WCPW State Of Emergency (1/4/17) Review

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LIVE from The Orlando Sports Centre, Orlando Fl.

It’s April 1st, 2017 and WCPW brings to you their first overseas venture on WrestleMania weekend, coming to you from sunny Orlando, Florida, streamed live on What Culture Extra, WCPW State of Emergency.

Martin Kirby vs. BT Gunn

The match starts with Kirby getting much of the early offense, hitting a clothesline and chops you could hear back in Newcastle. Gunn starts to mount a comeback as he hits a Codebreaker from thme middle ropes, which gets a near fall. Kirby goes for a Zoidberg Elbow which we knew he’d miss. Some back and forth wrestling before Kirby hits Gunn with the Sable Bomb and gets the pin. A good opener that put Kirby over nicely.

WCPW general manager Adam Blampied comes down to the ring and is subtitled, probably due to the horrible sound quality. Blampied plays the crowd before he is interrupted by Drake and his manager James R. Kennedy, or as the Orlando crowd and Blampied likes to call him – Orgy Butler, probably due to him wearing a ridiculous Mickey Mouse-esque costume. Prospect then come to the ring after Jim Cornette paid for their flight to Orlando, good guy Jim.

Drake & James R. Kennedy vs. Prospect (Archer & Gracie)

The match starts with Prospect getting the upper hand with James R. Kennedy refusing to tag in for Drake, who has taken a few moves. Prospect then eye up Kennedy which leads to the cliché “We’ll chase you around the ring until your partner blindsides us”. Archer is down on the mat and Kennedy finally wants in. Kennedy misses an elbow drop before tagging Drake back in to continue the assault. Gracie then gets some moves in on Drake before dragging him over and using Drakes limp hand to tag Kennedy in. Kennedy tries to chicken out and run away but is met by Jim Cornettes tennis racket (which somehow isn’t a DQ). Back in the ring Drake hits Gracie with a vicious Codebreaker before Drake & Kennedy steal Prospects finisher for a near fall. Gracie then stinkfaces Kennedy with his arse-face trunks. Prospect get the win after hitting their finisher on Kennedy. Prospect then strip Kennedy on the body suit and push him out the ring. A mess of a match – now can this storyline end?

DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship: Joey Ryan (c) vs. Primate

We start off with “touch his penis” chants, nice. Primate gets the early offence as he scores a near fall with a clothesline. Primate then falls off the top rope into Joey Ryan’s crotch and acts like he’s just been killed. What Cultures own Jack the Jobber then runs down to the ring and pins Joey Ryan for the championship before running off… Joey Ryan then makes a comeback before Primate hits him with a triple German suplex. Ryan puts a lollipop down his trunks and makes Primate eat it, the usual, before Primate hits a Spear for the win. Waste of time and a bad match.

Afterwards, we see Joey Ryan drag Jack the Jobber back out to the ring and forces him to lay down so Ryan could pin him. You then hear The Prestige’s air raid sirens and Joe Hendry emerges from the crowd before blindsiding Ryan, he hits him with a Freak Of Nature and pins Ryan for the belt.
Hendry then grabs a mic and treats the title like it’s trash. So, what does he do? He puts it in the trash. Hendry’s promo needs subtitles before Matt Striker hears enough and gets up from his commentary position. He shouts his promo because the audio sucks, which starts the next match. What Culture’s own King Ross replaces Striker on commentary to the biggest pop of the night.

Matt Striker vs. Joe Hendry

Striker suckers Hendry into a bunch of early roll-ups leading to a series of one counts. Hendry chops Striker before hitting a Freak of Nature for the win. There it is, Hendry puts Striker away with 2 moves. A dud match is about all I can say. Hendry then goes into the crowd after the match to retrieve his shirt which Striker threw in there.

Backstage now as Jack the Jobber finds the trash bin which has the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship in, What Cultures Adam Clery is just conveniently there with a referee shirt on as Jack pins the bin to become a TWO-TIME Champion.

Staying backstage as Adam Blampied and Rampage Brown have an awkward exchange knowing their history. Blampied wishes Rampage the best of luck tonight before Rampage walks off.

Bobby Fish vs. Michael Elgin vs. David Starr

King Ross is still on commentary for this, sigh. The match starts with a series of roll-ups before referee Chris Sharpe gets a 2 count on Starr. Sharpe then pushes over Starr and Elgin, no idea. Elgin then does the worm before we actually get into some wrestling. Some decent back and forth action before Elgin whips Starr into the corner, almost destroying the turnbuckle. Fish takes a nap in the crowd before returning to take some offense. Some good spots in the match with the crowd chanting “Sweet!” after every near fall, which got tiring the 5,000th time. Fish gets the win on Starr with a kneebar submission. Some good wrestling and some nice spots in this match. King Ross’s commentary drags it down though.

Matt Striker is back on commentary acting like he’d lost a tooth for all of a minute and a half.

El Ligero vs. King Ricochet

The match starts with the referee doing a cartwheel… because ‘wrasslin. The action finally gets underway with a few flips, a fake out dive and another ref spot, as Ligero gives ref Sharpe Ricochets leg before rolling him up for a near fall. Some decent back and forth action as Ricochet hits a spinebuster and a moonsault. Some nice technical wrestling before Ligero hits the Mexican Wave for a near fall. Ricochet gets the win after hitting a shooting star press on Ligero. A great, fun match that showcased both wrestlers well, playing to their advantages. Best thing on the card so far.

WCPW Championship – Drew Galloway (c) vs. Rampage Brown

Just a few hours after this match, Galloway was seen at NXT Takeover: Orlando, officially signing with WWE/NXT. The match starts with some back and forth chops before Rampage headbutts Drew before the action is taken outside where Galloway hits Rampage with a huge stiff clothesline. We then get to see some brawling on the outside. Some great hard hitting action before a FutureShock DDT attempt is blocked before Rampage hits Drew with a powerbomb for a near fall. The match ends with Drew hitting a big FutureShock DDT on Rampage for the win. A great hard hitting contest by two great powerhouses. Galloway retaining was a bit of a surprise to me given that he’s now signed with NXT but recently it was revealed that he will have to defend the title in his second last ever appearance in WCPW at No Regrets on April 29th in Newcastle in a 30-man rumble match.

Overall disappointing. It felt more like a generic indie show than a big WCPW event with names such as Bobby Fish and Drew Galloway. The production was awful and the show didn’t really start to gain momentum until the 3rd to final match.

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