Tidal Wrestling – Release The Kraken (13/4/14) Review

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I attended my first show for Tidal Wrestling at the Cockpit in Leeds on Sunday night. This event was a local one for me, and it was lovely been able to get there in around 15 minutes, compared to the usual hour plus journeys to PCW/Southside or Futureshock.

The venue itself is about a five minute walk, if that, from Leeds train station. It is a small intimate venue, usually used to stage gigs for rock bands. What was unusual was being able to hear trains passing over the ceiling, as the Cockpit is inside the arches used to support the train tracks.

The event started pretty much on time, with all the wrestlers making their way into the ring. A ten bell salute then took place in memory of the late Ultimate Warrior who passed awayon Wednesday. The iconic entrance music of Hall of Famer played as the talent made their way back to the locker room.

Match 1 – Liam Lazarus vs Dara Diablo

This was my first time seeing these two men in person. I have seen Diablo on a few NGW Dvds, but never seen Lazarus at all. Both men put on a fun opening match, Diablo in particular was funny, having a go at the referee in Spanish and telling a couple of girls to add him on facebook. Lazarus picked up the win with a Rocker Dropper.

Match 2 – Nixon vs Lexi

Welsh gal Nixon picked up the win over local lass Lexi via submission, after an ok match. This was not to be the last we saw of Nixon for the night.

Match 3 – ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman vs Sebastian Radclaw

Another match here featuring two grapplers that I haven’t seen previously. Radclaw had some very funny and strange mannerisms from the start. As the referee went to check him, he announced he had chlamydia, which lead to a chant for said disease! This was an entertaining match throughout, with a lovely mix of comedy and action. Wild Boar left the contest the winner after a package pile driver. I very much hope to see Radclaw again. Hitchman wasn’t satisfied enough leaving Leeds with just this victory however, as we will come to later.

Match 4 – Jonny Storm vs Rampage Brown 

This contest was to determine the number one contender for the new Tidal Heavyweight Championship at the next Leeds show in June. Rampage was very well received in his hometown, yet still didn’t play full on baby face in keeping with his character. It was brilliant to see Storm, who was a main player in the FWA when I first got into British wrestling. From what I saw in this match, he hasn’t lost a step, still entertaining brilliantly both verbally and physically. Local boy Rampage went on to victory however with a pile driver to become the number one contender.

Match 5 – Mark Andrews vs Pete Dunne

This match was for the Attack! Pro 24/7 title, as defending champion, ‘White Lightening’ Mark Andrews squared off with ‘Dynamite” Pete Dunne. Really good action here, between two men very familiar with each other. Fine technical, as well as aerial moves on display. The crowd very much enjoyed this, with ‘This is awesome’ chants towards the end. Andrews retained the belt with a reverse huracanrana followed by a shooting star press. Both men shook hands afterward as a mark of respect.

Dunne then left ringside as Andrews celebrated on the ropes. Out of nowhere however, Nixon appeared in the ring and crept up behind the champ and rolled him up for the three count to become the new 24/7 title holder. The celebrations weren’t to last long though as ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman appeared and a package piledrver later left the Cockpit as Attack! Pro 24/7 Champion.

Match 6 – Project Ego vs The Proven

Really good tag team encounter. Ego were their usual highly entertaining selves, and The Proven certainly did not look out of place in there, with for me, the UK’s finest tandem. Big shocker here as The Proven picked up the win with a modified 3D on Martin Kirby.

Match 7 – El Ligero vs ‘Party’ Marty Scurll

Main event time, and a big match in the short history of Tidal Championship Wrestling, as the contest would determine the first ever champion. Prior to the bell ringing, Scurll got on the microphone and made negative remarks about the fans, and brought up how El Ligero in based in Leeds. The bout spilled out across the venue and was a fine contest. It appeared Party Marty was going to win as he applied the crossface chicken wing. Ligero managed to kick back off the buckles though in a finish similar to Bret/Piper at Wrestlemania 8 to pick up the 3 and leave as the first ever Tidal Wrestling Champion.

I had a great time at this event. Venue, wrestling and crowd were top notch. Looking forward to the event in June, which going by the results tonight should be headlined by El Ligero vs Rampage Brown for the belt.

It appears from twitter that Marty Scurll was injured in the main event. I would like to send my best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

Thanks to Tidal Wrestling and all the wrestlers for a great night.

I hope you enjoyed my debut article. Any feedback is greatly appreciated at Mattybyorks@gmail.com or on twitter  @Mr_B_Heat

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