Target Wrestling (11/9/15) The Venue, Carlisle

Added by Michael Cook

This is my first experience of a UK wrestling show in 22 years. I have become a fan of ICW, Progress Wrestling and now, through word of mouth at work, Target Wrestling. A local promotion in Carlisle, Cumbria.

First match was Medallion and Shady Nattrass Vs Havok and Karnage. This was a really entertaining match and a good introduction to me of this masked wrestler called Medallion who carries a medallion. Going by the crowd reaction Medallion is a huge fan favourite and this match made me a fan straight away. Medallion and Nattrass won with what I call a doomsday RKO. Medallion has opponent on his shoulders and Nattrass hits an RKO from the top rope. I loved the finishing move and to me was very original.

I got my phone out to tweet about the move I just witnessed and then all of a sudden there was a loud thud of the ring and I looked up and Nattrass had knocked down Medallion and started punching and kicking him. Nattrass then got a heavy looking steel chair and hit Medallion in the back. Nattrass got on the microphone and blamed us for what just happened as we have disrespected him when he lost to Roderick Strong in the last show. Nattrass then picked up the chair again and gave Medallion a vicious chair shot to the head that I loved (yeah I love a villain).

James Scott defeated Liam Lazurus in an entertaining match.

Next up was the match before the break and it was Mark Coffey and The Hurricane vs Bubblegum and T-Bone.

This was a fun match and The Hurricane didn’t hide the fact that he doesn’t have the physique Bubblegum has anymore and shouted “What’s up with that?”

Hurricane sent Bubblegum into the corner shoulder first and the T-Bone was thrown chest first into the corner so T-Bone and Bubblegum were in the doggy style position. Hurricane would then smack T-Bones arse making him bump into Bubblegum back and forth (ya get the picture). I’m glad I wasn’t a parent in the crowd to explain why people were reacting to this.

Hurricane and Mark Coffey won with a double choke slam.

During the break it was announced that The Hurricane will be in the ring for fans to come in and get a photograph taken with him. Obviously I got up and joined the line. I was really nervous thinking I was going to trip or do a Kevin Heart and go over the bottom rope. However when it was my tune I went over middle rope like a pro if I do say so myself. Hurricane liked my Macho Man WWE hall of fame shirt.

After the break we had a six man tag match featuring The NAK Wolfgang, BT Gunn and Stevie Boy vs the New Nation Alexander Henry, Jason Prime and Rampage Brown. I have always wanted to see a wrestling match that goes into the crowd and all over the building and this was exactly what I wanted. They all ended up outside of the ring and Alexander Henry was fighting in the bar when he came out wobbly legged and with a ice bucket on his head. He fell right next to me and I could help but shout at him “You’ve dropped your bucket!” Recovering from the beating he was getting, he looked up at me and told be to shut up! My dreams have been fulfilled on this show. Then they ended up fighting at the merchandise stand and someone shouted TLC that had a great reaction from the staff selling merch pleading for the fans to be quiet. They ended up in the cloak room but the NAK came out with a box of coat hangers and threw it at the new nation.

Fight then came back to the ringside area and Wolfgang and Stevie Boy managed to get on the stage and Wolfgang picked up Stevie Boy and launched him onto the New Nation.

NAK won the match in the end by pinning Alexander Henry.

After the match Jason Prime and Rampage Brown attacked Henry blaming him for the loss. This brought out Johnny Khaos and made the save for Henry. This was a crazy match.

Wild Bill defeated Martin Kirby in a fun match.

Main Event was for the Target Wrestling heavyweight championship. Champion Joe Coffey was scheduled to defend his title against Kris Travis but Travis was unable to make it. Therefore a replacement had been picked. Before it was announced who it was Shady Nattrass came out with a contract and he said he hasn’t had his rematch and he was never even pinned for it. Medallion came back and it was announced that it would be a triple threat match. Fans were solidly behind Medallion as people thought he deserved the title shot on last show but he was booked against The Monster Abyss.

Ok match for a triple threat and it ended with Medallion pinning Nattrass to become the new heavyweight champion. Joe Coffey wasn’t happy obviously and had words with Medallion. I’m assuming he was challenging hi for a rematch.

Really enjoyed my first experience of British wrestling and I have already purchased my ticket for the next show in Carlisle on 16th October featuring The UK Hooligans and Saraya Knight.

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