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Independent Wrestling has always been about the alternative to the mainstream world of the WWE. There was a time back in the 1990s that in order to follow independent or Japanese wrestling you had to rely on tape traders. It was a three week wait for a tape with a worn out picture. But as a fan of independent and Japanese wrestling its what you did back then. With the dawn of the internet you could buy the DvDs from the wrestling promotion directly. What could be better than that? When the WWE officially announced the launch of its network. on the 8th of January 2014 they described it as the Netflix of sports entertainment with every pay-per-view shown live and a back catalogue of every WWF/WWE WCW & ECW pay-per-view as well as other archive shows NXT and other network exclusive shows. It is truly a dream come true for any WWE fan or those off you that want to relive the good old days. But what about those of us that want to watch current Japanese and independent wrestling? Thankfully there is an alternative out there for us. And in this column I am going to list some of the online networks available for you to subscribe to. There are plenty of them but here I am going to list the ones that I have or currently subscribe to.


This is New Japans network service with every NJPW match since the promotion was founded in January 1972. All new events are shown live as they happen on the channel. As New Japan has some of the best wrestling in the world this channel really is a must.


This is the progress wrestling on demand service. With every event to date including the ENDVR shows and interviews with their wrestlers. This is a great place to watch some of the best wrestling in Europe.


This is CHIKARAs on demand service when you join they give you a seven day free trial. With a comprehensive back catalogue of their shows and exclusive shows like mix tapes if you like Pro Wrestling and fun this is the place for you.


This is the ICW on demand service being a promotion aimed towards adults this is an over 18 only service .With up to date shows and exclusives including their weekly T.V. show which is free for everyone for the first 24 hours. With a mixture of crazy brawling strong style wrestling and adult humour. If you are looking for a true alternative then you have found a home with ICW.


This is the on demand channel for Beyond Wrestling that can be found on Youtube. with a nice mix of high flying” brawling and technical wrestling Beyond Wrestling is truly a breath of fresh air.


This is the on demand service for Canadian promotion SMASH Wrestling. When you sign up with them you get a 2 week free trail. Which is more than enough time to see if this is the promotion for you. With a host of Canadian talent as well as visiting wrestlers from America and a competitive women’s division SMASH wrestling is worth your time and money.


This is the on demand service for both CZW and WSU Combat Zone prides itself for being ultraviolent with show like Tournament of Death Cage of Death and Tangled Web. Its not for the faint of heart WSU is a no nonsense women’s division with two wrestling promotions for the price of one this channel is great value.


This is an on demand service run by the online wrestling store they give you a seven day free trail and features shows from PWG PWX CZW WRESTLECON WSU and Queens of Combat. As well as shoot interviews the Kevin Steen show Highspots. Originals and classic wrestling among others this is a great place to start if you are new to independent wrestling or if you want a selection of promotions and shows about the inside workings of Pro Wrestling.

And there we have it a selection of just some of the wrestling available on demand. Thanks to the internet there is no need to be bored or frustrated with Pro Wrestling. As there is a world of choice out there.

And one more thing these channels are best viewed using Google Chrome as the picture tends to break up on other web browsers.


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