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So here we go June and the beginning of July are notoriously quite months for All Star I always see it as a break before the busy summer camp run schedule. On my run in the summer I do 60 shows in 6 weeks usually this year it’s 61 as I also have the PCW anniversary show on the 7th August. But for now it’s just pretty much one show a week until then.

Last Friday I competed at Preston City Wrestling’s Showdown where I took on El Ligero, Charlie Garrett and Ashton Smith in a Fatal 4-way. I always seem to end up in the opening multiman contest at PCW which I found really difficult at first due to lack of experience in these types of matches. At All Star I’m usually booked in either a singles or tag match so suddenly being thrown in a 6-way was kinda tough. On my very first PCW show on December 2011 I saw Kris Travis, Martin Kirby, El Ligero, Joey Hayes and Bubblegum tear it up in an amazing 6-way I was truly blown away and I remember thinking to myself I’m so glad I’m not in that match because I would of stuck out like a sore thumb and ruined it I never thought that one day it would become my specialty and the kind of match I enjoy being in most a PCW. Going into Friday’s show I was a little worried about the fact that there wasn’t going to be a real villain in the match, there’s usually somebody like a Joey Hayes in there generating ‘heel heat’ from the crowd which in turn adds to the dynamic of the match but in truth I was wrong to worry the PCW faithful were into this match from the outset I felt we all were different enough and contributed to the match in our own unique ways. El Ligero just like myself is used to these kind of matches and with his speed and lucha style fits this match probably better than anybody. Charlie Garrett should be too big to be in this type of match but due to his speed and agility fits right in and Ashton with his coolness, popularity and unique offence made this a winning formula. One of the most enjoyable multimans I’ve had so far and was happy to congratulate Ahston after he picked up the winning fall on Charlie.

The next day I was up early for the All Star Wrestling school in Bebington on the Wirral, got there about 8:30 and my students were eagerly setting up the ring as they do on a weekly basis. Although I always feel tired after doing a show on a Friday night as soon as I see them so eager to get going it automatically makes me feel the same way. We managed to have the ring fully set up for our 10 o’clock start as well as the usual 10-12 regular students we also had two students come down from Rampage Brown’s NGW school up north having new students training at my school for the first time is always something I really enjoy. It was a pleasure to have them there and hopefully they took away some stuff that they hadn’t learned before. It was a cracking session and 6 hours of training went really fast.

This Saturday (13th June) the school is closed due to the room being pre booked by the national blood service which happens about 4 or 5 times a year unfortunately instead I will be heading back to Great Bear Promotions for their junior heavyweight tournament. I’ve only wrestled for Great Bear once before which I’m sure was around about this time last year and it turned out to be the hottest day for the year which I think affected the turn out for that show crowd wise. I took on Pete Dunne for the first time in that match which was a very technical and very enjoyable affair. This time I will be taking on the young and very talented Tyler Bate  for the first time. Really looking forward to this one as his technical wrestling also seems to very good. I guess at this point in my career it’s all about taking on the best up and coming British talent and in the space of a week I’ll will have taken on 3 of the best young wrestlers this country has to offer in Ashton, Charlie and Tyler as well as Ligero who is one of the best in the country period. Wrestling in this country is on a high in this moment in time I’m so glad to be a part of it. I’ll be back in PCW on July 11th but I’ll talk more about that in the coming weeks.

That’s it for this week, hope to be back next week with more. You can follow me on  twitter @DeanAllmark, you can LIKE my facebook page here my YouTube channel is

 I’ll be wrestling for All Star Wrestling in Gravesend on Friday 19th June where myself & Charlie Garrett will face Superslam Heavyweight Champion Thunder & Flithy Phil Powers

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