The Alternative View – ICW Hydro

Added by Dylan Shah

This was my 2nd visit to the Hydro with my first one being in 2016. Having followed ICW for a few years the reboot of the product in the last 14 months got me to head to Glasgow having enjoyed some of the recent developments of the product and the rise of Jackie Polo to the main event scene.

The show started with an promo from Mark Dallas who had Chris Toal and Scott Reid and a few others part of his crew. Chris Toal interrupted Dallas and told him that everyone backstage and the fans turning up and buying their tickets helped build ICW. Dallas got angry at Toal and ejected him from the building alongside Scott Reid.

The first match of the evening was an No.1 Contenders TLC Match with the winners getting to cash in anytime at the ICW Tag Team Champions. The teams involved were The P.O.D. (Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith) w/The Wee Man The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan), The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James), The Briscoe Brothers (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe), The Fite Network (Krieger & Lou King Sharp) and Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc w/Vicky Haskins. I enjoyed Vicky Haskins being far more involved than her run in PROGRESS and she showed some guts to stand up to the Wee Man. This match had some great spots with the tables breaking and chairs being destroyed and the weak looking ladder breaking. This was an fantastic opener and P.O.D. WON this to become number one contenders to the ICW Tag Team Championships.

The 2nd match of the evening saw Arron Echo take on Kenny Williams who had been critical of Echo’s approach to wrestling and had described as a joke in recent interactions. This was a mix of high flying and ground wrestling and was very enjoyable. Arron pinned William’s. It be interesting where Williams goes from here who has been mainly seen on ICW and NXTUK brand.

After the match an backstage segment aired with Kid Fite locking Liam Thomson and stealing his Sink. Segment ends with Liam being locked inside.

3rd match saw Mikey Whiplash vs Joe Hendry who was with Leyton Buzzard and Mark Dallas. Dallas refused to have Whiplash have an entrance so was forced to enter the ring with no entrance. Hendry and Whiplash had an solid match. Hendry was wrestling an Olympian style with him using submissions to wear down Whiplash. Hendry wins via submission following in continued interference by Dallas and Leyton.

After the match Joe Hendry, Mark Dallas, Leyton Buzzard and Kez Evans attacked Mikey. Kieran Kelly and Aivil tried to help Whiplash. Andy Wild made the save. Ravie Davie entered and attacked Wild. Ravie has now aligned himself with Dallas.

4th match in the battle of the Coffey’s as Mark Coffey was defending the Zero G Championship against Joe Coffey. This was brilliant and was an old fashioned battle. Joe Coffey picks up the win and title by pinfall. Joe and Mark both got up slowly to show the audience how much the battle took out of them and they hugged at the end as an show of respect.

5th match was one of the headlining matches as Wolfgang BT Gunn and the returning Noam Dar who got an huge reaction on his return. They faced the team who wanted to save Scottish wrestling British Strong Style. At the start of the match we got Trent doing his Vince Strut and Bate doing the Shane O Mac dance. Pete was just as serious as usual. The crowd were really into this matches with chants such as Scotland and chants for all 3 members of the ICW Team. This felt like an British Strong Style goodbye match with Trent Bate and Pete getting in all their moves. I loved this and was one of highlights of the night. BT Gunn pinned Trent and in the end British Strong Style did an 2 sweet with each other in the middle of the ring.

6th match it was time for Kay Lee Ray and Viper to steal the show in the Queen of Insanity Match for Woman’s World Title. This was one of the most brutal death matches I have witnessed with my own eyes any gender. They did some crazy spots involving barb wire tables chairs and an bin full of thumbtacs. This is an must watch match as it showed just how insane ICW can be. Kay Le Ray picked up the win and title. Following the match Stevie Boy came out to celebrate and Viper and Kay Le Ray embraced felt like an special moment.
Liam Thomson escaped and tracked down Kid Fite and beat him on the stage to win the Sink. Yes an sink. This was a good distraction while ring crew cleaned the ring from the hard-core match.

7th match we had ICW Tag Team Championship match Kinky Party (Sha Samuels Jack Jester) vs Alpha Evil Lestryn Rees and Bram. This was entertaining but felt a bit long and Kinky Party retained just about as they were taken to their limits.

Following the match we had an cash in as P.O.D. beat down kinky party and captured the titles. Crowd popped for title change.

8th match Grado Vs James Storm with Jeff Jarrett as guest ref. Grado got the biggest pop as his music hit and was so over. Grado in ICW fits like a glove and he put on an good display. Jarrett was knocked out of ring so an ICW ref came out but was pulled out as Jarrett said he is the ref and sent the official to the back. Jarrett teased siding with Grado then following an mistake by Grado sided with Storm. Grado took an guitar shot and storm won by pinfall.

9th Main Event time as Jackie Polo faced Lionheart Title vs Lionheart Career in ICW. This was an slow build and I enjoyed this. The crowd were into this and had some great moments. Polo came close to retaining and this prompted Lionheart to really take this match to the another level. Lionheart got the win and won his first ICW World Title.

The event was great it was interesting to see an smaller crowd and looked like 2000 were here. No official figure was confirmed. Top and middle were taped off. ICW will be doing Square Go in an smaller place near the Hydro and if successful they might decide to stage next year’s big event there or elsewhere with an 2000-4000 Capacity.
I enjoyed the event end and was one of my enjoyable shows of the year.