The Very Best Of Flash Morgan Webster Vol. 1 DVD Review

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At PROGRESS Chapter 29 on the 24th of April, ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster faced off against Zack Sabre Jr. in what was probably the most important match of his career to date, a qualification match for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Whether he succeeded or not, the eyes of the wrestling world were on him, so he had to give it his all; he gave not just his prodigious talent, but his body too, leaving the match with severe shoulder and ankle injuries. Webster, The Modfather of Professional Wrestling, is not one to sit on his laurels, though, and neither is he backward at being forward, so he has put this DVD together for our enjoyment whilst he’s ‘on the shelf.’

The DVD itself is composed of six matches at around two hours in running time, so it stacks up well against most Indy wrestling show or compilation DVDs. A quick look at the contents will soon tell you that these matches not only cover Flash’s incredible rise in British Wrestling, but also his breadth of work across promotions against some of the top names in each. Complements must also be given for the excellent cover design and photography too: it captures Flash Morgan Webster’s style perfectly, and looks good on your DVD shelf. It can spoil a good independent product if the packaging looks awkward or amateur, but this is superb.

The DVD opens with a beautifully edited Highlight-reel music video of Webster hitting jaw-dropping moves. Whether he’s being adorably cheeky or aggravatingly vicious outside of the ring, Flash is the soul of agility and timing inside of it.

vs. Zack Gibson, Natural Progression Series Final – PROGRESS Ch. 17

The Natural Progression Series has done it’s job well for PROGRESS, highlighting the best of young British wrestlers, with Flash being one of the major beneficiaries. This is arguably the match that bought Webster to the attention of many fans, valiantly taking on ‘Liverpool’s Number One’ Zack Gibson, a larger opponent. It’s not surprising then that Flash had to fight on the counter a lot in this match, but showed that skill and athleticism can overcome brute force to join Mark Andrews (and subsequently Pastor William Eaver) as an NPS winner. This kicked off fierce rivalry with the Origin too (q.v. Chapters 23 & 24.)

vs. Dave Mercy, Loser Leaves Chaos – Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘All or Nothing’

From the beginnings of one argument, to the ending of another, as we see the climax to Chaos’ epic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ feud. After Flash had turned on the fans and his friend, West-country Wrestling Legend Dave Mercy, both had to battle for their careers in this decisive and impactful match. Whilst it ranged from street-fight to the technical and intricate, it is best described as punishing as neither would quit. Finally, the Modfather forced Mercy’s hand, and retirement, whilst ‘Latvia’s Greatest Wrestling Import’ himself would continue to torment Chaos.

vs. Tommy End, SWE ‘Day of Reckoning 6’

Flash has faced off against a lot of top Indy names in the past year or more, such as Marty Scurll, Mark Haskins, Zack Sabre Jr, Will Ospreay, AAA’s Angelico, and Tomasso Ciampa. It is his bout with the impressive Dutchman Tommy End, one half of the Sumerian Death Squad, that makes this compilation. With the technique, power and passion on show here it is no surprise, despite Flash failing to gain victory.

vs. The Wild Boar, Elder Stein Final – ATTACK! Pro ‘Under the MistleTour – Tag 1’

The first of two matches from the wonderfully idiosyncratic ‘ATTACK! Pro’ on this DVD is another all-out battle, this time with the gritty, intense, compact powerhouse that is the Wild Boar. While they met their match in the technical stakes, Flash took his high-flying expertise to Boar (including an insane series of ring-side dives) in an attempt to capture the Elder Stein Trophy. Boar’s explosive power won the day, but not before Webster had tested him to the limit.

vs. Pete Dunne (c), British Cruiserweight Title rematch, Revolution Pro ‘High Stakes 2016’

Less than a fortnight after they’d met in the tournament final for the vacant Cruiserweight Title, Flash took on the ‘Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne in a rematch that was a textbook example of this remarkable wrestling style. Fast-paced, technical and high-flying, this excites as much on DVD as it obviously did the huge York Hall crowd. Dunne retains, but it’s a close-run thing.

vs. Mike Bird, ATTACK! Pro ‘How Do You Learn to Fall off a 20ft Ladder?’

We’re back for out second ATTACK! Pro match, and this time the good people of Cardiff are treated to a classic that wouldn’t look out of place at a New Japan tournament. In my opinion ‘The Ginger Jesus of Pro Wrestling’ Mike Bird is an under-appreciated talent, but he demonstrates his versatile and wily abilities here to take Webster to the edge. Flash deploys his own ostentatious offence in style though, to get one over on his fellow Welshman.


Flash Morgan Webster held his ego in check to bring us this little gem of a DVD compilation; with as many losses as wins, this was about the substance, style and, above all, entertainment value of each of these matches. Each one has been a delight to watch, not just because of the skill and potential of Webster, but of his opponents too.

The DVD closes as it opened, with a beautifully edited Highlight-reel music video of Webster hitting jaw-dropping moves. As I said before, whether he’s being adorably cheeky or aggravatingly vicious outside of the ring, Flash is the soul of agility and timing inside of it.

£10 + p&p.
Pre-order details will be announced via Flash Morgan Webster’s social media at 7.30pm 17/8/16.

twitter: @Flash_Morgan

Pre-order offer of a Portrait of a Wrestler (@POA_wrestler) ‘Clockwork Orange’ print, which, if it is the same as the Limited Edition Boxed one, is gorgeous.

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