Thank You Devitt

Added by Joe Davies

So there it is, Prince Devitt is now signed by the WWE. In my opinion WWE now have the best wrestler in the world and I can only see multiple championships in Devitt’s future, providing WWE don’t fuck it up and give him a shit gimmick etc.

I have been fortunate enough to see Devitt wrestle five times. For Rev-Pro three times and for PROGRESS twice.

At Rev-Pro I saw Devitt vs Jushin Thunder Liger, Devitt vs Ricochet and Devitt vs Adam Cole. At Progress, I saw Devitt vs Zack Sabre JR and Devitt vs Jimmy Havoc (cunt). Now I would like to speak about them each individually.

Devitt vs Liger was my first match of Devitt’s that I saw and it blew me away. It was a technical master class. As soon as the match finished I looked to my friend and said, he is going to be a star.

Devitt vs Ricochet is still for me the greatest match I have ever seen live. The combination of technical, high flying and amazing spots provided a match that has stuck with me since the day I saw it. Ricochet for me is (now Devitt has gone) the best wrestler on the indy’s so them two locking up was a dream match for me.

Devitt vs Adam Cole was another match that is up there for one of the best matches I have ever seen. The Bane entrance was absolutely sensational and the match to follow was an absolute classic. To follow the match after the Revolutionists came to attack Devitt, Bad Luck Fale made the save along with Kevin Steen and we had an amazing Bullet Club moment with Devitt on Fale’s shoulders.

Now to Devitt’s PROGRESS matches, the match at Chapter 13 vs Zack Sabre Jr was fantastic. The Joker entrance was and still is the greatest entrance I have ever seen, and the fact he played the joker character during the match was ridiculously good, combined with the PROGRESS red hot crowd, it was a match to remember.

Now to my favourite memory of Devitt – at the PROGRESS World Cup when as a surprise Devitt’s music hit, I have never heard a pop like it in my life. I have never popped so much in my life. Me and my friend said before the show there was no way the person facing Havoc would be Devitt, and how wrong we was! Thank god we was wrong because that pop will stay with me forever, every time I watch that entrance I get goose bumps thinking about the pop. He also made Jimmy Havoc bleed which I am sure every PROGRESS fan will agree, is brilliant.

That match with Havoc turned out to be Prince Devitt’s final match on the indies and I am absolutely honoured that I was there to witness it.

Thank you Devitt for the memories on the Indy circuit, and good luck in the WWE, you deserve it.

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