A “Super Crazy” Situation: New Japan buys NOAH?

Added by Jack Cinnamond

It’s hit the internet in the recent few hours that New Japan Pro-Wrestling has bought Pro Wrestling NOAH. While it’s actually not strange that New Japan has purchased NOAH since in recent weeks, we’ve seen a New Japan stable Suzukigun has “invaded” NOAH and that has launched a basis for which this heading has a leg to stand on.

You may ask why the heading has “Super Crazy” written in it, well the whole situation was told of by NOAH wrestler and ECW Alumni Super Crazy is the man who supposedly said in a interview (which is in Spanish, I haven’t listened yet but I will update once I do) that all the Gaijins (Foreign Wrestlers) are now being booked by NJPW Booker Jado through New Japan, according to PWInsider.

If this is true, will This change absolutely anything? Most probably not, NOAH talents are working with New Japan anyway as in a few weeks we’ll get Marufuji will defend the GHC World Heavyweight Championship (NOAH’s big title) against New Japan’s Suzuki and so NOAH/NJPW are already working together.

NOAH nor New Japan have not confirmed anything just yet, it’s just Super Crazy who has mentioned it in a Spanish Interview. Once more information becomes available, we’ll update you.

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