WCPW ‘No Regrets’ (Newcastle, England, 29/4/17) Review

Added by Dylan Ashcroft

Drago & El Hijo de Dos Caras vs. Juventud Guerrera & Rey Fenix

Not going to say much about this, as it was only a pre-show bout (which was delayed for about 20 minutes due to troubles getting into the arena) but the action was slow and had a lot of botches. I expected a lot more from these Luchadores but I guess they’re not used to looser ropes, which didn’t help them, and El Hijo de Dos Caras is a very sloppy worker *1/4

The main show starts announcing that Stu Bennett (the former Wade Barrett) will be joining Matt Striker on commentary for tonight, I enjoy Bradshaw but I was fine with this.

PENTA  EL 0M vs. Travis Banks

Honestly, I expected a hell of a lot more from this match, maybe a bit too much, but neither man was on their A-Game. Penta is a recognisable face all over the world, but especially for Lucha Underground whilst Banks is making a name for himself in the UK but promotions such as WCPW, Fight Club Pro, PROGRESS and promotions such as. The match was good with some nice back and forth action with neither man really getting the upper hand. The best spot of the match was obviously Penta’s piledriver to Banks on the apron, I was honestly worrying for Banks for a minute. The match ends when Penta misses a Diving Double Foot Stomp, Banks then goes into the other corner and hits a Slice of Heaven for the 1,2,3. Not a bad match but I expected more, Banks getting the win was probably the right call **1/2

Brandi Rhodes vs. Prince Ameen

A match that came together because of a Twitter argument about Dogs…. The writings on the wall for this match. This match is exactly what it said on the tin, and yes – it was a piss break match. Stupid match that shouldn’t have happened in the first place with a stupid finish and it all was a bit stupid. Brandi wins using Ameen’s own move  DUD

Next up was meant to be Joe Coffey vs. Alberto el Patron but Alberto Sicknote was apparently ill so couldn’t make it, even though he looked fine earlier when he was taking the piss out of wrestling fans. Don’t book Patron again, WCPW.

WCPW Internet Championship: Cody Rhodes© vs. Joe Hendry vs. Gabriel Kidd

So, going into the match everyone was basically thinking “Okay is it going to be Hendry or Rhodes pinning Gabriel Kidd tonight?” and the answer was neither… Kidd did it! He someone how a Championship match at 0-26 in WCPW and rolled up Rhodes for the win, 1-26 and Internet Champion. The action was great and Kidd really stood out in the match and showed that he was the ultimate underdog going into the contest. Hendry looked strong but, yet again couldn’t win the big one, and this doesn’t affect Cody in anyway. So, Kidd gets the win and is in shock, as was everybody in attendance, Cody being the class act that he is puts the Internet title around Kidd’s waist (oh and Ameen’s there too) Overall, great, fast paced action with a shock victor, good stuff  ***1/2

Video package for the Mexican leg of the WCPW World Cup, happening the night after (In Coventry of all places).

Rey Mysterio vs. El Ligero

El Ligero is entering one of the biggest matches of his career against the legendary Rey Mysterio and wrestled like he’s in the biggest match of his career. Great fast paced Luchadore action showing why Ligero is hands down the best Luchadore in Britain bar none and that Rey is still the best Luchadore in the world. Rey gets the win with the 619 and the two show a sign of respect to each other after the match. Great stuff and match of the night ****

30-man Rumble for the WCPW Championship

I still can’t decide whether this rumble was good or not, but provided some moments. Some which are: Viper being in the rumble and showing why she’s such a badass, eliminating Ameen in the process. Johnny Moss making his return and eliminating Prospect within a few seconds of each other. Sha Samuels and Dave Mastiff making their WCPW debuts. Adam Pacitti getting the crap kicked out of him. And most importantly…. Martin Kirby finally hitting the Zoidberg Elbow on Joe Hendry and getting the win, a moment that has been leading up to ever since October. And finally, Martin Kirby is WCPW Champion. Some good action in this match and Drew Galloway showed why he is one of the best in the world ***1/2

Overall, a hit and miss show with the standout matches being the triple threat and Mysterio-Ligero. But the rumble was decent. The only matches I would truly avoid are Ameen-Brandi and the pre-show tag match. Overall show rating **3/4

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