Tidal Championship Wrestling Wipe Out DVD Review

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It’s been a little while since my last review of Tidal Championship Wrestling, I have had a couple of shows on DVD just sat waiting to be watched so I should be watching quite a bit in the next week or so! Even though I have not watched much I have kept up to date with what has been happening and it is fairly safe to say there are good things going on in that area of the UK. Also, on the subject of keeping up to date with what is going on I have to say that Tidal has one of the most entertaining online presences of all the British promotions, it’s good to see that they are making their accounts personable and down to earth rather than just announcements and information. I know a lot of others do this too but Tidal seem to have it just right. But anyway, on to the action…

El Ligero def Noam Dar

A really strong opener, this is a match-up that has been done before but it is also one that I would look to see again and again. Ligero is a great performer/wrestler/entertainer/character however you want to classify him and Dar, though far more subtle, is much the same so when the two are in the ring together you know you will be in for a treat. A fast paced match with lots of high flying and comedy ended up with El Ligero victorious but it could easily have gone either way.

Kay Lee Ray def Pollyanna, Lana Austin & Violet O’Hara

This is a match that I would recommend everyone to watch, I had watched the highlight package previously and as good as that was it didn’t really do the match justice. I really enjoyed the womens match in the last Tidal show I watched and this one goes to a whole new level. It really demonstrates how good womens wrestling is now in the UK, with all four competitors pulling out all the stops with plenty of technical wrestling, hard hitting and high flying including some great spots like a 4-way submission hold and Lana Austin diving off the top turnbuckle to the outside. Kay Lee Ray ultimately picked up the victory after a great finish but all four women really impressed.

Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews def Liam Lazarus & Matt Myers

This match was much changed from its original plan due to injuries and other factors but what it ended up with was a match featuring three of my favourite guys in British wrestling (Dunne, Andrews and Myers) along with somebody that I have only seen a little of, but have been very impressed with in Liam Lazarus. This was again a great match with tonnes of great spots highlighting the high flying abilities as well as the technical prowess of all involved. Mark Andrews gets a wide range of booking and Pete Dunne is starting to get more and more widely appreciated but it baffles me how Myers and Lazarus are not in greater demand and getting the appreciation they deserve. This was a very fast paced match up with a lot of back and forth action, all four guys able to fly but also all of them can really wrestle too. Several great spots throughout including some dives to the very narrow ringside area as well as Dunne being made to tombstone his own partner. Andrews and Dunne came out on top in the end but I think all four made a mark on the Tidal crowd.

The Bucky Boys def The Proven

I am definitely not just copy and pasting this but … another great match! I know the Bucky Boys through reputation more than anything, although I have recently seen them live for the first time at ICWs Show in London, and The Proven I know via NGW predominantly, based on what I knew of both teams I expected a strong match and was certainly not disappointed. Tag matches with “proper” tag teams are nearly always more fluid and tell better stories than when teams are just pushed together and this was true here. The team work on display was great and it enable the match to move at real pace. Both teams had good showings with The Bucky Boys coming out on top in the end with a 3-D.

Rampage Brown def Dave Mastiff

Holy Crap!! This was a full on slobber knocker from start to finish! Neither guy held anything back in this one, two of the very best big men in British wrestling put on a master class, brawling all around the building including the Merch room where Rampage helped himself to an El Ligero t-shirt which he wore for the remainder of the match. I am really surprised that the ring survived this match let alone either of the competitors. It genuinely looked like they were trying to kill one another and some of the impact moves were phenomenal. Brown came out on top at the end of a brutal yet highly entertaining match

Grado def Nathan Cruz

An interesting choice for the main event, even though I really both of these guys it was a very interesting pairing – with Cruz portraying the real “Pro” and Grado more of the class clown. In actual fact the two played off one another really well and told a great story in the ring. Having the action called by Noam Dar on commentary also added a little something extra to the match. The match played out with Grado frustrating Cruz throughout, trying to match his moves and always finding a way to get out of holds or embarrass him. As the frustration turned to anger it looked likely that Cruz would pick up the win but Grado was able to hit is F5 and pick up the victory much to the joy of the crowd.

Additional notes on the show, apart from the first and last matches Simon Musk (if you don’t know who he is … I am not going to tell you …) joined in on commentary which was a nice addition, and with Noam Dar’s added commentary for the main event made sure it was really good fun – Dar is a really fun guy from what I have heard and have seen and this really shone through in his commentary.

There is something for everyone in this show and is well worth a watch, and a great introduction to Tidal Championship Wrestling.


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