wXw 16 Carat Gold Night 3 (13/3/16) Review

Added by Dylan Justin

16 Carat Gold Quarter-Final Match: Drew Galloway vs. Angelico

Angelico had a rather lackluster tour unfortunately. His two tourney matches were solid but not at all memorable, his best match being the four-way from the previous show. This one as I said was solid but not very notable. The only reason this match took place on this show is because Galloway had to go to the UK the day before for a booking. He got the win here about six minutes in. **½

16 Carat Gold Semi-Final Match: Drew Galloway vs. Axel Dieter Jr.

This match was a prime example of the issues Dieter has been having as the guy wXw is pushing as their top babyface. It was striking how over Galloway was as opposed to Dieter. Galloway dominated most of the match and Dieter came back towards the end and got the win, which did not go over very well. The rest of the match however was good and was kept at a good length. ***

16 Carat Gold Semi-Final Match: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Sami Callihan

Luckily Callihan kept his shenanigans to a minimum here and the match was actually good. I really WANT to enjoy Callihan as much as I once did, a lot of what he does just bugs me. There was not much of that here. They used their nine minutes very wisely and put on a solid match, arguably Callihan’s best of the three he had. ZSJ advanced, as expected. ***½

Bobby Gunns, Vincent The Beast & Silas Young vs. Big Daddy, Mike Schwarz & Timothy Thatcher

Another solid match here. My thoughts on Thatcher and Young are well known, but they did okay here. Walter has been going through some changes in wXw and was easily the best part of the match, though everyone else did their best and worked hard. ***

Aaron Insane & Toni Storm vs. Kevin Roadster & Melanie Gray

Pretty much a comedy match. Kevin Roadster is real underrated and Toni Storm is remarkably good for her age and will only get better as she progresses. Not much to talk about here, but a rather fun match. **¼

wXw Tag Team Championship: Ilja Dragunov & Julian Nero (c) vs. David Starr & Shane Strickland

Shane Strickland and David Starr are both CZW guys and have been great on these shows, as has Dragunov, who I’ve never been fond of but may be growing on me. The match got a few minutes too many but again, all four worked hard and put on a solid enough match. Ilja and Nero of course retained, only to be challenged and attacked by the Sumerian Death Squad. ***

wXw Shotgun Championship #1 Contendership Match: Da Mack vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Kim Ray

Short and unnotable match. The work was simply okay. Mack got the win and is already Shotgun Champion as I type this in April. **¼

wXw Unified World Championship: Jurn Simmons (c) vs. Tyler Bate

Both of these guys are very good workers, Bate, much like Toni Storm, being remarkably good for his age. The match was only four minutes long so again, not much to talk about. Simmons retained. **

Marty Scurll & Trevor Lee vs. Will Ospreay & Mike Bailey

Extremely fun, and surprisingly long match between four world class workers. Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll have had amazing years and are two of the best, most well-rounded wrestlers on the planet. Bailey has grown on me a ton as well this year. I had trouble seeing what everyone else saw in him last year, but he’s certainly improved. Lee has also become one of the more well-rounded and promising North American indie guys out there. The pacing of this match was perfect. The 20 minutes flew right by, I would have gladly taken another ten. Scurll and Lee got the win in what was easily the best non-tourney match of the weekend. ****¼

16 Carat Gold 2016 Finals: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Axel Dieter Jr.

A good match here but extremely underwhelming and not at all what could have been. Dieter’s issues were in full effect once again and the pop Sabre received when he won was very telling. It almost felt like the crowd was thanking him for winning. The work was clean and good as said just not at all admirable. Would have clicked better as a semi-final match. ***½

Final Thoughts: The semi-main was a ton of fun, but aside from that, there’s not much you need to see on this show. Not bad by any means, just not as good as Night 1 or even Night 2, but that’s to be expected being that there was more filler here. Nonetheless, I tip my cap to wXw for a fun weekend of wrestling, as should you.

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