TIDAL Wipeout (31/01/16) DVD Review

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Tidal Championship Wrestling WipeOut kicks off 2016 with a strong show that embraces that ongoing TCW ability to bring in the best up-and-coming names in British wrestling and blend them with their stable of regular talent.

For this show, the commentary is provided by Aaron Beatup.

HT Drake vs Isaac Zercher

Familiar to British wrestling fans primarily in the south of England, Zercher stands out for his size and aggressive ability, a lack of footwear and the ease at which he commands the ring.

HT Drake’s popularity in TCW is growing in line with his ability and there can be little doubt that TCW have big plans for The Gimmick Killer, though Zercher is an interesting choice of opponent for him.

Despite being dominated throughout the match by the much larger Zercher, a last minute comeback sees Drake secure the pin.

Ward 13 vs The Burial

As David Graves points out, one member of Ward 13 is certainly a lot bigger than last time and this new incarnation of Ward 13 are a much more gelled unit than previously. They’re unusual, disturbed behaviour is still a feature, though, and sometimes gets in the way of what they’re trying to achieve. A team that are, primarily, unspeaking Golems, they are monsters of men and, should they continue to appear in TCW, perhaps this iteration of the group will have more success with the fans.

Graves and BA Rose are, however, a tag team who are showing real talent, thanks to their training at Grapple’s training school and their commitment to their game. Rose brings aggression, brute force and agility – imagine a less feral Wild Boar, and that’s where you can picture Rose being in years to come. The heart of The Burial is David Graves, who brings strength and brawn to the team as well as an occasionally wicked sense of humour and the kind of charisma that has the TCW fans eating out of the palm of his hand.

With Ward 13 still not able to come together as a tag team, and with the speed and agility of The Burial, it’s only a matter of time before they’re able to get the upper hand on Ward 13.

As Aaron Beatup comments, a match between The Burial and The Proven would certainly be an interesting one.

Lana Austin vs Natalie Wild

As JD Boom, accompanying by JD Boom (and Big T Justice), points out, Natalie Wild happens to be Austin’s best friend. Thankfully, for Lana, her “boyfriend”, JD Boom, and his bodyguard, Big T Justice, are on hand to help, hinder and generally be a nuisance.

Boom spends a lot of his time playing his version of mind games with Wild, whilst Lana reminds us why she’s one of the most vicious, devious women in British wrestling today. She dismantles her best friend, robbing of any opportunity to really show was Wild is capable of doing, but it’s Team Loom’s hubris that gives Wild the opportunity to make her come back and show some of the spirit that she has.

Eventually, with the referee momentarily distracted by Boom, Austin is able to pin Wild.

TCW Open Championship: Dan James vs Liam Lazarus

Dan James’ defense of the Open Championship happens, as he declares, in his own time, with his previous defence of the belt occurring due to walking out on his opponent. Though cowardly may be a strong word, his evasive techniques do hint at a desire to keep the belt with as little effort as possible.

Former TCW Champion, Liam Lazarus has become a darkly focussed man. His actions since losing the belt have been deplorable, but his in-ring ability is beyond question. He’s taken to treating friends and enemies with the same impunity. An angry Liam Lazarus is a dangerous Liam Lazarus, as Dan James finds out in this match.

A match in which Lazarus wrestles rings around Dan James, the TCW Open Champion resorts to brawling over any attempt to match Lazarus on a technical level before realising that the odds are well and truly against him and taking his championship with him.

As James is announced the victor, Lazarus takes to the microphone and reveals that he now knows who was truly stabbing him in the back. He wants to prove that he’s a champion, once more, in Leeds!

Joseph Conners vs Jack Sexsmith

Another graduate of the ProJo, Progress Wrestling’s school, Jack Sexsmith’s sexually promiscuous, morally ambiguous nature isn’t an ideal match for a man who is amongst the most serious men in British wrestling!

Sexsmith is an entertaining breed of character, but Conners rapidly dominates him and shows that filth and popularity isn’t enough. Despite the initial fan support of Sexsmith, there’s certainly support for Conners, as he stalks Sexsmith around the ring, like a lion preying on an injured gazelle.

Sexsmith’s attempt to hit Mr Cocko doesn’t quite go as planned, and Conners has never looked more afeared – there’s something really amusing in watching Conners back away from the discarded condom and then gingerly turn over a bare buttocked Sexsmith for the win.

Sweet Jesus vs The Proven

Pastor William Eaver and Chuck Mambo make their TCW debut as Sweet Jesus against the pinnacle of tag team wrestling in Tidal’s tag division, The Proven.

More graduates of the ProJo, Eaver has featured at TCW before in a much respected encounter, whilst Mambo is making his debut. Of the two, Eaver brings a great character and strong style wrestling work, whilst Mambo brings the light and speed to this particular team.

Caz Crash and Sam Wilder are having a sensational run in TCW and are the benchmark on which other tag teams should base themselves. They’re a definite unit, working together flawlessly, each bringing something different to the team, and doing it with a streak of humour that has made them hugely popular with TCW fans.

The sudden appearance of Alexander Henry, one half of The New Nation, isn’t enough to distract The Proven for too long, and the brainbuster into a superkick combo that The Proven have recently added to their repertoire is enough to put Mambo away.

Two of Projo favourites have faced two TCW favourites in Leeds, perhaps Sweet Jesus could return the favour on their home turf one day!

Rampage Brown vs Dara Diablo

Two former TCW Champions, two men who can be light hearted, yet heavy hitting – Dara Diablo and Rampage Brown are big dogs who want to prove who’s the leader of the pack.

Rampage Brown has size, strength and ability on his side, but Diablo isn’t a slouch himself, bringing wily cunning to his skillset. Diablo has, over his time in TCW, gone from slightly strange matches to proving his worth to TCW fans in all-out wars, leading to title reign of his own.

It’s Brown, however, who is a one-man war machine and demonstrates this to Diablo in its most brutal form. For every offense that Diablo musters, Brown pulls out more, with devastating effect. However, a wounded dog is a dangerous dog, and there’s no stopping Diablo, who seems to absorb punishment and turn it back on his opponent.

With a power bomb and a piledriver, Rampage Brown turns Diablo into a human exclamation point for the win.

As Rampage Brown’s music plays, Brown attempts destroy a beach ball (from Chuck Mambo’s match) almost fail, after two elbow drops, until he decides to powerbomb Diablo onto it, scoring an impromptu victory over the inflatable.

On the microphone, Rampage Brown reminds us that he was a former TCW Champion and only lost because of the interference of Sean Only. He’s not had a rematch and he demands it in no uncertain terms.

TCW Championship Match: El Ligero vs Chris Ridgeway

Tidal Championship Wrestling’s El Ligero has been TCW Champion twice and is one of the most popular men in TCW and in British wrestling as a whole. Every single title defense should mean something, he brings integrity and credibility to every title that he holds, wherever he holds it and has elevated himself and his opponents by his very presence.

It may lead long time TCW fans to wonder why they decided his opponent should be a man who has lost his last two matches at TCW!

It is from this entirely uneven playing field that this match is presented to TCW fans, even with Aaron Beatup pointing out that part of the reason for this is that Ridgeway defeating El Ligero in Morecambe is justification enough.

Ridgeway does a capable job, he’s a solid wrestler, has a great look and huge potential. He’s got the makings of a future champion in British wrestling. He’s a despicable man, not beyond humiliating his opponent and those close to him with his vicious, methodical style.

With Ligero retaining the title, Lazarus wanting to prove himself to the TCW fans and Rampage Brown demanding a rematch, WipeOut offers some interesting glimpses of what we’ll hopefully see in 2016.

WipeOut in Review

Tidal has made a point of scouting the country for interesting opponents to bolster their roster of talent from the North East of England. Some of their choices are on the money, offering great matches that are must-see events, but occasionally the result is far from the mark. There were some missed opportunities in TCW Wipeout, just with the men on the show – The Gimmick Killer HT Drake against the man with the most ridiculous gimmick on the show, Jack Sexsmith, would have worked much better. As would Joseph Conners vs Isaac Zercher, whilst El Ligero vs Ridgeway would have been a good non-championship match.

The referee is a new one to TCW, with a stylised referee shirt that appears to have gaffer tape on the pocket and arms. His rather laissez-faire approach to his role – he doesn’t need to check wrestlers – he just knows whether they’re okay or not, having to be told by a wrestler to check a pin attempt, a rope count that isn’t entirely near the ropes, a random approach to counting (which even sees one of the best in the country criticise the ref), a blatant rule breaking that goes unpunished, he’s more of a distraction at times than the referee should ever be!


From the New Year’s Revolution show, which took place on 29 January in Darlington, we get two matches with the irreverent live commentary duo of Sebb Strife and Aaron Beatup.

Kirsty Love vs Little Miss Roxxi

Little Miss Roxxi debuts at TCW, whilst Love makes her return appearance, with the former being a monster to Roxxi’s agile ability and feisty enthusiasm. Roxxi has potential for the future with the fine-tuning that she’ll receive under her trainers, whilst Love is a beast of a woman.

Nsereko vs Liam Lazarus

The Ugandan Warrior Nsereko deserves greater exposure, he has a wrestling style not often seen in British wrestling and a wry sense of humour, whilst Lazarus’ broken mental state has manifested as a strain of dangerous arrogance, made worse when Nsereko tries to mock him and the paranoia surfaces.

A nice touch by TCW, hopefully they’ll add matches from other recent shows to their DVDs and BluRays as an extra feature, perhaps even going so far as a “From the Vault” style feature to show just how strong their shows can be.

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