BritWres Broken

Added by Adam Timmins

To say that this has been a surreal week for British wrestling is an understatement. At the beginning of the week, it looked like the most newsworthy event was going to be a Twitter spat between Mad Kurt and Nathan Cruz and Mikey Whiplash. As it turned out, Whiplash – along with many others – […]

Remembering the Golden Days of Michinoku Pro Wrestling

Added by Shaun Nichols

Michinoku Pro Wrestling was formed in 1993 by the Great Sasuke the style of the promotion was a hybrid style which meshed traditional Junior heavyweight style with the lucha libre style from Mexico. The style was known as ‘Jap Lucha’ and as been taken forward by firstly Ultimo Dragon’s Toryumon group and later by Dragon […]

Notes From The Audience 2

Added by Lev Myskin

Until very recently the history of British Wrestling – in the post World of Sport era – was littered with organisations that promised a lot but would end up going broke months later. So many promoters would come along and proclaim a new golden age of British wrestling (thanks to them, obviously) without fully realising […]

The Current State of Ring of Honor

Added by David Wright

Ring of Honor has been changing a lot lately. Many fans will contest that it is far from what it used to be and that the “glory days” of ROH are firmly in the past, but the future can always surprise us. Over the last 4 years in particular, Ring of Honor has lost its […]

Top 10 Must-Watch Indy Stars on The UK Scene

Added by David Wright

There have been many concerns over the past year about the state of the UK indy scene. WWE set up NXT UK and for a weekly show of that size, they needed to sign a lot of talent to fill their roster. AEW also opened their doors which needed another roster to be populated. The […]

Dragon Lee: A Luchador In Japan

Added by Leon Noel

None of this was supposed to happen. New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor weren’t supposed to have a show WrestleMania weekend at Madison Square Garden. Dragon Lee getting a shot at the IWGP Jr. Championship seemed almost out of nowhere. To imagine him winning the championship in a venue that used to ban […]

Cody Rhodes Really Is Un-God Damn Deniable

Added by Bojack Wasteman

Cody Rhodes Stardust The Three-Star Saviour American Nightmare EVP Cody Rhodes has donned many-a-moniker in his wrestling career. Some have been better than others, granted. But anyone following AEW Dynamite since its debut in October will likely agree that there’s no one word more befitting for him currently than ‘Undeniable’. Ever since Cody and The […]

The Night An Indy Changed My Life: FWA British Uprising

Added by Liam Happe

The wrestling industry of today is in rude health, from a fan’s point of view. There is a loaded schedule of programming on network television through the week, and a diverse range of independent shows running most weekends in all the major local markets. It wasn’t quite like that for me as a 16-year-old wrestling […]

CHIKARA King Of Trios 2019 Preview

Added by Liam Happe

Picture Credit: Johnny Gee Photos In less than two weeks, CHIKARA presents one of the highlights of the independent wrestling calendar when King of Trios takes place over three nights in Reading, Pennsylvania from October 4-6 Since 2007, KOT has been staged annually (with the exception of 2013, courtesy of CHIKARA’s infamous shutdown storyline) and […]

Nick Gage’s Fucking Weekend

Added by Leon Noel

In the glory days of wrestling, wrestlers were able to work the circuit popping up in different city almost every night and having the exact same match with the exact same opponent doing the exact same moves because no one but the live crowd was watching. I don’t know much about the WWE house shows […]

Killer Kross vs Nick GAGE added to Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport 2”

Added by Zack Monday

September 10th, 2019 Josh Barnett tweets out: If you want blood, you got it Nick F’n Gage vs Killer Kross 9/14 And that finished off a crazy card for GCW & Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport 2” with an absolute BANG! This is a very interesting matchup that can turn to a fight quick. Kross’ combination of […]

BOLA Match Previews

Added by Zack Monday

And just like that….. PWG has blown the minds of their anxiously waiting fans with their Battle of Los Angeles First Round, and Non-Tournament, matches for the weekend of September 19th, 20th and 22nd. Before the matches were released, the official PWG Twitter account announced that Babaro Cavenario would not be able to compete at […]

I Did Some Wrestling

Added by Joel Yentis

I stepped into the ring and people are talking about Brit Wres dying – are the two linked? I cannot comment on speculation! As an un-athletic, awkward man child that loves wrestling I made a decision; do not disgrace wrestling and/or yourself by partaking. Then one of my best mates starts his journey in his […]

NJPW “Best of the Super Juniors – Night 6”

Added by Zack Monday

From Yamagata Big Wing, May 19th 2019 1)  Six Man Tag match: Yuya Uemura, Shota Umino & “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham vs IWGP Junior Tag Champion SHO, Yota Tsuji & Titan Winners: Umino, Uemura & Gresham after Tsuji locked Umino in a Boston Crab, Uemura got in the ring to break it up, quickly SHO was […]

NJPW “Best of the Super Juniors 26 – Night 2”

Added by Zack Monday

From The Sendai Sunplaza Hall, May 14th, 2019 A wonderful night with 4 stellar block matches. 1) Six Man Tag match: Suzuki-Gun (TAKA Michinoku, NEVER Openweight Champion Taichi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs Yota Tsuji, Tiger Mask & “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham Winners: Suzuki-Gun after Yota attempted a Boston Crab on Taichi, Taichi raked his eyes to […]

Open The Guide Gate: An Introduction to Dragon Gate

Added by Luke Hickey

Much of this will come to not much of surprise to long time fans of Dragon Gate, but the people have asked for an introduction into the company, and as such this will largely be for those tipping their toes into the promotion for the first time. I’ll approach this by going over the foundational […]


Added by Matt Dagnall

The SSS16 tournament this year was very important for a plethora of reasons, a significant one being the political doubts many had over PROGRESS as a company and their links to WWE. Last year’s winner, Zack Sabre Jr was contracted to NJPW and so essentially couldn’t partake in his title match at the prefered time, […]

Dragon Gate ‘Dead or Alive’ 2019 Preview

Added by Luke Hickey

May 6th, 2019 sees Dragon Gate return to Nagoya, Aichi, at the Aichi Prefectural Gym for Dead or Alive 2019. Aichi has hosted the Dead or Alive show since its beginnings back in 2008. It is usually known for its steel cage match, usually with a Luchas de Apuestas in play, hair v mask, some cases […]

Super Strong Style 16: Preview Edition By Dave Green (@dagreeno)

Added by Dave Green

It’s that time of year again. PROGRESS Wrestling grabs the attention of the wrestling world by putting on their fifth annual 16-man tournament. For the second year in a row, the event takes place at the vast and echoey halls of Alexandra Palace. This year’s tournament is being quite the topic of discussion, but maybe […]

My Old Grey Mare She Ain’t What She Used to Be

Added by Laura Brooke

The notion of identity is still a disputed concept in philosophy. Indeed, the idea of ‘identity’ is in the same boat as the idea of ‘concept’ – everyone is sure there are concepts, it’s just that no-one agree exactly what they are. Similarly, it’s intuitive that certain things preserve identity over time – but what […]

Thank You Lykos #CCK Forever

Added by Lloyd Barrett

On Wednesday 17th April 2019 at the Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff Attack Pro Wrestling presented,”Wednesday Night Wristlocks”. The opening match saw Storm Wrestling Academy graduate Gisele Shaw go one one with Attack staple Chris Brookes, flanked by tag team partner and best friend Kid Lykos, after a really fun contest in which Brookes picked […]

Fight Club: PRO DTTI 2019 Preview

Added by Lloyd Barrett

This coming weekend (April 19th-21st) Fight Club: PRO hold the third installment of their annual easter tag team spectacular,the Dream Tag Team Invitational. Night’s 1 & 2 Come from The Hangar in Wolverhampton and night 3 which includes the semi finals and final takes place at the Manchester Academy One,Manchester, limited tickets available for all […]

This Week In Puro 15.04.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

Busy weekend with the conclusion of Big Japan’s Ikkitousen, as well as Champion’s Carnival marching on in All Japan’s calendar and Noah’s Global Tag League. Usually I go alphabetically but I’m going to start with Big Japan as this was a big weekend for the promotion as all the pieces came into place to set […]

This Week In Puro 07.04.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

This weeks edition will feature results All Japan’s Champion Carnival and NOAH’s Global Tag League, as well as results and news from the Japanese promotions that have travelled to the states for Wrestlemania weekend, as well as the usual results and news from those that stayed at home. All Japan Pro Wrestling: All Japan kicked off […]

Devlin Reaches The Mountain…..And Conquers It

Added by DZ Designs

I was nervous heading into Devlin/WALTER II. Ever since Foxy’s hand hit the mat last August, declaring WALTER the new OTT World Champion, us OTT fans have been clamouring for the re-match. This couldn’t be the end. We’d seen Jordan Devlin rise from a quiet kid stuck in the shadow of his mentor, to one […]

This Week In Puro 24.03.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

Couple of title changes to go through, results and recaps from various promotions across Japan. All Japan Pro Wrestling: On the 19.03, All Japan held Day 6 of the Dream Power Series in Korakuen Hall in front of a crowd of 1,615. 3 of the titles were up for grabs. Kotaro Suzuki was unsuccessful in his […]

New wrestling comic Kickstarter – Global Wrestling Alliance: Premium Edition

Added by Mark Buckeldee

Wrestling has always turned up in various types of media. In the last few years we’ve had Netflix’s GLOW, frequent TV coverage on BBC’s The One Show and even a wrestling themed storyline in British soap Emmadale. Comic books are no exception. While we started this decade with only Mike Kingston & Michel Mulipola’s Headlocked, […]

Jushin Thunder Liger

Added by Luke Hickey

I did not know what subtitle to give this, what words could I add beside Liger and the answer is none, cause his name alone speaks volumes in the world of Japanese Puroresu and the wider world wrestling scene. Despite being the current longest tenured wrestler with New Japan, having made his debut in 1984 […]

This Week In Puro 10.03.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

One major announcement happened in Puroresu this week and a couple of reveals for one of Japan’s legendary puro promotions, card for All Japan’s big Korakuen show on the 19th, this years Dragon Gate ‘Dead Or Alive’ cage match stipulations have been announced, also Takuya Sugawara announced something interesting plus the next list of challengers […]

Pro Wrestling NOAH; Navigation To A New Era

Added by Luke Hickey

For one last time, I shall be using the old NOAH logo as a featured image for a piece here on The Indy Corner, NOAH recently in February changed ownership to LIDET, who aim to bring NOAH back up to the number 2 spot in Japan within 3 years, as was recently reported in Puroresu […]

Andy Quildan & Me: 50 Shows With 1 Promoter

Added by Mark Buckeldee

This weekend’s Revolution Pro Live at the Cockpit 39 show was an interesting milestone for me. It was was the 50th show that I’ve attended that was promoted by Andy Quildan. My initial experiences with live wrestling, back in 2007, were firmly focussed on imports. My first live wrestling shows in the UK were events like […]

NJPW Cup Preview & Predictions

Added by Lloyd Barrett

The start of the New Japan Cup 2019 is just a few short days away, with the competitions biggest field to date and arguably one of the most unpredictable line-up’s in recent memory this year’s competition is sure to throw up 2 and a half weeks of fantastic action. The first round is made up […]

This Week In Puro 03.03.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

This is going to be news and results so if you don’t want spoilers, here’s your chance to avoid. All Japan Pro Wrestling: AJPW held their biggest drawing Yokohama show in their recent history, 24.02 under the Excite Series. Three big stakes were contested, the final of the Junior Battle of Glory was held as Koji […]

This Week In Puro 17.02.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

All Japan Pro Wrestling: The Junior Battle of Glory has been ongoing during the Excite tour throughout this month, the standings as of the 16th are: Block A: 1. Koji Iwamoto [6] -. Kotaro Suzuki [6] -. TAJIRI [6] 4. Akira Francesco [2] -. Atsushi Maruyama [2] -. Yusuke Okada [2] Block B: 1. Seiki Yoshioka […]

Amateur History

Added by Laura Brooke

We live in strange times. A man with serious mental health issues has become President of the United States; Britain hurtles towards a political decision which will set the country back in all sorts of ways for the next 20-odd years; and a publisher saw fit to commit the commercial and aesthetic suicide of publishing […]

Puroresu Matches of the Month: January

Added by Luke Hickey

Something new for the site, I’ll go over/list my favourite matches of the month from Puro and Joshi. Firstly, I’m going to start with what I’ve considered as must see action! Even though these matches took place in the previous year, they actually did not air until last January, in FREEDOMS, Masashi Takeda faced Jun […]

Back To The Future – A Goodbye To KUSHIDA

Added by Lloyd Barrett

In early December 2018 news began to surface of Triple H’s interest in bringing KUSHIDA to WWE,with reports of the 35 year old who was holding the IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship for the 6th time contract with New Japan Pro was set to expire. On January 6th rumors of his departure were confirmed at the […]

This Week In Puro: 27/01/2019

Added by Luke Hickey

Results and news from across a range of puroresu and joshi promotions. All Japan: Suwama will be the next challenger for Kento Miyahara for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, this match will take place on the 24/02. On the 07/02 for the start of the Excite Series & Jnr Battle of Glory, Big Japan’s Kawakami […]

Rogers, Realism and Wrestling

Added by Laura Brooke

Another week, another unedifying wrestling Twitter spat. This time, it was Rip Rogers who started off the whole thing, with a tweet about kickpads. On Jan 21st, Rogers wrote “If u wear kickpads in ur match ur telling the fans u don’t wanna really kick ur opponent too hard … he mite get hurt …I […]

All Elite Wrestling, My Thoughts.

Added by Stuart Rodgers

So, for many months leading up to and POST All In  there was much talk about maybe something more regular coming out of it with Cody and The Young Bucks steering the ship from a wrestling side of things and now we all know the owners of The Jacksonville Jaguars NFL & Fulham Football Club the money […]

Looking Forward Puro Promotions 2019; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Just a nice starter piece for this year, couple of sentences on what could make or break a promotions year, attracting new fans to the Japanese scene and aiding them in seeking it out and following it. I’ll try to include as much as possible but if this requires a second edition later then so […]

A Graps Odyssey

Added by Joe Atherton

Happy New Year, grapple fans. We’re in the future! 2019. A bold new world. What does the year have in store for us on the BritWres scene, and beyond, in the ever changing landscape of professional wrestling? Well, truth be told, nobody know. It’s hard to predict how things will be in 12 weeks, let […]

That Was 2018

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I did anything on the site, my days as far as The Indy Corner go are posting stuff others have sent in or doing stuff on the twitter/facebook/instagram accounts. I do miss podcasting, the site was originally set up for the podcast and all the stuff that has […]

Joshi Puroresu Year End Awards; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

So, here’s the Joshi edition of my thoughts on who has stood out the most in 2018, also news from DDT and other bits at the end. There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter, again, of Joshi division in New Japan or whatever, but there are plenty of companies in Japan that cater to […]

Puroresu Year End Awards; This Week in Puro Special

Added by Luke Hickey

First off, yesterdays Dragon Gate The Final Gate 2018 had 2 title changes, R.E.D trio of Takashi Yoshida, Yasushi Kanda & KAZMA Sakamoto ended the Open the Triangle Gate reign of Natural Vibes, Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka & Genki Horiguchi. Big Ben, Big R Shimizu & Ben-K, also R.E.D, are the new Open the Twin Gate […]

Nathan Cruz – Year In Review 2018

Added by Nathan Cruz

Introduction Last year. I find my self quite often sitting in my home and just thinking about 2017. Thinking about how bad it was. How stressful, depressing and crushing it was. I then say to myself “to think you nearly quit.” Because if I had I wouldn’t be able to reflect on this year, 2018. […]

A King Was Crowned; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

It was on the 2nd of October when PAC shocked the wrestling world when he returned to Dragon Gate, after over a year out following a dispute with his former employers, the WWE. For those that were unaware of PAC, this amounted to quite a shock, New Japan or Ring of Honor perhaps being the […]

Custodians Of Wrestling (COW)

Added by Joel Yentis

In a world where a 6ft 4 cow gets huge press, it makes me think about my version of COW… the Custodians of Wrestling. The idea came to me while listening to various wrestling podcasts. Essentially, I love hearing the history of modern British wrestling. It might be fresh for some, but for me it […]

Legacy of Hayabusa; This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

This past Thursday, the 29th of November, would have been the 49th birthday of Eiji Ezaki, most famously known as the masked wrestler, Hayabusa. Hayabusa passed away as a result of a cerebral haemorrhage on March 3rd, 2016. Fourteen years prior to his death, he became paralyzed following a botched springboard moonsault in a match […]

1PW – An Update (From 2006)

Added by Joel Yentis

Greetings – it is I, the inconsistent blemish on the wrestling community, Joel Yentis. I grace your presence here to feedback some more 1PW action that has been consumed by myself since hating on A Cruel Twist of Fate in my last Indy Corner offering, which you can read HERE Firstly, the shows are getting much […]

Spotlight on Wrestle-1; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

A lot of tournaments to cover this week, but it has been a while since I accompanied This Week In Puro with a piece of writing. I’ve largely been asleep on Wrestle-1, much to my detriment, as when I finally delved into the companies recent events I was more than pleased with what I saw. […]

NOAH Global League Day 1 & 2 Recap; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Pro Wrestling NOAH began Global League at the Korakuen Hall on 30.10 in Korakuen Hall in front of a crowd of 1,395, which was headlined by Go Shiozaki vs Takashi Sugiura. Kotaro Suzuki also challenged Daisuke Harada for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. Block A Matches: Akitoshi Saito [2] defeats Masa Kitamiya [0] Kohei Sato […]

What To Watch: Mark Haskins

Added by Liam Stewart

The global scene for independent wrestling is at an all-time interest peak, not since the days of ROH, ECW and All Japan tape traders have we seen such demand for international self-produced wrestling, however unlike the tap trading era, independent wrestling has never been easier to access and thus it can be difficult to know […]

Time For BritWres Women To Shine

Added by Liam McCausland

WWE have recently come under attack for their presentation of their first ever all-female show. Indeed, Evolution was poorly promoted, haphazardly put together, and does feel like a token “you’re welcome” as a response to WWE’s journeys as worldwide do-gooders in Saudi Arabia. However, it was at least something where the focus was on the […]

1PW A Cruel Twist Of Fate

Added by Joel Yentis

Guys, British wrestling is on a wave of awesome. We have seen the rise of Progress, ICW, Rev Pro, Fight Club Pro, IPW and a World of Sport comeback. Where did this all begin? As a young lad, I experienced my first “Super Indy” live from the historic Doncaster Dome with the outfit 1PW – […]

This Week in Puro; Recap/Results

Added by Luke Hickey

Different format than usual this week, going to recap news and results from the last two weeks as well as share cards from upcoming events. Multiple title changes occured in DDT over the last two weeks, as well as the cancellation of TV show ‘Maji Manji’ by Abema TV. Stardom have had a couple of […]

Notes on Cornette

Added by Laura Brooke

A few years ago – way before the whole Progress article faff – I wrote a piece on Jim Cornette, based on a few problematic things he’d said around that time. However, I ended up shelving it, as it came across too much like a burial of the guy [what are the odds? – Ed] […]

PWG Smokey And The Bandido (19/10/18) Preview

Added by Daniel DeMarco

To be a PWG fan in 2018 is to be a spoiled fan. Because for a promotion that is known for their spectacular shows each year, 2018 seems to be raising the already high standard further. PWG last left fans in absolute awe at the conclusion of this year’s Battle of Los Angeles. By the […]

My wXw WTTL Experience

Added by Jenna MacDougall

World Tag Team League was my second ever wXw live show experience, after this year’s 16 Carat Gold tournament. 16 Carat Gold was something I’ll never forget. Every part of the weekend-long wrestling festival had something exciting to offer and I genuinely loved every second of it. I discovered new wrestlers, explored a new place, […]

NOAH Global League 2018 Preview; This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Following a successful duo of Junior tournaments, the Global Junior Tag League saw YO-HEY & HAYATA win the trophies at Departure back in August over, The Backbreakers, Hajime Ohara & Hitoshi Kumano. YO-HEY would then go onto call for the reinstatement of the Global Junior League, which happened between September and the 4th of October, […]

The Return of PAC; This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

On the 2nd of October, Dragon Gate held a show in Korakuen Hall. Generational rivals and former partners Shingo Takagi and BxB Hulk were teaming up one last time as Takagi is departing the company as a full roster member, they would face Eita and a mystery opponent. The last time a mystery opponent was […]

The Importance of Stables; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

We, as in us as people, by our very nature are social creatures whether we like to admit it or not, we instinctively form groups socially from school, college, work, politically or socially. It’s in our DNA, we are tribal since our primitive days in caves or whatever. So it’s no surprise that these ideas […]

Gedo (You Sonovabitch)

Added by Joel Yentis

The dictionary describes chaos as “complete disorder and confusion”. This was my emotional state on Sunday. Having loved all that New Japan has offered this year, I find myself in a post G1 burn out. I don’t want to seek wrestling nearly as much. I think my love of the game peaked at the Rev […]

This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Sadly, no article component this week due to ill health but I will share with you the next topic, due to recent changes to factions/units in New Japan, Dragon Gate and DDT, the piece will be focusing on the importance of these alliances in Puroresu. This week will be mainly results and news, so if […]

Promoters: If You Want To See More Women’s Wrestling, BOOK IT!

Added by Sarah Parkin

Image used with permission from @OliRingside Wrestling fans love complaining their favourites don’t get pushed. It’s all half of Twitter does, and if you’re as sick of Dolph Ziggler as I am then it’s probably wearing thin. When it comes to female wrestlers, though, the distinct shortage of opportunities relative to their male peers makes […]

Big Japan 2018; This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

For this weeks edition, I’m going to look at what has been happening in Big Japan this year. Big Japan was founded in 1995 during the deathmatch boom by two AJPW alumni Shinya Kojika and Kengo Nagasaki. Nagasaki would leave in 1999 while Kojika remains to this day with the company as President, Eiji Tosaka […]

Are we in the Takeda era? – This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

There will be results from today’s Dragon Gate ‘Gate of Origin’, some results from Noah’s ‘Global Junior League’ as well as the standings for Stardom’s 5 Star Grand Prix. So if you don’t wish to have results spoiled avoid reading the end which will begin at the end of the Takeda piece. For the purpose […]

The 4th Reign of Takashi Sugiura; This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Sorry, but I’m going to talk a little Pro Wrestling NOAH. Again. And while this current reign as GHC Heavyweight Champion is nowhere near eclipsing his first reign that lasted a staggering 581 days, this 4th reign as it hits 175 days, as of writing, it coincides with the story arc that is going on […]

A Tale of Change: Dragon Gate; This Week in Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Dragon Gate has been in transition since the departure of CIMA,T-Hawk, El Lindamann and Takehiro Yamamura to OWE in Shanghai, with CIMA operating as President of Dragon Gate International, later becoming known as Stronghearts in a sort of invasion of Wrestle-1. The new operating company of Dragon Gate itself would become Dragon Gate Entertainment. There was […]

Pro Wrestling NOAH Resurgence; This Week In Puro

Added by Luke Hickey

Going forward, this will be a revamped version of Puroresu Weekly Recap, which will contain a brief opinion piece to accompany the news and schedule for a variety of Japanese Puroresu promotions. The opinion part of this column may or may not be current but will always be linked to Puro. This week, the spotlight […]

Fun For All The Family

Added by Emily Russell

Since our son was born over a year ago, the kind of wrestling shows that my husband and I attend has changed. True, it hasn’t meant too much of a shift for us, as we’ve been fans of companies that run all-ages shows, like Attack! Pro Wrestling and Revolution Pro Wrestling, since before we became […]

An Open Letter To Kid Lykos

Added by Will Cooling

Dear Kid Lykos ​As a child of the Attitude Era, it takes a lot for pro-wrestling to make me sad. But the news that a freak accident has put you on the sidelines again has hit me hard. And if you’d bear with me, I’d like to explain why. I had just been to the […]

British Wrestling’s Online Renaissance

Added by Lev Myskin

Ever since then ITV executive Greg Dyke pulled the plug on World Of Sport in 1991 the British Wrestling scene has struggled for decades to A. Find a core audience and B. Find an identity. In the previous decades hundreds and sometimes thousands of people would regularly turn up to whatever televised event was being […]

Matt Riddle: From MMA To PWG Sensation To WWE?

Added by Daniel DeMarco

Independent wrestling’s stallion is moving on to new ventures, so it seems. Matt Riddle, as every sign would indicate, looks to have signed with WWE and is expected to make his official debut with the company during SummerSlam weekend as part of the NXT brand. No doubt a blow to the indy scene. Riddle stood […]

Get To Know: Jordynne Grace

Added by John But Online

Welcome to Get To Know In Three, an attempt at familiarizing fans with talented pro wrestlers in the independent circuit by giving three of their best or most relevant matches as examples and providing some quick facts! For the first go-round, the subject of the article will be Jordynne Grace, a young Texan who is […]

PWG Threemendous V (13/7/18) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

1. David Starr defeated Dalton Castle via submission 2. Rey Horus defeated PENTA El Zero M via pinfall following a sunset flip off the top rope 3. Jeff Cobb defeated Joey Janela via pinfall following Tour Of The Islands 4. PWG Tag Team Champions The Rascalz (Wentz/Xavier) defeated The Young Bucks to retain the titles […]

Was The G1 Special In San Fran All That Special?

Added by Luke Hickey

I’m a big fan of New Japan, while I wouldn’t say it’s my primary go to, as what I watch would vary depending on what is going on in Puroresu, like watching Champions Carnival over what NJPW were doing at the time etcetera but New Japan would make a sizeable portion of what I watch […]


Added by Andrew Ogden

Hello and welcome everyone to a special edition of Graps and Claps focusing on one of the biggest shows taking place in the North West of England this year – GPW’s 15th Anniversary on Saturday 14th July in the sleepy village of Hindley located only 35 minutes away from the centre of Manchester. Now in […]

Deep Cuts from NJPW World, vol.3 – Big Van Vader

Added by Senor LARIATO

Antonio Inoki vs Big Van Vader – 1987.12.27 While most know Vader from his stints in the WWF and WCW, in Japan one of the biggest foreign stars of the ’90s was the man known as Big Van Vader. A former NFL line backer, young Leon White was forced into retirement due to a knee […]

Is An NXT UK Brand Really A Good Thing?

Added by Matt Myers

Last night at The Royal Albert Hall in London, WWE launched their second WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament. On the first night after a speech by new WWE UK General Manager Johnny Saint, Triple H announced that the WWE would finally be launching their WWE UK Brand, NXT UK. The announcement received a positive ovation […]

Deep Cuts from NJPW World, Vol.2

Added by Senor LARIATO

Welcome to Volume #2 of ‘Deep Cuts from NJPW World’. As I explained in the first instalment (which you can read here) this series aims to provide new and old fans alike with a more detailed look at some of the great matches you can find within the extensive NJPW World archive, as well as […]

Legacy Of Ultraviolence

Added by Luke Hickey

Inspired by the recent  Independent Empire podcast right HERE where the Deathmatch scene and unprotected chairshots to the head. At the end of the day, professional wrestlers who do Deathmatch wrestling do it because they want to or they have a passion for it. I was a deathmatch fan long before I was a Puroresu man […]

Puroresu Weekly Recap Special: From Canada to the IWGP Championship

Added by Luke Hickey

I’m just going to state it now, I’m a massive Kenny Omega fan, if his glorious victory at Dominion in Osaka-Jo Hall wasn’t your cup of tea, this article is likely not going to be your liking. All that being said, it takes two to tango so to speak, unless it is in DDT which […]

PREVIEW: NJPW Dominion ’18 (9/6)

Added by Luke Hickey

The Dominion in Osaka events go back to 2009, while it has taken place in Osaka Jo-Hall since 2015. But this current card is stacked, featuring the debut of Rey Mysterio alongside New Japan legends in Liger and Tanahashi to take on a trio from Bullet Club. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, […]

IMPACT Wrestling Needs To Think About Who And What They Really Are

Added by Joseph Viney

There’s plenty to love about Impact these days. The company is finally throwing off the shackles of its largely terrible past and under the fastidious and dedicated direction of wrestling boffins Don Callis and Scott D’Amore is finally presenting itself not as an unfeasible and expensive ‘alternative’ to WWE, but as a promotion with its […]

Joshi Corner: Io Shirai

Added by Luke Hickey

As news filters out that Io Shirai is indeed leaving World Wonder Ring Stardom to join the likes of Asuka and Kairi Sane in the ‘big league’ of WWE. While WWE is not to everyone’s liking, this has been a dream of Shirai’s, so a congratulations is in order and while the hope is things […]

Jordan Devlin’s Journey To….

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When Jordan Devlin was announced for the second WWE UK Championship Tournament, Irish Wrestling fans everywhere rejoiced. The Bray native had spent the past year reinventing himself in preparation for a moment like this. Another chance to show the wrestling world exactly what he’s capable of on the biggest stage imaginable. His first foray into […]


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It only existed for less than a year but now-defunct BritWres promotion Lucha Forever is still talked about with love and longing by fans and wrestlers alike. It can be revisited thanks to a number of shows availabe for viewing on PROGRESS Wrestling’s On Demand streaming service. Having been to one of their shows and […]


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Greetings Grapple Fans! Welcome to the wrestling version of the Football Pink for a run down of the full time scores from PROGRESS Wrestling’s 1978 show hailing from the Electric Ballroom Civic Hall in leafy Camden Town on a reet busy market day with many a dawdler and busker in sight. An early start for […]

Deep Cuts from NJPW World, vol.1

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Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Deep Cuts from NJPW World’, where I’ll be highlighting a selection of matches from the extensive NJPW World archive – some famous, some obscure and all worth a watch for fans of NJPW, new and old alike. While the NJPW World archive is far from complete there are still […]


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Following on from my “Best Of The Super Jr. 25” Block A preview,which can be found at HERE I will now be giving an in depth look in to Block B and it’s 8 competitors. The tournament gets underway this Coming Friday,May 18th kicking off with Block A action and Block B gets started the following […]


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With excitement building towards 2 and a half weeks of some of the most athletic,high flying and intense action on the pro wrestling calendar I thought it would be a great time to break down the field of the 25th edition of New Japan Pro Wrestling “Best Of The Super Jr.”. This year’s tournament will […]

Goodbye To The Cleaner

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On June 11th, 2017, something unique in pro wrestling happened. In the main event of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s annaual Dominion event, a matchh between IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada and challenger Kenny Omega, the roles of protagonist and antagonist switched place mid match. Not just for the duration of their “six and a quarter […]

Revisiting DDTI 2017

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As the Dream Tag Team Invitational approaches again, I decided to look back on my experience last year and my first experience with the British wrestling scene. I discovered Fight Club: PRO when they announced that The Elite would be appearing at this show. The show wasn’t too far away but I still debated whether […]

Opinions On Opinions

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There are very few guarantees in life but one that is perhaps increasingly prevalent is upon expressing joy, excitement and love for something there will always be someone to point out that hey, that thing you love? It’s really not that good. This cropped up on Sunday night and Monday morning following the Strong Style […]

“Die Besten Der Welt” – My wXw 16 Carat Gold Experience

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So it’s been a little over a week since I got back from wXw’s 16 Carat Gold weekend and I can still honestly say, with all the hype having somewhat died down, that it was one of the best experiences of my life, wrestling or otherwise. I had planned on reviewing each of the events […]

The Golden Truth: A Descent Into Depression

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An article written in the hope that people finally realise that it’s ok to talk about depression and the effects that actions can have on people’s lives. ‘Where do you begin when you already feel so close to the end?’ This is what I will call : Step One into Depression – Trust and the […]

Why Female Wrestlers Deserve A Lot More Respect Than They Get

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Picture Credit: The Dude Abides Photography on facebook People have the preconceived notion that wrestling is a blood sport, a sport where grown men and women beat each other up for money and the amusement of others. Well some do anyway. There are some people that believe women shouldn’t wrestle, because, women are meek and […]