En Route To Wrestle

Added by Vanessa Clayden

Pictured here is Vanessa with other trainees and the legendary Johnny Kidd

When I encounter new people and I tell them I train as a plumber while doing an engineering degree and plan to put my papers towards being a RAF reserve they look at me in surprise. I have now topped that mixed bag with training to pro wrestle. I have plans, and plans to be big and this is my story so far.

Some people say they got into wrestling because they saw something on the TV or a family member took them to a show and all of a sudden they decided this is what I wanted to do. Me, the reason I got into wrestling – Eva Marie’s hair (For the record yes she is beautiful but by Jesus Skywalker she needs to sort out her wrestling).

Crazy as it sounds but about a year ago my house finally got Sky TV. Flicking through the channels I came across a woman with red hair. Now I’m easily amused so I wanted to know who this mystery woman was and the advert for Total Divas appeared. I needed some new programmes and I find Keeping up with the Kardashians on E! is more of a horror show. Eventually I wanted to see what these women did in WWE, caught onto some episodes of RAW and before I know it I am hooked. It was my visit to WWE Live at 02 Arena in November 2015 that confirmed I wanted to do this.
Eden announced a Divas Title Match, the arena went dark, the music hit and the arena was lit up purple. Paige came home. The reaction of the crowd was nuts. I wanted to have that feeling. Have a crowd behind me and cheer my name. I needed something new to do in my life and I was sure this was it. I was looking round for schools near me in Elm Park, Essex, emailed a few and the first to respond was Dropkixx Wrestling based in Purfleet.

Now I come with Generalized Anxiety Disorder where I panic about everything. I even panic about panicking. So doing this is a big step for me. I get nervous around people and doubt myself big time. I did not know what to expect from everyone or what they expected from me. I was expecting everyone to look like something out of Gladiators and I, this Christmas cheese filled potato looking human to appear thinking that could even have a chance to take someone down on a mat. My initial expectations were 100% wrong. The most friendly and encouraging bunch of people I have met. My first session was run by Mark Hendry. He took us through a warm up, followed by practicing rolls and bumps with finally a routine to copy to finish with. There was only one other girl there – Tamera so I worked with her. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but turns out for a first session I wasn’t bad, apparently I come with potential.

My second session I was blessed to be trained by Johnny Kidd. If you can get him to train you, do it! His warm up session was brilliant followed by showing use a variety of take downs, pin ups and exercises. During this I managed to drop someone on my nose which thankfully I did not break. It knocked my confidence slightly but for some reason I was more determined to come back the next week and keep up the training. Johnny was so helpful and even though that was week 2 for me I could see that the others were picking up moves to use for when they were in the ring.

I’ve been wrestling for a month now. As a typical newbie I have encountered my share of beginner’s injuries – from bruised knees to amazingly Go to Sleep kicking myself. Yes. I smacked myself in the face with my own knee. Injuries would throw me off normally due to my anxiety but it’s something about Dropkixx that makes me want to go back for more and more, even if I end up breaking my face to the point that I look like a Picasso painting. Even in a month I have seen improvement in my health, I don’t need to use my inhaler that much, my body has started to change for the better and I have people backing me to push myself further.

What’s next in store? Building my character. How am I going to get the crowd to back me? How will I portray myself in the ring? Who will I be? What will be the move set I use to take my opponents down and win the women’s title.

If you want to keep finding out more follow me up on @nessalexa and my wrestling school @DropkixxShows to see what’s in store!


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