TIDAL Championship Wrestling ‘1st Anniversary Show’ (23/11/14) DVD/Blu Ray Review

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01. Dan James vs Mike Bird

Coming off a 2-1 loss in his best of three series against Sean Only, Dan James looks for victory here against the debuting Mike Bird. The newcomer takes control early on with a nice transition into a side-headlock, but James grabs a headscissors only for Bird to handstand his way out. James starts to work over the left arm, but Bird powers him up with a one-handed scoop slam and follows up with a nice missile dropkick. James rolls to the apron and suckers Bird in, dropping his arm over the top-rope before going to work with an armlock. The crowd get behind Bird and he starts to fire back, but James cuts him off and continues to apply presure to the arm. A backbreaker with the arm hammerlocked earns him a near-fall. James shoots Bird into the ropes, but he ducks a clothesline and hits a big flying forearm. He lays into James with some big knife-edge chops before flooring him with a huge lariat for a two-count.

Bird tries to hit a half-nelson sideslam, but with his injured left arm can’t hoist James up, who escapes and hits a big Olympic slam for a near-fall of his own. He takes too long following up, however, and Bird catches him with a sick gutbuster followed by a nice bridging German suplex for two. James again fights out of the half-nelson attempt, hits another Olympic slam and transitions smartly into a Fujiwara armbar, forcing Bird to the ropes to break the hold. James takes far too long to follow up with the armbar, Bird rattling him with a big forearm smash before applying a half-nelson and hitting a huge sideslam for the three count! This was a really solid opening match. I continue to be impressed by James, just a no-nonsense sort of wrestler who does his job well. Bird was very impressive also, he sold his injured left arm throughout the contest and had some nice offence in his war crate.

02. Addy Starr vs Lana Austin vs Nixon Newell

I’m unfamiliar with the two Tidal regulars in this match Lana Austin and Nixon Newell, but have seen a fair bit of Addy Starr via the frankly mad ISW promotion out of Canada. Addy runs down her opponents before vacating the ring to let them get into it. They fight for control early on, neither gaining much of an advantage until Lana Austin hits a nice staning hurricanrana. Lana whips Nixon into the ropes, but Nixon ducks under the bottom rope only to be met by a forearm from Addy, who then slams her head-first on the ring apron and throws her into a wall. Addy goes to work, choking Lana out in the corner and peppering her with forearm strikes. She hits a snap suplex but can only get a two-count. The crowd rally behind Lana, but Addy hits a nice butterfly suplex for another near-fall. Addy slams her from pillar to post, but spends too long appealing to the crowd and Lana catches her with a series of clotheslines. She tries to follow up, but Nixon gets back in and cuts her off. Nixon wraps Lana in a tree of woe then clambers up the ropes, using Lana’s nether regions as a stepping stone. Lana crashes to the mat and eats a huge running knee from Nixon!

Addy breaks up the pin and throws Nixon out of the ring. Lana fires some shots Addy’s way, but they have no effect and Addy catches Lana’s leg and transitions smartly into a beautiful sit-out powerbomb! Nixon breaks up the pin this time and she and Addy start trading strikes until Nixon dumps her on the back of her head with a chokeslam. Lana hits her with a Rock Bottom for two and all three women are down. Addy throws some stiff forearms and throws Nixon to the floor. She sets Lana up in the corner draped over the middle-rope, before coming off the top with a big double-knee strike! Nixon gets back in and helps Addy with a double-suplex. They place Lana up top but get into an argument and Lana catches them with a crossbody. She follows up with some clotheslines, but Addy counters into a northern lights suplex. Lackadaisical pin gets her two. Addy holds Lana in place, but Lana ducks and Nixon’s superkick connects with Addy! Lana hits the ropes and Nixon elevates her, but Lana tilt-a-whirls around into a stunner for the 3-count! This was a fun match, perhaps one near-fall too many, but it was a good story told and all three wrestlers did well, Addy shining as the most experienced.

03. Dara Diablo vs JD Boom

Boom takes issue with the crowd’s chanting and won’t get the match started until they stop. They eventually get under way and Diablo takes easy control. JD tries to reverse a hammerlock but somehow ends up back in the hammerlock, so he has to scramble for the ropes. Boom gets a single-leg takedown and is very pleased with himself, but Dara boots him out of the ring. Diablo grabs him by the moustache twirls and drags him back in the ring! Dara hoists him up, but JD smarty trips him over the middle-rope and then chokes him out. Boom takes control, but doesn’t use it very well as he lazily kicks at his larger opponent. He hits the ropes and, unsurprisingly, Diablo catches him with a powerslam. Big bodyslam from Dara. He throws Boom to the outside and Boom says he’s had enough, leaving through the curtain. Diablo gives chase and they end up fighting through the bar. Eventually Diablo gets JD back to the ring and kicks him hard up the arse for a two-count. JD catches Diablo with a jawbreaker out of nowhere before heading up to the first-rope for the Moustache Splash, but Diablo rolls out of the way, hits the ropes and floors Boom with a leaping back elbow for two. A superkick followed by a death valley driver seals the victory for Diablo. Fun little match, nothing special. Diablo looked solid and, while I wasn’t very impressed with much Boom did in the ring, his cowardly character was good and will serve him well.

04. Matt Myers & Sean Only vs The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder)

Myers gets things started by slowly rolling towards a bemused Caz Crash, who retreats to the floor only for Myers to roll right after him, do a lap of the ring and roll back in. Okay. Myers eventually gets things started, flooring Caz with a big shoulder tackle. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors from Myers sends Caz scrambling to tag in Wilder, who immediately gets hip-tossed over into an armbar. Myers drags Wilder to the corner and tag in Only, who floors Wilder with a back elbow before hitting a seated dropkick in the corner. The Proven flee to the outside to regroup, but Myers surprises them with a tope suicida. Wilder gets rolled back in to the ring and Only calls for the Yakuza kick, but Wilder trips him up and hits a fisherman suplex for a one count. Quick tags from The Proven as they take control of Only, stomping him in the corner. Nice senton atomico from Caz Crash for a two count.

Crash whips Only into the rope, but he rolls under a clothesline attempt and makes the tag to Myers. Big solebutt to the throat from Myers, followed by a codebreaker for two. Myers hoists Caz up and hits a Finlay Roll, before climbing to the middle-rope and flying with a nice moonsault for two! He hits the ropes, but Wilder gets his knee into Myers back and The Proven regain the advantage. More good tag work from Crash & Wilder, until Myers catches Caz with a boot the face and a big missile dropkick before making the tag to Only. Big kick to the chest from Only, followed by a neckbreaker. Only hits the ropes and slams Wilder’s face to the map with the curbstomp, Caz makes the save. Myers comes off the top with a crossbody on the proven, but Wilder drags Only to the floor and Caz kicks Myers low behind the refs back. The Proven set Myers up and hit a big double-team cutter for the three-count. Good match here, The Proven looked strong here, a well-oiled tag machine.

05. Uhaa Nation vs Pete Dunne

As has become customary whenever Uhaa visits the UK, the crowd have an Uhaa-themed sing along before we get things started. Pete Dunne’s bulked up a fair bit in the past year or so and doesn’t look as dwarfed next to Uhaa as I’d expected. A good back-and-forth on the mat to get things started, Dunne working a wristlock well until Uhaa clobbers him with a forearm. Snapmare from Dunne, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head earns him a one-count. Dunne hits the ropes, leap-frog from Uhaa, duck under from Dunne who then gets floored by a ridiculous dropkick from Uhaa! The big man hoists Dunne up for a stalling vertical suplex, getting a one-count of his own. He goes for a splash in the corner, but Dunne avoids it and hits a shoulder-tackle before grabbing Uhaa about the neck and hitting a shiranui off the ropes! Bicycle kick from Uhaa catches him out of nowhere, but Dunne avoids the subsequent charge and bounces Uhaa off the ropes into a sick release German suplex, only for Uhaa to shrug it off and hit a death valley driver! Both men are down and take a while to get back to their feet, but once they do there’s a nice counter exchange ending with Uhaa deadlifting Dunne into a sit-out powerbomb! Dunne kicks out at two and Uhaa seems somewhat frustrated, Pete surprising him with a roll-up for two. Dunne heads up top and hits a double-stomp for another two-count. He goes again for the shiranui, but Uhaa catches him with a spinebuster. Military press, followed by the Uhaa Combination (standing moonsault into a standing SSP) to give the big man the win. This was a pretty short bout, more of an exhibition for Uhaa really, but I know both men have a real belter of a match in them and I’d love to see it sometime.

06. Chris Brookes vs Joseph Conners

Brookes wants to start the match with a hug, but Conners takes offense at his jovial nature and bails to the outside. Lots of stalling later, he eventually gets in the ring, walking into a side-headlock from Brookes, who shoots him into the ropes and catches him with a leaping hug! Conners bails to the floor again, this time dragging Brookes with him. He tries to throw Brookes into the turnbuckle, but it’s reversed and Conners collides with the steel. He retreats to the ring and Brookes whips him into the corner, but Conner has him scouted and drops Brookes face-fist onto the turnbuckle. Stomp to the face from Conners, followed by a huge knife-edge chop for a two-count. Conners drapes Brookes over the middle-rope, jumps to the floor and just sucker punches Brookes in the face. A clothesline gets him another two-count. Conners slows the pace down and the crowd get behind Brookes, who fights his way out only to be floored by a shoulder tackle. Brookes surprises Conners with a sunset flip for two, followed by a backslide for two. Conners regains control and whips Brookes hard into the corner, picking up another near-fall.

As the ref attends to Brookes, Conners lowers the turnbuckle pad but gets caught with a back-elbow from Brookes. Conners spills to the outside hard and Brookes comes flying off the ropes with a big tope con hilo! Impressive for such a tall man. He throws Conners back in and hits a missile dropkick, followed by a Yakuza kick and seated dropkick to the face for a near, near-fall. He catches Conners with an enziguri and tries for a tornado DDT, but Conners powers out into a sit-out spinebuster for two! He sets Brookes up, but the big man slides off his back and hits the final cut but still can’t put Conners away. He places Conners up top and tries for a superplex, but Conners ducks out and drops Brookes face-first on the exposed turnbuckle only for Brookes to kick out at two! He heads up top and waits for Conners to get to his feet, but Brookes cuts him off and hits a hurricanrana for the three count! This wasn’t bad, but there was a bit too much back-and-forth and I would’ve liked to see either man control the match to a greater degree. Conners is very solid, but needs to ground his opponents more rather than using the ropes to set-up every move, while I was impressed with Brookes’ athleticism.

07. Liam Lazarus vs El Ligero

Big match for the young Liam Lazarus here, as he faces The Mexican Sensation El Ligero, one of the most in-demand wrestlers in the UK scene today. Ligero seems all business as they get things started here, forcing Lazarus into the corner. He gives the clean break and they go for a test of strength, but Lazarus wants to dance. Ligero doesn’t seem amused. They lock up and Ligero again forces him into the corner. Again, more dancing from Lazarus. Ligero charges and gets caught in a backslide, then grabs Ligero’s hands and forces him to dance, which ends badly for Liam as Ligero clocks him with a big slap to the face. Ligero charges Ligero into the corner and hits a nice hip-toss. A springboard splash earns him an early two-count. Again he charges at Ligero, but gets elevated to the apron and then dumped to the floor when Ligero dropkicks him in the mid-section. Ligero teases a dive then beckons Lazarus back in the ring, only to kick him in the face while he’s between the ropes. Ligero shows some aggression as he goes to work with some huge forearms that absolute rock Lazarus. Ligero almost contemptuously throws Lazarus from the ring, waiting for him to get back in and just derisively kicking him in the face. This is a vicious side of Ligero you don’t commonly see, as he wipes Lazarus out with a back-elbow. Lazarus eventually manages to mount some resistance, hitting some nice flying forearms and a big boot to the side of the head. Full nelson transitioned into a facebuster from Lazarus for two.

The crowd are very evenly split here as Liam tries to get Ligero up for a suplex. Ligero floats over and hits a beautiful wheelbarrow roll-up for a two-count. He whips Lazarus into the corner, but Liam floats over only to get caught in a cutter from Ligero! Air raid crash from Ligero and Lazarus only just manages to kick out. Ligero sets him up and heads up top, but takes far too long and Lazarus cuts him off. Both men trade forearm on top and Lazarus comes out better off, trying for a superplex only for Ligero to duck under and kick out Liam’s leg. Huge double-stomp to the face from Ligero! Damn, that was brutal. Ligero goes up top and hits splash for another near, near-fall. Both men end up on the ring apron, trading knife-edge chops. Superkick from Ligero! He hoists Lazarus onto his shoulders and hits a death valley driver on the apron! That has to be it. The crowd help Lazarus up and get him back into the ring just before the ten count, but Ligero catches him with the C4L DDT! Lazarus kicks out at one! He gives the middle finger to Ligero, who responds with a vicious superkick. Ligero hoists Lazarus up for a brainbuster, but the youngster rolls through into a schoolboy pin and somehow gets the three-count! That was a really well worked bout, Lazarus has a ton of potential and it definitely showed here as he kept up with one of Britain’s best. This was a huge win for Lazarus and I really enjoyed it for the most part, but thought the apron DVD was perhaps a bit much.

08. Rampage Brown (c) vs Dave Mastiff

Two of the biggest, meanest heavyweight in Britain go toe-to-toe here for the Tidal Championship. This one should be an absolute belter of a match. They waste no time in locking up, but neither man can gain the advantage early on, their strength almost equally matched. A huge shoulder tackle from Mastiff floors the champion, but Rampage kips up to his feet and tells Dave to hit the ropes, only to hit a huge standing dropkick right to the face! Rampage hits the ropes, but Mastiff shows surprising speed as he leaps to his feet and hits a running crossbody. Trading forearm shots now, the crowd split evenly between both men. They eventually send each other crashing to the mat with a double-clothesline and roll to the outside to trade more forearms. Mastiff gains the advantage and whips Rampage hard into a wall! Mastiff starts to drag Rampage up the stairs, but Rampage cuts him off with a headbutt and some European uppercuts. They brawl up onto the balcony and Mastiff slams Rampage’s head into a pillar. They fight over a suplex on the floor and Mastiff teases a suplex over the balcony! Rampage fights his way free and drags Mastiff away, slamming his head into the merch table. He peppers Mastiff with forearms, but Dave ducks and catches Rampage with a bodyslam on the merch table before heading to the bar to get a drink. Rampage retreats back to ringside and Dave follows, only to be caught with a boot to the gut. Double axehandle off the ring apron from Rampage who then catapults Mastiff into the ringpost. It doesn’t phase the big man much, however, who hits a huge uppercut before positioning Rampage against the ringpost. Mastiff goes for a chop, but Rampage ducks and Dave’s fingers slam hard against the metal! Rampage gets on the apron and stamps on Mastiff’s fingers.

The big man from the Black Country tries to fire back with a chop, but it does as much damage to him as it does Rampage. Back in the ring Mastiff charges into the corner, but gets caught with a big boot followed by a leaping shoulder-tackle off the second rope for a two-count. A big back-elbow from Mastiff, followed by a kneedrop to the chin earn just a one-count. He applies a rear-chinlock, but Dave fights back to his feet. Rampage floors him with a chop and goes for the flying shoulder tackle again, but Mastiff catches him out of mid-air with a huge powerslam! Brutal forearms from both men. Rampage hits the ropes, but Mastiff catches him with a dropkick to the midsection. He places the champion up top and hits a big running European uppercut, followed by a Finlay Roll and a goddamn huge senton for a near, near-fall. This match is so physical, unsurprisingly. Dave grabs a waistlock, but Rampage fights out and absolutely destroys Mastiff with a short-arm lariat, followed by a deadlift Samoan drop for a near-fall of his own! Damn, that was impressive. Rampage tries for the piledriver but can’t get Mastiff up. He hits the ropes, but Mastiff catches him again with the dropkick, sending him crashing into the corner. Mastiff sets up for the cannonball, but Rampage moves out of the way at the last second! He grabs Mastiff and hoists him up, hitting a disgusting piledriver for the three count! What a match, proper hard-hitting stuff that perfectly demonstrates why these two are at the top of the talent list in UK wrestling. Overall this was a very enjoyable show with good matches up and down the card, but the main event and Lazarus vs Ligero stand out amongst the pack and both are well worth going out of your way to see.

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