Death Match Wrestling: Is It An Art Form?

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Picture Credit: James Musselwhite/Portrait Of A Wrestler (@Y2jimbob/@POA_wrestler)

‘Death’ match wrestling, ‘hardcore’ wrestling, it’s not for everyone of course, there are many fans that won’t touch it with a proverbial bargepole and there are the fans who watch that style and no others. Like life in general, we live in a world where we all have our own minds and can make our own decisions and if a wrestler wants to work that style and if a fan wants to watch that style who are we to say they can’t?

This subject is on my mind after listening to Jimmy Havoc chatting with Alex Shane on his WrestleTalk TV ‘Daily Squash’ (listen to it via YouTube – HERE). Alex asks the question ‘is death match wrestling an art form?’ Jimmy as the foremost death match wrestler in the UK has strong views of course on this matter.

If you listen to the above conversation linked above you will hear Jimmy talk about his match with Paul Robinson at PROGRESS Chapter 21, this was a hardcore/death match of course and came across as very brutal, I was there first hand and that was exactly how it came across but like how Jimmy explained to Alex, to get the story of the match over, wrestling what you’d call a conventional wrestling match, there would of had to of been multiple drops on the head and the like and yet as brutal as his match with Paul was, he came out with just a couple of cuts to his arm and one to his forehead but yet how the match looked and came across you’d of thought the damage would of been a hell of a lot worse.

Again, what is to be commended is the fact Jimmy wouldn’t expect anyone to take a move he wouldn’t take himself but as he explained, when going into these matches he says what he is willing to take and then he asks his opponent what they are willing to.

There’s a time and place for these matches, to end a feud is a great example and the match between Jimmy & Paul although not to end a feud was booked as a spur of the moment match by the promoters, no DQ with a few ‘toys’ under the ring but to go back to what I previously said, story wise, this was a perfect way to get the match over.

I don’t need to dwell on the convo between Jimmy & Alex any longer as I hope you’ve listened to it but in closing, it is an art form to make that style of wrestling look as it does without really inflicting the pain you’d think it would.

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