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I thought I would write something which is in huge discussion within the British scene, imports.

First off I know why they are used from a business perspective – when companies book ex WWE guys it will draw more fans to the show so they get more ticket sales. Now these ex wwe guys who are all about 50+ much can’t still have an amazing match which if you spent about 5 times less money you could of booked a British guy on the show who could give you a top match.

The imports brought over that I enjoy are the ones who can still give you an amazing match, the ones who are at the top of the game, like the guys from ROH, PWG and the guys from NJPW. These guys are on another level and can give you some of the best matches you’ll ever see. Adam Cole vs Prince Devitt at Rev-Pro Summer Sizzler was fantastic as was Shinsuke Nakumaura vs Zack Sabre Jr, Ricochet vs Haskins vs Zack Sabre Jr at PROGRESS also. The common thing with them imports is they are all at the top of the game delivering the best possible matches.

Where I stand is if your gonna pay a guy 5 times more than the English guy then he better be able to perform and give you one of the best matches you have seen. If you are gonna pay 5 times maybe more for a washed up import who can barely move anymore then I feel that it is just wrong when you can book so many more English guys who are good enough and gain them more exposure and give them a chance to progress. The English business will never progress and become what it could be if so many promoters keep booking these washed up guys instead of the British talent.

Well that’s just my opinion. I’m sure many of you disagree, but that’s the beauty of wrestling, everyone has a varying opinion and no one is wrong.

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Joe Davies

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