This Is OTT: Fan Appreciation Night (30/9/18) Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

On September 30th, OTT headed to the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin, for a ‘fan appreciation night’. Free beer and pizza, and a stacked wrestling card… You know it’s going to be a good night. Let’s get right into the action.

Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aidan Epic) vs Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor)

Kicking off the show is an unannounced bonus match, with Rough Stuff taking on Club Tropicana. Starting the match is CT taking on Sexsea. The two lock up and CT throws Sexsea down like a rag doll. CT traps Sexsea in the corner and slaps his face before stepping away, not a clean break. CT didn’t come to play games and have fun. The two lock up again and Aidan and Jose enter the ring and aid Sexsea in pushing CT into the corner. The two go back and forth and Sexsea covers but CT kicks out. CT hits a dropkick on Sexsea and covers but cannot put him away, Paul is then tagged in, who chops Sexsea before covering. Paul hoists him high but Sexsea escapes and tags in Aidan. Aidan then runs into two chops. Sexsea enters and Club Tropicana work together to beat down Paul. Sexsea covers but Paul kicks out at two. Paul hits a step up enziguri on Sexsea before tagging in CT. Rough Stuff work together to beat down Sexsea, but still can’t put him away.

Sexsea finally gets to his corner and tags in Aidan who hits to release suplexes on CT, and then hits a suplex on Paul. Rough Stuff are in opposing corners now, Aidan is getting fired up but then he collapses whilst clutching his left arm. He then jumps up and unloads on Rough Stuff, and hits an assisted stunner. He covers but cannot put them away. In comes Sexsea and the two attempt to work together but are cut off. CT spikes Sexsea on his head, and the two take down Aidan but he kicks out with a show of defiance. Who is this Aidan? I like him. Rough Stuff attempt to take down Aidan but in comes Sexsea who hits DDTs in stereo, and then Club Tropicana follow it up with a super sexy slip and slide. Aidan dives to the outside and takes out Paul, Sexsea covers CT and it would be a win but Tony Kelly pulls out Foxy. Jose Idle then beats down Kelly. CT rolls up Sexsea and the two go back and forth rolling through/rolling each other up until Sexsea picks up the win.

Analysis: This was a great match to start the show with. Equal parts comedy and aggression made for a fantastic opener. This new side of Aidan is great and I hope we see more of it in the future, this defiant side is fun to watch. Sexsea is funny and talented as always, I think he is extremely underrated as people tend to ignore his impressive offense. Rough Stuff are as mean as ever, and they always put on a great performance for the fans. Individually they are good, with impressive strikes and agility, together, they are beasts. Deadlifting their opponents is always enjoyable to watch, as they show of their strength. I’d love to see a rematch, but this time Club Tropicana with Jose Idle vs Rough Stuff with Tony Kelly.

Number One Contender Match: Scotty Davis vs Curtis Murray vs Michael May

The second match of the night, and we see a disbanded Legit 100 taking each other on. Instead of being team mates they are now opponents. Scotty Davis vs Curtis Murray vs Michael May is going to be one hell of a match.

Curtis throws his jacket at Scotty who retaliates by scaring him out of the ring, Michael gets in a hit too. The crowd erupts into chants of “anyone but Curtis”, clearly not a fan of his bullshit antics. Michael and Scotty shake hands showing their respect before locking up. The two quickly go back and forth with each other, as both look to take control. Curtis remains on the outside, like a predator waiting to strike. Scotty kicks Michael in the head but it has no effect, both then go to the ropes to keep Curtis on the outside. Scotty rolls up Michael but he kicks out. The two then exchange covers but cannot put each other away. Curtis enters and rakes the eyes of Michael before striking Scotty. Michael fires back and gets in a few strikes on Curtis, but Curtis again goes for the eyes. Curtis then attacks Scotty’s arm whilst driving Michael face first into the canvas. The crowd chants “you’re still shit”.

Michael chops Curtis but eats a boot, a forearm and an open palm strike for his troubles. Curtis sends him into the corner before delivering a brutal chop. Michael fights out but Curtis grounds him. Curtis then slaps Scotty. Scotty enters and hoists him up, but Curtis head-butt’s him, and then scoops him up and slams him down. Michael climbs the ropes but Curtis cuts him off. Scotty joins the two on the ropes and sends them crashing down into the canvas with a German suplex. They don’t call him the supreme suplex machine for nothing. With Michael and Curtis on their knees, Scotty unleaches kicks and chops, before kicking them both in the head, and then suplexes them both again. Scotty is incredible. Scotty then hits gator rolls on Curtis, who by this point is just a rag doll. Scotty avoids a forearm from Michael, as he suplexes Curtis. Scotty takes down Michael and covers, but Curtis breaks it up with a kick to the spine.

Curtis turns his attention to Scotty and attempts to Suplex him, but it doesn’t work. Curtis rolls up Scotty but cannot put him away. Curtis hits a Belfast destroyer on Scotty and looks to hit a cutter on Michael but he counters. Michael then hits a vertical suplex on Curtis, but cannot cover due to Curtis rolling to the outside. Michael takes flight and takes out both Scotty and Curtis who were fighting on the outside. Curtis is rolled back in and Michael is getting fired up. Michael climbs to the top and hits a dropkick on Curtis, before following up with a sit out powerbomb. Scotty breaks the cover. Michael hits a dragon suplex but Scotty lands on his feet. Scotty hits the supremacy. Curtis jumps from the top but Scotty catches him and locks in an armbar. Michael breaks it up and takes him down, and then Curtis steals the win.

Analysis: Wow all of these guys are so talented, what a match. This match was fuelled by animosity and neither man disappointed. Curtis was outnumbered as both Scotty and Michael wanted to get their hands on him, but managed to steal the win anyway. Michael is talented, and deals out some vicious chops. When Curtis gets on the ropes you can always expect some beautiful high flying. As for Scotty, his power is insane, and the fact that he suplexed both men at the same time, not once but twice, really shows off the strength that he has. I’d love to see a rematch with all three men, and next time, maybe nobody will need to steal a win. But at the end of the day, a win is a win. I can’t wait to see Terry Thatcher vs Curtis Murray.

OTT Tag Team Champions The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Dunkan Disorderly) vs Team Whitewolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo)

Tag team action now with Kings of the North taking on Team Whitewolf. The match starts with Bonesaw and A-Kid facing off. Bonesaw easily manhandles A-Kid to the ropes. A-Kid gets in a waist lock but Bonesaw easily counters. Bonesaw takes A-Kid down with a waist lock, and covers him but he kicks out. Bonesaw then dabs and flips A-Kid the bird. BIG STRONG DA DAB… It’s gif worthy. The two lock up and A-Kid takes down Bonesaw, but he counters, capturing A-Kids head with his feet. Bonesaw again overpowers him quickly, but eats a drop kick to the face. Bonesaw then tags in Dunkan who immediately locks up with A-Kid, but Carlos is tagged in. Carlos hits a leaping leg lariat, A-Kid is tagged back in, and Whitewolf work together to beat down Dunkan. A lateral press cover from A-Kid cannot put Dunkan away. A-Kid looks for a front face lock but Dunkan throws him up and he lands face first onto the canvas. Dabbing Dunkan now makes an appearance, the kings are dab masters, take that Whitewolf.

Bonesaw is tagged back in and gets chopped, but it has zero effect on him. Bonesaw’s chop on the other hand, sends A-Kid crashing to the canvas. Bonesaw follows it up by driving his knees into A-Kids throat. It’s brutal. Bonesaw drives the point of his elbow into the Skull of A-Kid before Dunkan tags himself in. The KOTN work together and beat down A-Kid. It’s turning into a mugging. Dunak chops down Kid like a tree. Bonesaw in back in and again the kings work together to further beat down A-Kid. A-Kid really needs to tag in Carlos. A-Kid tries to fire back but is abruptly chopped down again by Bonesaw. These chops are brutal, and the kings are even more aggressive than ever. A-Kid is tied up in the kings corner, but manages to battle out and roll up Bonesaw, but he can’t out him away. A-Kid hits an explosive dropkick on Bonesaw and now Carlos is in. Both kings are in the ring and Carlos unloads on both of them.

Carlos hits a high cross body but it’s not enough to win the match as Dunkan kicks out. A-Kid is tagged back in, and they beat down Dunkan but it’s still not enough. Dunkan counters, and catches Carlos as he attempts to make a cutter and the kings slam him down but somehow he manages to kick out. It was an ugly landing. The kings go back to beating down Carlos who fires off chops and forearms of his own. All four men are laying it all out on the line. All are on their knees just unloading on each other. The kings eat stereo superkicks, Whitewolf eat stereo big boots. Whitewolf lock in different submissions, but Bonesaw counters and tosses Carlos on top of A-Kid. A-Kid is then caught in the middle of the kings and is turned into out with chops and boots.

The kings turn their attention to Carlos, but he counters sending Bonesaw into the ropes knocking Dunkan down. Carlos then hits a cutter on Bonesaw, before meeting Dunkan on the ropes. Carlos jumps to the outside and takes out Bonesaw, A-Kid hits a Spanish fly on Dunkan from the top rope but it’s still not enough. A-Kid looks for a dropkick but Dunkan moves and he hits Carlos, sending him to the outside. In comes Bonesaw who hits a Celtic on A-Kid, and Dunkan follows up with a huge frog splash leading to the win.

Analysis: The kings have a bad attitude again, and are giving off major heel vibes. I’m not even mad about it. Heel kings, face kings, I don’t care I love the kings. Whitewolf are an exceptional tag team and work amazing well together, with the moves they do it’s clear to see they have trained and performed together for such a long time. They are an absolute joy to watch and I’m sure fans will agree. The Kings are a dominant tag team, whether as a three, as Dunkan & Bonesaw (in this match) or Corvin & Bonesaw. The kings never disappoint and always put on one hell of a match. Can they just stay champs for ever?

Luther Ward & Pa Ward vs Paul Tracey & Charlie Sterling

Fourth match of the night sees Luther Ward & Pa Ward taking on Paul Tracey and Charlie Sterling. The match starts with Luther facing off against Paul, but Paul quickly retreats and tags in Charlie before anyone gets a punch in. Charlie steals a beer and throws it over the fans… Disgusting behaviour wasting good beer. The crowd then begins chanting “Brexit”, oh no, the fans went there. Charlie is ready to square up now. The two men lock up and Charlie gets Luther down with a hip toss. Luther then hoists Charlie high and unceremoniously dumps him down, and follows it up with a brutal forearm. He then punches Charlie in the face, and he retreats to the outside. Luther looks to fly but Paul catches his ankle. Pa Ward takes matters into his own hands as he hits a slingshot to the outside, and takes Charlie down. Paul then enters the ring and hits him from behind.

Pa then takes down Paul and hits a dropkick. Charlie enters but is taken out, but Paul his a double axe handle to take down Pa. Pa takes out both men and covers Paul, but it’s not enough to put him away. Paul hits a dropkick and sends Pa crashing down. The fans erupt into boos for both Paul and Charlie. Charlie is back in and delivers vicious blows, before hitting a high back body drop but still cannot put Pa away. Paul is tagged back in, and he uses the five count to his advantage as he pushes Pa back into the ropes. He then hits a diving back elbow, vintage Paul Tracey. Paul is getting in the face of Luther, he eventually covers but he has taken too long and Pa kicks out. Pa really needs to tag in Luther. Charlie is tagged back in and unloads a series of blows. Pa tries to fight out of the corner, but Pa is dropped on his face. Paul is back in and calls for a brainbuster but Pa ducks it and hits a big boot on Charlie. He then drops Paul with a dropkick. He really needs to get across the ring to his corner. Come on lad! Pa finally tags in Luther, but Charlie is in now too. Luther unloads and takes Charlie down. A big knee to the jaw followed by a power bomb isn’t enough to end the match, as Paul breaks up the cover. Paul and Luther come face to face… Then unload on each other as they exchange blows.

Luther looks to fly again but Paul catches his leg. Charlie dives to the outside but takes out Paul… Ooops! Luther hits a huge superkick, and then both Wards take down Charlie. Paul intercepts again to prevent a three count. Paul is sent to the outside and Luther dives and takes him out. Paul and Luther brawl on the outside, as Paul climbs to the top rope. Charlie sends ref Niall Fox into the ropes causing Pa to fall. Charlie then unleashes a sickening chop to the chest of Pa. Pa eventually fights him off and takes flight, but Sterling catches him and slams him down, before spiking him on his head. Pa kicks out and Charlie can’t believe it. Pa rolls him up but Charlie kicks out. Pa hits a superkick, as Paul and Luther continue to brawl on the outside. Pa plants Charlie on his face and follows it up with two superkicks. He looks for a third but Charlie rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes and steals the win.

Analysis: It’s fantastic seeing the Wards back together and are looking better than ever. Pa never missed a beat during this match. Luther is an absolute beast, and it’s always great seeing him in an OTT ring. Hopefully we get to see the Wards together more often. Paul Tracey and Charlie Sterling play the ‘bad guy’ role extremely well, and whether you love them or hate them you can’t deny they are extremely talented.

The Lads From The Flats (Paddy Morrow & Workie)  & Martina vs The Gymnasties (Justy, Sammy D & Liam Royal)

The match starts with Martina flirting with Liam, and grinding on him. She eats a forearm to the back. It all immediately breaks down with all six competitors beating each other up. The Gymnasties are sent to the outside and Martina dives and takes everyone out. Sammy D is rolled back in and Workie scoops him up and dumps him down. Paddy heads to the top ropes and dives and head-butt’s Sammy D in his crown jewels, it is repeated with Justy. The lads then flip Sammy on top of Justy. Martina heads to the top and head-butt’s both men. Martina then targets Sammy’s wrist, before Paddy is tagged in. Paddy takes down Sammy and covers, but he kicks out at two. A swift slap to the face rocks Sammy, but not for long, as a kick from Liam on the outside allows Sammy to hoist up Paddy and dump him down. He covers but Paddy kicks out. In comes Justy and the fans erupt into chants of “no one missed you”. Liam is tagged in and he throws Paddy across the ring.

He has insane power and is treating Paddy like he weights nothing. An assisted cannonball sends Justy into the corner, Liam covers Paddy but cannot put him away. Sammy is tagged in, and Workie distracts the ref which allows Justy to put the boot into Paddy. Sammy dumps Paddy down again but still cannot put him away. Paddy is sent into the nasties corner as Justy is tagged in. Paddy rolls up Justy but he kicks out, a huge clothesline from Justy floors Paddy, and Liam hits a huge elbow drop. Sammy is back in and drives Paddy into the corner and then whips him into the other. Sammy takes off but eats a boot for his trouble. Paddy fights out of the corner and jumps but is caught by Liam. Liam hoists him high… did I mention he is strong? Then he just allows him to fall face first into the canvas. Sammy looks to capitalise but Paddy fights him off, and unloads on him. Paddy then hits a stunner on Sammy. Both men are down. Paddy needs to make it to his corner.

Paddy finally tags in Workie and Sammy tags in Justy. Workie takes it to Justy and hits a high back body drop, Liam looks to enter the ring but Workie kicks the ropes into his nether regions, causing him to rethink his decision. Workie hits ‘sky high’ and covers, but Justy stays alive. Martina is tagged in. Paddy heads to the top rope, Sammy superkicks Workie, and then Paddy takes out his own man. Martina takes flight and hits a diving hurricanrana from the top rope onto Justy. Martina ducks a clothesline and hits the sesh breaker and covers Justy. Sammy breaks up the pin and Martina hits a satellite DDT and follows up with a stalling vertical suplex. Liam enters and a big boot nearly takes Martina’s head off, he then rag dolls her down, before dragging Justy over for the cover, and then that’s all she wrote.

After the match a video montage of Logan Bryce plays, and then the lights go out and a box appears. Justy opens it and it appears to be Logan’s head, then a bloodied pair of Angel Cruzers enter the ring and the nasties scatter. Shots are fired ahead of the Cruzers vs the Nasties.

Analysis: Another incredible match. This is the first time I’ve seen Liam Royal, and wow, he’s a hard hitter. Sammy D is still a snake and Justy is still a bit of a douche, but they portray the heel characters incredibly well. Despite the heel side, they are talented and if don’t agree, then you’re wrong. The win for the Gymnasties was a huge upset though. It’s great seeing the Lads back in action, the bants have seriously been missed. Hopefully we get them in action more often. I have insane love for Martina, and she has really upped her game. People can no longer call her ‘just a gimmick’, because, she continuously proves that she is far more than that. Let’s get a rematch soon yeah?

Katey Harvey vs Raven Creed (The winner recievs a spot in the 5-way Gender Neutral match)

Next up we’ve got women’s action with Katey Harvey taking on Raven Creed, for a spot in the 5 way battle for the Gender Neutral Championship.

The match starts with the two females locking up, as both look to take control of the match. Raven forces Katey into the corner, but she fights out and gets in a waistlock, before taking her down. Raven fights out and gets in a wristlock, but Katey counters and covers, yet it’s not enough. A vicious slap from Raven rocks Katey but not for long, as Katey unloads on Raven. Katey hits a high cross body from the second rope, but Raven powers out of the cover. Raven grabs a fist full of hair and slams Katey down before stomping onto her chest. She follows it up with an elbow drop and covers, but Katey kicks out. Raven then holds Katey down by her throat, but the five count breaks it. Raven then traps Katey on the ropes and grounds her down for the five count. She then sends Katey into the corner and looks to hit her, but Katey counters and rolls her up. Raven hits a fisherman’s suplex and bridges into the cover, and it takes all that Katey has to kick out. Raven then stands on Katey’s feet and lifts her up, before knocking her back down with a brutal head-butt. Katey gets back to her feet and runs Raven into the corner.

Katey then hits a brutal forearm and looks to boot Raven in the face but Raven gets out of the way, this causes Katey to get her foot stuck on the ropes and Raven kicks her other leg out from underneath her. Raven takes control of the match as she beats down Katey, but she cannot put Katey away. Katey fights back but eats a suplex. Katey then runs into Raven and head-butt’s her, both women are down. As Raven gets caught in the ropes, she kicks Raven out of the ring. Katey climbs the ropes but Raven catches her and Katey is stuck and Raven just rains down chops on her. Katey sits up and Raven hits the apron, which allows Katey to get a chop in of her own. Katey then eats a big boot for her troubles, and it’s brutal. Both women are now on their knees in the centre of the ring and they just unload on each other. Raven catches Katey’s hand and bites it, before hitting a running knee. It’s still not enough though.

Katey battles out and slams Raven down face first, but Raven kicks out at two. Katey has put away so many opponents with that move, but it’s not enough. It looks like Katey is going for a gory bomb, but Raven drives her back first into the ropes before rolling her up for the three count.

Analysis: Raven Creed has earned herself a spot in the 5 way battle for the Gender Neutral Championship, and I’m excited to see her go toe-to-toe with four men. She can hold her own, she has a lot of power and her chops are vicious. I’d go out on a limb and say she is one of the best female strikers in the UK & Ireland. Katey Harvey isn’t called the feminist iconic for nothing, she too is extremely powerful and can hold her own in any match. It’s always fantastic watching both these two women compete, whether it’s together or facing other opponents. I can’t wait to see more matches with these two women facing off.

Meiko Satomura & The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney)

More tag team action with Meiko Satomura teaming up with The Rscalz (Zachary Wents and Dezmond Xavier) taking on More Than Hype (Gender Neutral Champion LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney). The match starts with Zachary taking on Nathan. The crowd chants that Zachary is “just a shit Nathan Martin” it’s a great welcome for Zachary. Nathan then takes down Zachary with a single leg, but Zachary counters. The two then go back and forth, looking to get the upper hand. Nathan has a wristlock locked in, but Zachary counters. The two lock up again this time its Zachary with a wristlock locked in. Nathan counters and grabs Zachary’s head. Nathan kicks the leg out from Zachary and rolls him up but cannot pick up the win, a dropkick then sends Zachary to the outside. He is slow to roll back in but when he does, the two lock up again. Dezmond then tags himself in. Dezmond sweeps the leg and covers Nathan, but he kicks out. Dezmond stops Nathan is his tracks and then kicks his head off. Darren is then tagged in.

Darren rolls him up but it’s too early in the match to put anyone away. Dezmond eats a knee to the gut and then Darren stomps on his neck. Zachary is back in and nearly kicks Darren’s head off before hitting a standing moonsault, but it’s not enough. Meiko is tagged in and the crowd erupts in cheers. Darren wants nothing to do with her. He isn’t ready for Meiko. LJ wants in and he gets it. Meiko catches his arm and unloads kicks to his chest before taking him down and driving her knees into his gut. A cover cannot put him away though. Dezmond is back in and hits a huge uppercut, as does Zachary and Meiko unloads with a forearm. The Rascalz word together to beat down LJ.

LJ attempts to fight back but eats a clubbing forearm and an axe kick. LJ avoids a knee strike and knocks him down. All members of MTH are in and work together to punish Zachary, with some unique offense. Nathan kicks Zachary, and Zachary kicks out at one. A snap mare and a kick to the back of Zachary’s neck has zero effect and Zachary tells Nathan to sit the fuck down. Out comes Psycho Nathan who unleashes on Zachary. LJ is tagged back in and he takes Zachary down but cannot put him away. Nathan is back in but Zachary connects with a knee after doing a handspring. Both men are down. Meiko and LJ are tagged in. Meiko unloads on LJ. Meiko takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Meiko then takes it to all members of MTH. The Rascalz are in and take it to MTH, but Zachary is taken out and MTH beat down Dezmond who manages to kick out just before three. LJ climbs the ropes and the MTH megazord is formed. But not for long as Zachary hits a cutter on LJ. The crowd chants “HOLY SHIT” and rightly so. Meiko, Zachary and Dezmond climb the ropes and splash onto MTH, and all three members manage to kick out.

MTH are putting on one hell of a performance. Dezmond kicks the back of LJ’s head twice but Nathan breaks up the cover and hits a brainbuster. Zachary dives with a springboard but cannot end the match, Darren hits a powerbomb and now everything is moving so fast I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore, but everyone is down. Meiko covers LJ who kicks out. Meiko knocks Darren out of the ring and then kicks LJ and Nathan. The Rascalz team up on Nathan then Meiko hits a step up axe kick. The pin is broken up, it’s so hard to keep track of the action. You really need to see this match on demand. A triple superkick takes Dezmond down and all three take it to Dezmond before picking up the win. The biggest win of their career so far.

After the match the Kings of the North (Bonesaw, Corvin & Dunkan) rush the ring and take out MTH. This is a brutal mugging, it’s hard to watch but I can’t look away. Asshole kings have arrived and made themselves known. These kids don’t know what’s hit them. You never want to go against three huge, mean and angry kings… people will die. Corvin grabs cable ties and Nathan tries to beat down all the kings but it’s no use. Bonesaw slams Nathan’s knee down onto the ring apron and against the ring post, Corvin then ties up Darren. This really is horrific. They are sending a clear message to MTH! LJ is also tied, and Bonesaw continues to hurt Nathan’s knee and then Corvin and Dunkan continuously kick the knee. Nathan is hurt. This is a Belfast beat down and the crowd are booing the kings… fake fans were cheering them when they destroyed Gibson and Sterling. Fans are fickle as fuck. I’ve always got mad love for the kings, but damn they were angry, must have missed a meal.

Analysis: It’s no secret that Meiko is a phenomenal competitor and it was clear to see in this match. She better come back soon, because, OTT needs more Meiko. The Rascalz are a fantastic tag team and work to effortlessly together, and their agility is insane. MTH are also a fantastic tag team and this was a huge win for them, they deserve more credit than they currently get. As for the kings, this was great with them coming out at the end and destroying MTH, as it adds a lot of hype to their upcoming match, which I am looking forward too. Seriously, just purchase this show purely for this match because it was exceptional.

Jordan Devlin & Sean Maxer Guinness vs CIMA & T-Hawk

Final match of the night see’s Jordan Devlin & Sean Guinness taking on CIMA & T-Hawk. The match starts with Jordan facing CIMA. The two lock up and Jordan is forced into the ropes, before the two then exchange lock up, exceptionally quickly. Both men are looking to get the upper hand, and these quick exchanges shows that both men are very talented. CIMA takes down Jordan and rolls him up, but Jordan kicks out. The two lock up again and Jordan locks in a wristlock, but the two quickly exchange locks up again. Jordan rolls CIMA up but he kicks out at two. This match is already fast paced. T-Hawk is then tagged in as is Sean. Sean immediately takes out the legs of T-Hawk and gets him in a headlock. He then chops him and T-Hawk returns with a chop of his own. I don’t know how but the pace just got a lot faster. Sean is in the wrong corner and CIMA and T-hawk beat him down, before T-Hawk chops him down repeatedly. It looks like Sean just lost a tooth.

T-Hawk then spikes Sean on his head, and Jordan breaks up the pin. T-Hawk is unloading now. Jordan is in and both men take it to T-Hawk. Jordan takes it to T-Hawk but CIMA breaks up the cover. Jordan sends T-Hawk face first into Sean’s boots before Sean is tagged in, again both Sean and Jordan take T-Hawk down. Sean elbows T-Hawk in the back of the neck before kicking him in the face. A hard forearm to the jaw rocks T-Hawk, but it isn’t enough to finish the match. Jordan is tagged back in and yet again they team up on T-Hawk. Jordan covers but T-Hawk kicks out at two. Jordan and T-Hawk then exchange blows, and Jordan’s chest is being lit up like a damn Christmas tree. Sean tries to help but is taken down. Jordan is sent to the outside, and CIMA is tagged in, and the two stomp through Sean. CIMA hits a somersault senton, but it’s not enough to end the match and then CIMA ties up Jordan but Sean manages to break the hold before being taken out. T-Hawk is back in and looks to hoist Jordan up but Jordan fights out, but he cannot avoid the elbows or chop that sends him flying into the corner.

Sean is tagged in and is taken down before CIMA is back in and drives the boot in, repeatedly. CIMA then drives his knees into the chest of Sean, before taunting him. CIMA then stretches out Sean and continues to taunt him by moving him closer to Jordan and playing games with making a tag. Jordan looks pissed. T-Hawk then gauges the eyes of Sean. Niall Fox needs to take control. Jordan enters but is caught and taken down. T-Hawk is back in and further beats down Sean. A huge chop sends a sickening echo around the room. Sean is then sent face first into the other corner and receives another sickening chop. CIMA is back in and he slaps Sean’s buttocks before driving the boot in. Jordan is really pissed now. T-Hawk is tagged back in and both men further punish Sean.

Sean fights off CIMA and takes down T-Hawk and finally manages to tag in Jordan. T-Hawk is also in. Jordan knocks down CIMA, and then takes out T-Hawk. CIMA enters but Jordan hits the boots of Bray, and then dives to the outside and takes it to CIMA. He then hits a slingshot cutter on T-Hawk for the two count. Sean is tagged in, and Sean and Jordan look to take him down but CIMA enters and kicks off Jordan’s head, and avoids Sean’s boot and puts in two of his own. Jordan and Sean are further punished and it’s brutal. Jordan and Sean then kick CIMA’s head off before both hitting dropkicks. T-Hawk takes out both men and ties up Jordan and CIMA ties up Sean. Devlin fights out and breaks the hold on Sean too. Jordan is sent out and a prone Sean is left to face CIMA and T-Hawk and he can only avoid them for so long. They destroy Sean and it would be a three count, but Devlin makes the save. HOLY SHIT! I’m surprised fight forever chants haven’t broken out. Jordan is then left to face both men and avoids a chop and manages to take down both men. Jordan hits a standing Spanish fly but cannot pick up the win. Sean dives to the outside taking out CIMA, this is carnage. The win comes when Sean and Jordan hit an assisted package piledriver.

Analysis: Another fantastic match, and the perfect way to end the show.  Insane and incredible, this match has to be seen to be believed. Flawless on all parts, seriously all these guys are just WOW. This was such a great way to end the night, and the fans were treated to a spectacular match with incredibly talented guys. I’ll be honest I’m not too familiar with either CIMA or T-Hawk, but I really need to see more of them. I’m familiar with Jordan and Sean and they just continuously impress. Neither man put a foot wrong in this match, and it really could have gone either way.

Yet another phenomenal booking by OTT, seriously they just cannot put on a bad show. I know I keep saying this, but I’ll keep saying it until I’m proven wrong. If you aren’t subscribed to OTT then why the hell not? You are seriously missing out, so stop reading this now and go and watch this show… and all the others.

Watch it HERE