirt” or “say hi to **insert wrestlers name here**”. I decided to not enquire why, I heard that the promotion were a little disorganised, but hey – every promotion has to start somewhere and is may be addressing those issues.

The event happened at Plymouth Guildhall. It was an OK venue. People seemed nice, the lady on the door was lovely and I got two stamps on my hand to say that I had paid. The price on the door was £17 for an adult – a little more than you would pay for a Rev Pro Cockpit show, but this is a super show so let’s go for it. Also, when I looked at things online it looks like it cost £17.50 but 50p? Neither here nor there.

Seating was a free for all, but it didn’t matter to me, I was excited to see a lot of the international talent and local talent. At most indie shows, the wrestlers always put in a shift to entertain us patrons and this show was exactly the same. You cannot fault the talent that was there.

Now onto the advertised talent that wasn’t there. I knew situations about some of the wrestlers on the poster – and was surprised to not see any information, news or updates on their availability. Those on the front of this particular poster that were not there; Dick Justice, Davey Richards, The Knight Family, Session Moth Martina and Grado. I was excited about all of these. Dick Justice and Session Moth I haven’t seen live, Grado I haven’t seen for a while and I saw Richards elsewhere and really enjoyed his match. None of these folks were there with no explanation. Saraya Knight was in hospital (I think) according to her twitter, Grado was in Scotland for ICW, Dick Justice had issues with the promotion, Martina was at Progress – but none of this was handled. This poster is totally misleading. It gives a slap in the face to all promotions in the UK that do provide what is advertised.

I went away feeling that I didn’t want to ask for a refund, so many great wrestlers on the show. Bobbi Tyler is a great family friendly female wrestler who is clearly on the up, Angelina Love looks, acts and performs like the Superstar she is. The non advertised Eddie Dennis was there, a massive bonus for me – but gutted he wasn’t advertised as I would have worn his shirt (that I took on holiday with me!). Also in the match was Kelly Sixx, who I have seen as a contender in RPW and as Kelly in Apex/Hope. He also has an upside and needs opportunities to cultivate the talent and effort he clearly shows in every match.

My big problem with the promotion is the three guys sitting stage centre next to entrances. These gentleman being centre stage commanding people from upon high on a house mic next to the PA. Why couldn’t they do this behind the scenes? The entrance music was done out of the control centre, known as a laptop. That’s fine, but again, why is this IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENTRANCE! I didn’t buy a ticket to see these guys mess up introductions, put down staff/talent and NOT MENTION THOSE ADVERTISED THAT COULDN’T ATTEND.

Right, I am fired up. If a talent on a poster doesn’t attend, to the untrained eye, it might be that the wrestler no showed. To me, a slightly more aware fan I knew that the fault is down to the promotion. From limited research, I have seen and heard of other instances. Hopefully, this doesn’t dissuade promoters for booking these wrestlers. It clearly isn’t their fault. This is run by a bunch of lads who think they can be a big deal rather than focus on the promotion and wrestlers being a big deal.

The congratulations go to all of the wrestlers and staff making the best of a show that was poorly handled by the promotion. As a fan I want British Wrestling to thrive, but this type of botched organisation can have a damaging effect on some of the other promotions.

Please be aware, in going away from the show I didn’t want to come across as some “smart” fan who knows everything and think everything is better in London. That’s not true. Progress runs around the UK and there are so many promotions in the midlands doing great work. I know I am spoilt with my shows around where I live, but this card was promoted like an old school 1PW showcase like they used to do in Doncaster. 1PW it was not.

Just in case you think I am being harsh – I believe these guys have deactivated their twitter. Now, why would a promotion post tour shut down the social media side?

To finish I would ask anyone reading this – support independent wrestling, support the wrestlers and in return you will get maximum effort in return. Promotions like this have no place for fans or wrestlers and should be called out.