Throwback DVD Review: PWG Death To All Metal (25/5/12)

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Famous B vs B-Boy

With B-Boy having a 10 year experience over Famous B, B-Boy looked to teach Famous B a thing or two. The bell rings and we are under way, the two lock up. A very slow start to the match but things picked up mid-way through. B-Boy looked to ground Famous B as Famous B is known for his high flying in and outside the ring. Not really much to this match as it was just to the crowd warmed up, there were a few big spots though with B-Boy delivering a running death valley driver like move into the corner, and Famous B with a butterfly back-breaker off the ropes. B-Boy would a air raid crashes for the three count.

Ryan Taylor vs TJ Perkins

Again this was a match that had a slow start but picked up mid-way through. Being dubbed the youngest old timer in professional wrestling TJ was the crafty veteran in this one. They both lock-up nobody really gets the upper hand but the crowd appreciated the wrestling aspect of the start. Ryan Taylor did hit some heavy kicks and elbows before TJ would a 450 splash for the win. Nothing really here but overall a good little match.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship: ‘Mr Wrestling’ Kevin Steen vs Brian Cage

I found this to be a weird spot on the card especially since it is for the world title..

Steen starts out the match by making fun of a fan that is wearing a DX shirt and Steen does the DX chop implying him to suck it. Before there is a lock-up Steen walks over to Cage and counts his abs and he is amazed. With Cage being the most muscular man on the roster there was no way Steen was going to be able to shoulder tackle him. Now we all know that Steen isn’t the most muscular guy in the world but he sure can move for a big man there is no question about it. Kevin wastes no time playing to the crowd about how he can’t take him down. Kevin rolled to the outside of the ring and picked a homemade fan, Kevin would turn it over to having the word ‘ Olé’ printed on the front. Steen had a disgusted look on his face and then proceeded to eating the fan! While playing to the crowd Cage went on the attack but it was shortly lived after Steen got the upper hand. He would take him around the ring and again play to the crowd. Things get back into the ring with Cage lifting Steen from the apron and into the ring with a suplex. Steen would come away with the win and retain his title. After the match Kevin cut a post-match promo putting over Cage saying that he was one of hardest people he faced off against. This was a very good match only thing I have to say is I wish it was maybe the 6th match of the night not the 3rd.

No DQ for the PWG Tag Team Titles: Super Smash Bros vs The Young Bucks

Again this is another match that I felt like should be moved down the card as it was a championship match as well.

We start this one out with the Super Smash Bros taking it the bucks, Stupefied whipped Nick into the corner and rocking him with a left hand that sent Nick right into the second row. Player Uno dumped Matt to the outside and proceeded to body slam him onto a chair. The bucks would counter with chairs to both of the Super Smash Bros as Nick would drive Player Uno into the stage. Matt would send Stupefied onto the stage and then Uno would blindside the bucks hitting them with punches and chops. Then out of nowhere Stupefied would LEAP OFF THE STAGE CLEARING A TABLE and taking out both the bucks.

Things get sent back into the ring as the bucks take it to Player Uno, they both set him up for a conchairto before Stupefied would push him out of the way and duck it and do a pele kick into the chairs. The bucks set-up for a tombstone on the ring apron, Nick gives Player Uno a facebuster but Uno is quick back to his feet and hits Nick with the Falcon Punch! Stupefied reserves the hold and now has Matt in a tombstone position the Super Smash Bros do a tandem tombstone piledriver on the ring apron and the crowd is on fire!

The fans are chanting for a table and ask and you shall receive, Smash Bros set the table the up outside the ring but the bucks cut them off and send them back into the ring. Back and forth go punches between both teams, the bucks get the better and Uno is taken out and they set-up for more bang for your buck. Stupefied counters will pushing Matt into Nick causing him to fall onto the rope. Matt runs into a jumping knee from Stupefied and right behind Matt is Player Uno. Uno pushes Matt into Stupefied who sends Matt over the top rope with a huge belly to belly causing Matt to go through the table!

This point the fans are going crazy and I can’t blame them while I was watching this I went crazy as well. They roll Matt back into the ring for the pinfall before Nick pulls out Rick Knox and superkicks him! The bucks hit more bang before Justin Borden comes in and goes to count before he is pulled out by Rick Knox. Matt rolls out and grabs Knox Nick holds him as Matt sets up a superkick, Knox ducks and clothes lines Matt and the Super Smash Bros hit fatality and become the new PWG world tag-team champions!

‘Pretty’ Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas & Joey Ryan vs Candice LeRae & The RockNESS Monsters ( Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime)

We start out with Avalon doing sexual things to the mat as if were Candice. It was a very interesting match and an uneasy one as that. Peter would continue his sexual ways before the RockNESS Monsters jump in and give him a taste of his own medicine by basically molesting Peter in the middle of the ring and it was very weird to watch… This was basically a cool down match if you will after them championship matches that should have been lower on the card. there were a couple of fun spots but nothing over the top. RockNESS Monsters would hit a double footstomp/Ace Crusher to get the win.

Michael Elgin vs Willie Mack

In a losing effort the debuting Michael Elgin had something to prove as he faced off against Willie Mack in what was one of the best matches of the night. The two big men would go back and forth in the beginning before Elgin would get the upper hand by catching Mack in mid-air and power slamming him to the mat. The match would slow down just a touch as both men just beat the hell out of each other with punches and chops. Elgin would get Mack up for a vertical standing suplex showing off his strength as he held him there for quite some time before slamming him hard in the ring. Willie would fire up and make his comeback as he took it to Elgin with a few hard elbows followed up by a hard clothesline. It would continue to be a back and forth match before Willie Mack would plant Elgin on his head and pick up the 1,2,3

Main Event : Ricochet vs El Generico

This was going to be nothing short of a high flying match and sure enough enough it lived up to it. Bells sounds and we are ready to go, the match starts out with a bit of chain wrestling and of course the crowd are right behind every move. Both men fan favorites but Ricochet would get the upper hand as he overpowered Generico into the corner. Generico would answer back with a hard chop before taking a stiff kick right in the mouth from Ricochet.

As it continued it looked like anyone could score the pin, with Ricochet being in control for most of the time Generico seemed to be down and out. Never count out El Generico as he is known as the underdog most of the time, Generico would get Ricochet out of nowhere with a sick and I mean sick helluva kick. Now Generico was in control and back and forth we went, Generico took to the sky as he did a Tope Con Hilo over the top and landing right on Ricochet. So far it has been a really good match with all the high flying and what not, Ricochet would go for a shooting star press and Generico would get his knees up before placing Ricochet on the top rope and giving him another helluva kick followed by a top rope brainbuster for the win.

AFTERMATH: The fans gave a standing ovation for both men, Generico would walk up to Ricochet looking for a handshake but Ricochet took his time. Generico would proceed to slam him in the face with his elbow pads several time before both men shook hands and the night ended.

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