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Saturday was the last session at the wrestling school before we close for the busy summer schedule. The session was pretty much putting the finishing touches to you one or two students that will be making their debuts for All Star this summer. Was a cracking session to finish off the season with and I’m already looking forward to getting back there in September.

In the afternoon we held a surprise stag party, they came all the way from Essex and turned out to be avid wrestling fans. Whenever we do parties we always start off with myself taking part in a wrestling match. Today’s match was myself and young All Star student RJ Silva who has been a student of mine for about 6 years now vs long term students Tyson Taylor and Cool Carl Curtis. The match had a very “indy” feel to it due to the fact we were wrestling in front of grown men. They were fully into everything we did through out the match highlights included them chanting “top knot” at my tag partner due to his hairstyle which became his name for the day and all of us brawling amongst them using anything we could get our hands on including a water bottle, chairs and brick walls. The match ended with RJ silva hitting a springboard swanton bomb on Vitto Furo and grabbing the one two three. We then got the stag party guys in the ring and had some fun teaching them some basics, hitting them with clotheslines, chops, uppercuts and throwing them around before giving them the chance to try them out on each other. The groom later messaged me saying how much he had enjoyed the day and how it was a dream come true for him to be stood in a wrestling ring.

On Monday night I got an unexpected call from All Star promoter Brian Dixon telling me I would be wrestling on the Scottish camps this week and that it was a 7am leave in the morning. This may sound like short notice but I’ve gotten used to it over the last 15 years lol the first show was at Haggerston castle which is in Berwick on Tweed technically not in Scotland but still part of the Scottish run due to being so close to Scotland. It was myself and BT Gunn vs that ‘Pesky Fin’ Vitto Furo and Kid Fight. The crowd was electric for this one and myself and BT picked up the win after a 619 super kick combination. It was back in the car and straight to Craig Tara haven in Ayr from there where we stayed in a chalet on site overnight. Highlight of my night was unexpectedly bumping into Scottish wrestler Noam Dar who I know from all the PCW shows we do together talk about small world! The next day it was a 2pm show, we got the ring up so early that I was asked if I wouldn’t mind getting in the ring with a couple of trainees that were at the show which I never mind doing and actually quite enjoy. My first match of the day was a singles contest against that manVitto Furo. The venue was packed and anyone that’s ever been to Craig Tara knows it’s one of the biggest haven camps in the UK which made for a great atmosphere. The finish came when I had Vitto set up for the 619 and as I hit the ropes his new found friend Kid Fight tripped me from the outside causing me to get distracted and Furo rolled me up for the three count after the match I challenged them to tag team match against myself and my new friend the Haven Scotland champion BT Gunn which was made official by promoter Brian Dixon who was sat at ringside. After a quick interval we were back in the ring with me and BT inflicting some punishment on our foes before picking up the win.

A great couple of days in Scotland to yet my appetite for the coming full six week run where I’ll be doing ten shows a week which is always amazing and always goes to fast. On Saturday I’ll be retiring to Preston City Wrestling for their free Tribute To The Troops 2 outdoor show where I’ll be taking on Martin Kirby, Joey Hayes, Lionheart, Charlie Garrett and El Ligero in a 6-way money in the bank match.

I’ll be back next week to talk about that and you never know maybe I’ll get another last minute call to go to Scotland for next weeks midweek shows!

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