A British Wrestling Road Trip

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Picture credit to Darren Potts

Wow, what a couple of days I had this past weekend. I witnessed 3 top class shows, firstly with PCW ‘SpringSlam’ on Friday night in Preston and then two shows in one day with Southside in West Bridgeford, Nottingham.

I had front row seats for all 3 shows, which provided a great view of the action, which at times got a little too close, which Il get to in a bit.

The action started at PCW with top English all rounder Martin Kirby up against American indy wrestler AR Fox. This was a really good encounter to get the night off to a hot start. Fox impressed me and I left my seat in amazement at a dive he did to Kirby on the outside. A pleasing result as well as Kirby took home the winners cheque back to Thirsk after a rocker dropper.

Next up was ex ECW star ‘King of Old School’ Steve Corino against top young Scottish technician Noam Dar. The start of the match was a bit slow, but was entertaining with lots of good banter between the grapplers and the fans. Once it got going it was a solid match, however I was disappointed to see Corino win, when it seems unlikely he will be back and Dar is a regular and one of PCWs best.

Match number 3 saw newcomer Charlie Garrett up against the familiar Dave Mastiff. This match stemmed from Garrett surprisingly eliminating Mastiff from last months Rumble match. Another good match here. There was a few things that didn’t appear to go to plan, but for me overall Garrett looked very impressive on his singles debut. The guy has a fantastic look and did some very athletic moves. Mastiff was his usual stellar self and finished off Charlie with the cannonball in the corner. I for one hope this isn’t the last of Garrett in PCW. I would especially like to see him team with his regular partner Lestyn Rees against Team Single, as I’m sure that would be class.

An impromptu match took place next, as all three members of Team Single took on Dean Allmark, Dave Rayne and Chris Masters. I was personally really pleased with this addition as I am a big fan of Deano, Masters and Rampage Brown, and the other three I think are very talented in their own ways. It appeared at first it was going to be Allmark vs Bubblegum for the Cruiserweight title, however all three members of Team Single cornered Allmark. This lead to the music of the Ultimate Warrior playing. Masters and Rayne (A.K.A The Legion of Boom) then ran down to the ring complete with Warrior face paint to even it up. Good match here, Masters in particular appeared to be having the time of his life imitating and playing tribute to Warrior. Allmark picked up the win for his team pinning Bubblegum, thus hopefully setting up a match soon between the two.

Intermission followed where pictures were available backstage with Prince Devitt and in the ring with the L.O.B.

First match in the second half was top ranked UK star El Ligero squaring off with ex TNA wrestler Petey Williams. Good dualling crowd chant at the start with ‘Si Si Si’ for Ligero and ‘Eh Eh Eh’ for the man from Canada. Another good contest here, but again for me the wrong outcome, as Williams had his hand raised after handing out a Canadian Destroyer to the ‘Mexican Sensation’.

The first of the two main events occurred as Prince Devitt went 1 on 1 with Kris Travis in the much anticipated rematch from last months show. This was the match of the night, an absolute cracker and better than last months match which is saying something. As I mentioned at the start of the article I got a bit too close to the action at times and this was very true in this encounter as my chair was used by Devitt to dropkick Travis off of. Even though it cost me half of my pint of Pepsi, seeing this close up was priceless. The international star from Bray, Ireland was again the winner, leading to a standing ovation and chants of one more match from the crowd. All being well we will get our wish and hopefully Trav will finally get his big victory.

After this I thought there was no way Danny Hope and Joey Hayes could follow. I am glad to stand corrected as both men, alongside lumberjacks, Vader, Rikishi, Terry Funk, L.O.B and Team Single put on an extremely fun match. The fans in attendance were squarely behind the man from Tasseltown, and were desperate for him to regain the belt. On this night they did not get their wish granted however, after Hayes used some dirty tricks to pick up the win. For poor Joey his night would not end on a high note as he was victim to a stinkface and a Vaderbomb. Afterward in a hilarious and surreal moment everyone danced to Rikishis music, including Terry Funk, who at nearly 70 years of age was gyrating like he was Rick Rude. Tremendous stuff.

The show was probably my favourite ever trip to PCW. An absolutely cracking night and I cant wait for the 3 shows at the end of May, for which I will be in attendance again.

I wont go into big detail on the Southside shows as they will be reviewed on the site elsewhere. A few things to mention though.

Firstly both shows were top notch. The Speedking final had the crowd   going wild at the end. Big props to Kay Lee Ray and Martin Kirby who had the crowd awaiting every move.

Both Will Ospreay and Tyler Bate really impressed me and I am very much looking forward to seeing more from these two young impressive men.

Joseph Connors cut a fantastic promo building up his feud with ex partner Paul Malen. The following attack by Malen had me really wanting to see the match between the pair.

Young Robbbie X continues to impress me and I really hope he shines next month when he teams with X Pac against Project Ego.

Hope you all enjoyed this article, please get in touch with any feedback, good or bad to Mr_B_Heat on twitter.

As I stated at the start of this column, wow! Just an amazing weekend, worth every penny and every mile travelled. Big thanks to all the staff at PCW and SWE for putting on the shows and most importantly to all the wrestlers who took part!

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