REVIEW: AEW ‘Dynamite’ Episode 10 (4/12/19)

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Last week’s numbers were delayed by Thanksgiving but it wasn’t great for AEW, losing again to NXT with their lowest overall yet. That said, the hope of every sane wrestling fan will be that All Elite don’t overreact to the news at all. As pointed out over and over again by Dave Meltzer and others, […]

REVIEW: AEW ‘Dynamite’ Episode 9 (27/11/19)

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Last week, NXT won the ratings head-to-head with Dynamite for the first time. It really does have very little bearing on AEW’s quest for self-sufficiency, but it will certainly provide a litmus test of their vows to be pro-active, not reactive. Will Dynamite continue to focus on its own thing? Only one way to find […]

REVIEW: AEW ‘Dynamite’ Episode 8 (20/11/19)

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Last week, AEW ticked back up in the ratings as hoped. With their business model, solid numbers are great, so it’s good to see that this current age of being spoiled for wrestling content has a chance at lasting beyond short-term. Anyway, onto this week’s show where we’re set to hear from AEW World champion […]


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So, I didn’t get around to a proper Full Gear write-up, but here are some quick thoughts: Weird that they made Baker-Priestley the pre-show match after giving a fair bit of TV time to the feud, but at least that’s over now. Enjoyed Santana/Ortiz vs Young Bucks. Still can’t get behind ‘Proud and Powerful’ as […]

Cody Rhodes Really Is Un-God Damn Deniable

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Cody Rhodes Stardust The Three-Star Saviour American Nightmare EVP Cody Rhodes has donned many-a-moniker in his wrestling career. Some have been better than others, granted. But anyone following AEW Dynamite since its debut in October will likely agree that there’s no one word more befitting for him currently than ‘Undeniable’. Ever since Cody and The […]

REVIEW: AEW ‘Dynamite’ Episode 6 (6/11/19)

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The time has come for All Elite Wrestling’s first proper attempt at a ‘go home show’ – the episode of their new weekly television show that precedes (and hopefully adds a few extra buys to) their next PPV, in this case Full Gear. For five weeks, Dynamite has been great wrestling content, albeit content mostly […]