TIDAL ‘Fools Rush In’ DVD Review

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As Tidal Wrestling once again return to Leeds University Stylus Nightclub, their Fools Rush In show see commentary by Aaron Beatup and, as Aaron refers to him, the “depraved and demonic, dirt sheet maniac” Craig Anderson.

Dan James & Ruby Summers vs Peace & Nina Samuels

This match reveals more of Dan James’ new attitude towards the opposite sex as he forces Ruby to wear his wristband, dragging the poor girl to the merch stand before returning to the ring and proceeding to order her around.

With Peace and Samuels being relative newcomers to Tidal versus the much more familiar faces of James and Summers. Peace and Samuels come over well, but nowhere near as strong as James and Summers, with the ongoing story of woman-hating Dan James.

After Samuels hits a crossbody on Summers, James pulls his own tag partner off just as the referee goes for the count, locking in an armbar on Samuels and giving her no choice but to tap to the Armbar Superstar!

As Dan celebrates the victory, he takes the time to lock in another armbar on the injured Samuels, before Summers comes to the rescue, only to receive an Angle Slam for her troubles.

With Dan James, his skill used to lie in his submission wrestling style, which certainly made people take notice, but this new mindset has given Dan James a new edge and he’s certainly loving the spotlight.

Liam Lazarus discusses Rampage Brown

Liam Lazarus comes to the ring and takes the microphone. The crowd are behind Lazarus from the moment he comes out.

Recapping events from the Darlington, in which Rampage Brown took on Lazarus’ best friend, Sean Only, he finally announces the rematch – a last man standing match – at June 28th in Leeds.

Kirby comes out, announces that Lazarus other problems tonight – he’s got a belt to defend and his tea to get back. At which point, Kirby delivers a forearm and steals the flask of tea!

JD Boom vs Addy Starr

“She’s a girl, that’s what they’re made for,” says JD Boom as he turns an arm and elbow lock up into an attempted lip lock. This pretty much sets the tone for the match as the crowd roundly back Addy Starr.

Very much like the little brother nobody wanted, JD Boom has arrived in Tidal as the annoying spot that won’t go away, so when Addy fights back, the crowd are all over it. JD Boom manages to aggravate and infuriate Addy and the crowd at every turn – whether it’s desecrating the Canadian flag, showing a degree of sexism that suggests he’s read one too many lads’ mags, or unleashing his “moustacherangs” from his “gentlemen’s man bag”.

Advising the ref that he plans to use a chair on Addy Starr, he distracts the ref long enough to her with his megaphone for the win, declaring “I beat a woman.”

Addy isn’t happy, though, decks Boom with his own chair and challenges JD Boom to the match that’s made her famous – a Lego Death Match. JD Boom accepts, quite foolishly, and makes it a BAREFOOT Lego Death Match!

The match sees JD Boom dominate Addy Starr, and take a beating when he goes too far, which is never on the wrong side of truly offensive. He’s a perfect guy for this role – though he can never be described as a “wrestler who can’t wrestle”, what he gives up in wrestling ability to the much more experienced Starr, he more than makes up for in determination to outwit and bamboozle his opponent. A comic star in the making!

The Fabulous Bakewell Boys vs Tyler Bate & Chris Brookes

Making their Tidal debut, the throwbacks to the past, The Fabulous Bakewell Boys come to the ring and start the match with silly shenanigans. Also making his Tidal debut is one of the UK’s current hottest properties – Tyler Bate.

With Brookes and Bate declaring that they don’t appreciate the drinking by The Bakewells, nor anyone else in the venue, the Bakewells decide to show how it’s done, and get the referee involved, too.

From there, it just gets stranger as Brookes and Bate basically act as fodder to the silly antics of The Bakewells in a match that starts off well, but doesn’t really gel together. The match descends into silliness as Brookes and Bate rile the crowd by littering their moveset with WWE trademark tag team moves.

Whilst Brookes and Bate have both shown, in various encounters, that they’re capable of comedy, it’s when Bate wrestles that the match comes to life – he’s a methodical, talented mat-based wrestler, whilst Brookes is a capable wrestler in his own right. This match, however, is a showcase for The Bakewells, who eventually win, and fails to show off their opponents to their full potential.

Hopefully, Tidal will look at Bate again and bring him back in a more suitable role for his considerable skill.

Josh Bodom vs Sean Only

Josh Bodom, making his Tidal debut, announces himself as “weighing tonight at 195lbs of muscle, steel and sex appeal”.
In a change of commentary team, JD Boom joins commentary for this one and brings the wrestler’s knowledge to the team, which carries on just as you can imagine it would.

Whilst Bodom may consider himself the star in the match, Sean Only shines as he takes up Bodom’s request for a wrestling match instead of the usual MMA styled combat that punctuates Sean Only’s style.

With Sean Only still working with injuries sustained after the savagery of his match with Rampage, he’s still a credible threat and totally underestimated by Bodom. A cocky guy who definitely has talent beyond his attitude, Bodom isn’t able to unseat Only once he demonstrates his MMA credentials, making Bodom tap.

Sean Only has incredible potential and, whilst Bodom does refer to his “CM Punk” style look, he is more than a copy of the man. Sean Only is a tall, wiry, lithe fighter who has developed a style that works well in the wrestling ring against anyone he confronts.

After these two matches, Bate vs Bodom at Tidal would be something to see.

The Proven vs So Scandalous

A rematch of their Silent Nightmare match, where The Proven came out to Let It Go and surprised Tidal fans before entering into a match that was simply spectacular to watch, the stakes are high for this one.

Ryan Smile is certainly no stranger to high risk moves and spectacular moments, and Damien Dunne is certainly a deceptively powerful wrestler.

Described, by Aaron Beatup, as a “modern day Project Ego”, The Proven work well together and have definitely found a home at Tidal Championship Wrestling with their tag team work being beyond compare in TCW!

With Ryan Smile as an opponent, there’s always the chance that his opponents will be outshone by the “All Day Smile”, but The Proven manage to be just as bright as they demonstrate exceptional teamwork, a ridiculous number of high risk, high impact crazy moments and their trademark tag team brawling superiority, leading the superbly executing cannonball from Sam Wilder onto Damian Dunne for the victory.

This puts The Proven and So Scandalous at one-all, so a third match is inevitable, and Smile makes it clear that that will happen.

Both teams are well used, here. The Proven may not be as well known as So Scandalous, but they both share that sense of showmanship that defines their shared style of wrestling – whilst all four men are capable of flashy moves, there’s a definite similarity between Ryan Smile and Sam Wilder’s overwhelming charisma and highflying prowess and Caz Crash and Damian Dunne’s brawling style, though Crash does have the edge when it comes to brash bravado. Together, they can do very little wrong and “round three” will only cement them all as the future of British cruiserweight tag teams.

Now, if only Tidal had a tag team belt!

Pete Dunne vs Joseph Conners

Joseph Conners has had a bit of a renaissance over the past few months, as he’s darkened and become even more focused, whilst Pete Dunne continues to be one of the most bitter people in British wrestling.

Whilst Conners may be the more experienced of the two, Pete Dunne is more than capable of stepping up as the pair showcase their technical abilities. Dunne, who has the build of a powerhouse wrestler, always manages to surprise as he ties up his opponents in knots, with Conners bringing his methodical and tempered mat based style to the match.

As Conners picks apart Pete Dunne, the frustration for Dunne becomes clear and the match loses its technical pedigree, descending into an angry brawl that further demonstrates how bitter both men have become!

It would, eventually, be The Righteous One Joseph Conners who picks up the win.

When he needs to, Dunne can be flashy, but it’s never just to be showy for the sake of showy and he’s at his best when he’s demonstrating his submission based wrestling style and in the ring with an opponent who is a master of that style, like Joseph Conners.

After the highs of the previous tag match, the crowd were a little quiet for this one, which was a shame as it was a strong confrontation between two really strong competitors.

Liam Lazarus vs Martin Kirby

Martin Kirby certainly isn’t a man to be underestimated and, whilst both men have a pedigree in the most lighthearted moments, this one starts off as a brawl, with Lazarus fighting to keep his belt, and get his tea back.

In need of a brew, Lazarus finally grabs his flask and gets a mouthful of tea, but Kirby takes advantage of this moment and dominates Lazarus for the majority of the match. It’s Liam’s fighting spirit and drive that keeps it from being a one-sided affair, however, with the crowd behind the champion, and Liam’s flair for the surprising finally leading to Lazarus retaining the belt… and get his flask back.

After the match, Kirby gets back into the ring, grabs the flask again and finally hands it over, giving Liam the thumbs up and the crowd celebrate.

There can be no doubt that Lazarus is on a high at Tidal Championship Wrestling. He’s much loved by the fans, especially at the more discerning fans of Leeds, with his ability, charisma and confidence on a skyward trajectory, and deservedly so. Watching him against Martin Kirby seems like a dream of a match for Lazarus and fans, as Kirby has shown, time and again, he’s a wrestler of the highest calibre.

The Fools Rush In DVD is, as is quite common with British wrestling DVDs, a single-sided, single-layer DVD, with video mastered from HD footage. The multi-camera setup captures the action of the show well and the nightclub venue does give focus, thanks to the muted background lighting, to the action in the ring. Sound is clear and crisp, though does highlight the issue of live commentary, in that there are moments where the commentary cuts over what’s being said in the ring.

As has become a common feature of Tidal DVDs, the commentary comes across as blokes enjoying the show over a few pints, with Aaron Beatup, Craig Anderson and Sebb Strife covering the duties in varying combinations throughout the show. They exchange barbs, quips and drop in silliness. With the commentary recorded live, it isn’t as slick and polished as some other productions, but there’s no doubt that Beatup and, in particular, Anderson have found their feet and are comfortable in their roles.

For those who don’t like commentaries, Tidal have included a “no commentary” option, which does give a better feeling of watch the show live and allows you to hear more of the dialogue that is occasionally obscured by the commentary.

Fools Rush In is a prime example of why Tidal is gaining such renown in the North of England. Their Leeds shows deserve to be better attended as Tidal continue to experiment with new talent from across the UK and establishing stars that they can call their own, dropping in the more familiar names on the British wrestling scene at appropriate points.

There’s clearly a focus on Liam Lazarus, Dan James and Sean Only that has allowed all three men to step up and show what they can do. Add to this such up-and-comers as Ruby Summers and JD Boom and they’re certainly trying out stuff that isn’t often seen elsewhere.

With Fools Rush In, Tidal continue to build on their strengths for their third season and more people should check them out.

The show, as with much of TCW’s back catalogue, is also available on BluRay from http://tcwrestling.bigcartel.com/products and digital download from http://smartmarkvideo.com/tidal-championship-wrestling

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