Cody Rhodes Joins The Bullet Club

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Former WWE star Cody Rhodes has become the latest addition to the infamous Bullet Club faction.

The Bullet Club have been around on the independent scene since 2013 and have featured some huge names including AJ Styles, Finn Balor, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows.

The current leader of the Bullet Club Kenny Omega, made the announcement today at the finals of the NJPW World Tag Team Finals. Omega had been hyping the announcement for weeks on social media and even teased the crowd into believing that former WWE star Ryback would be the man joining the Club.

But after going back and forth with the crowd, Omega directed their attention to the video screen which unveiled the news.

But just what does joining the Bullet Club mean for Rhodes and what will he be able bring to the twelve man faction?

Well Rhodes certainly has the star power and his name alone is a big deal on the independent scene. Since leaving the WWE earlier this year he has captured the Global Force Wrestling NEX*GEN Title & the WhatCulture Pro Wrestling Internet Championship. He was also part of this years PWG Battle Of Los Angeles and has really been putting in a lot of effort to get himself across the globe.

Joining the Bullet Club will open up the doors to allow him to perform at NJPW in Japan which is a huge opportunity. Rhodes hasn’t wrestled for NJPW and I think that if he is able to maintain the character which come across in the above video sequence then the Japanese crowd will really get behind him. Its tough for Americans to break Japan but I think that going in with the comfort of the Bullet Club to support him, there is no reason why Rhodes won’t be able to win them over in little time. I would expect to see him make his debut on NJPW’s biggest show of the year, Wrestle Kingdom which takes place at the start of January.

What Rhodes lacks in personality/character in the ring, he certainly makes up for in work ethic and pure talent. The Bullet Club have historically had a number of strong characters as part of their ranks and I don’t think that Rhodes will be looking to overshadow anyone else in the group. To be honest I don’t think that he would be able to. But he can certainly use the faction to build his character much like Adam Cole has over the last year or so.

I think the move for Rhodes is a positive step forward and cements his willingness to stick it out on the independent scene. The break into Japan is going to be huge for him both financially and also from a growth perspective, he definitely will learn a lot and come out of the experience as a better all round wrestler.

Having signed up with the Bullet Club it is also likely that we will see him perform more for ROH in the States, given that they are essentially the go-to home of the Bullet Club in the US. Again another very good thing for Rhodes to take away from joining the Bullet Club.

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