Srapper Mania IV (12/5/18) Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT was back in the National Stadium on May 12th for Scrappermania 4. A huge show with a stacked card, and lots of talent. This is going to be epic!

Know Your Enemy Match – [Winners Face Each Other In A Golden Contract Match]: Scotty Davis, Tyler Bate & Mark Haskins vs LJ Cleary, David Starr & Shane Strickland

Starting off the stacked show we have Scotty Davis, Tyler Bate & Mark Haskins taking on LC Cleary, David Starr and Shane Strickland. The match starts off with Scotty facing off against LJ. Scotty quickly grounds LJ and keeps him down on the canvas. LJ fights out but Scotty quickly locks on a wrist lock, before taking LJ down with a series of gator rolls. David is on the apron yelling at LJ to get out of the ring, and then LJ takes Scotty down with a drop kick. LJ extends his hand for a handshake, Scotty reaches but ‘BLEH’ no handshake from LJ. Scotty isn’t impressed and boots him in the leg and LJ quickly retreats to his corner and tags in Shane. Scotty then tags in Tyler. As it appears Shane and Tyler will now face off, LJ hits Shane’s back and tags himself back in.

BOP & BANG come out to play and LJ is down. Tyler covers him but LJ kicks out. LJ heads to the ropes and Mark knees him in the spine, and then tags himself in. Mark Haskins is vicious and shows off his brutality against LJ as he absolutely brutalises him. I almost feel bad for the kid. Haskins goes for the cover but LJ kicks out and David intercepts. Mark then tags Tyler back in, who continues the beat down on LJ. LJ escapes from Tyler and tags in David, who hits a a back elbow and a lariat. Mark enters the ring and David sends him out, then knocks him off the apron and dives out and takes him down. Scotty goes for a dive, but David catches him and takes him out with a hangman DDT. David covers Tyler but he kicks out with vigour.

Tyler then escapes and tags in Scotty who connects a kick to both David and LJ, then springs off the ropes and takes both men down. He covers both, but both kick out. LJ then kicks the head off Mark. LJ drives both boots into Scotty and covers him, but Mark breaks the cover. Mark then drags Scotty to the corner and tags himself in. LJ then tags in Shane who takes down Mark and sends him to the outside. Shane then takes Scotty’s head off. Shane then runs into Tyler who lifts him up and takes him for a spin, Shane then stomps a hole through Tyler and Scotty’s chest. Both men may be dead.

David then tags himself in and carnage ensues as fists and feet fly everywhere, as everyone gets involved. The action is so fast, I don’t know who is legal anymore. Oh wait Scotty just hit Mark and tagged himself in. A little argument follows before Scotty stalks LJ. LJ looks to build some momentum but Scotty cuts him off and then suplex’s him into oblivion. LJ hits an enziguri which sends Scotty down to his knees, and then LJ knees him in the side of the head. The crowd are getting behind LJ but Scotty catches him and takes him down. David then takes the fight to Scotty, but Scotty drives him down. Scotty covers and 1…2…3…


This match was amazing. A match filled with six talented men, and neither one disappointed. Start to finish they all gave it their all, and honestly it’s a match I’d love to see again. It was great to start the show off with this match, as it sets the tone for what’s to come. And if this match is anything to go by, then the rest of the show is going to be incredible.

Golden Contract – Triple Threat – Mark Haskins vs Scotty Davis vs Tyler Bate

After winning their previous match Mark, Scotty and Tyler are no longer teammates. Now they are enemies, looking to get their hands on the golden contract in order to get their hands on Devlin’s title. Tyler hits Bop and Bang again, Mark kicks Tyler away and drives Scotty down into the canvas but he kicks out. Tyler hits a standing shooting star press on Mark but he kicks out. Scotty then suplex’ both Tyler and Mark. They don’t call him the supreme suplex machine for nothing. The crowd are fully backing Scotty. Scotty then locks up Mark but Mark counters, but then Tyler takes Mark for a spin. All of them want the contract, all are fighting hard for it.

Tyler hits the Tyler Driver 97, Mark kicks him in the face and steals the win.


WOW! All men fought hard during this short match. All three men fought hard in their previous match, and just continued the intense fast pace. They gave it their all, and although the match was short it was incredible.

Six-Man Tag Team – The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw, Dunkan Disorderly & Damien Corvin) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) & Adam Brooks

Favourites taking on favourites… I feel very attacked right now. But okay, let’s see what sick action is to come. A lot of trash talking has occurred between the two teams. There can only be one winner though. After their loss at the last show the Kings had a tantrum, so let’s hope they can work as a cohesive unit tonight. If Corvin can put his Diva-tude to the side. Who is going to come out on top? The Belfast Brutes or the Aussies? Only one way to find out… [SIDE NOTE: The Kings are wearing red and yellow gear. That’s sick brother!]

The match starts with Brooks attacking all three Kings. The action immediately goes to the outside and they are all just battering each other. Kyle and Corvin then find themselves in the ring. The action goes back and forth, until Davis tags himself in. Bonesaw then tags himself in, so the two big men are going at it. Bonesaw and Corvin argue… Get it together lads. Bonesaw and Davis then trade chops and the thuds are sickening. Bonesaw then tags in Dunkan, but Brooks is also in. Brooks takes Dunkan off his feet with a shoulder tackle, then Dunkan takes down Brooks with a hip toss. Brooks then kicks the rope into well the lower region of Dunkan, to put it politely. Brooks then holds his foot on Dunkan and tries to get the victory with a show off pin but it doesn’t work. Brooks is being a douche and Aussie Open don’t seem to be happy.

Corvin tags himself in and takes out Aussie Open before taking down Brooks. Fletcher is in and receives a back breaker for his troubles. Corvin then takes out Davis. He looks to dive but Brooks pokes him in the eye before kicking him in the head. He goes for the cover, but Corvin kicks out with ease. Brooks then tags in Davis, who slams Corvin down. Then Fletcher comes in and does the same. Now Brooks is back, but Corvin slams him down. Both men are down and need to make the tag. Brooks gets the tag first to Davis who continues the punishment on Corvin. Fletcher’s in and goes for the cover but cannot put Corvin away.

Corvin then overpowers Fletcher and slams him down face first. Both men need to make the tag. Brooks illegally enters the ring but is quickly sent to the outside. Now Davis is in, and Brooks pulls Dunkan off the apron. Bonesaw dives onto him. Corvin looks for the tag but his partners are nowhere to be seen. Davis then takes Corvin for a spin, and Corvin just manages to kick out. Corvin needs to tag in his teammates quickly. He tries to fight his way out of the Aussies corner and the third attempt he manages to make the tag. Dunkan and Bonesaw then clean house. Davis dives and takes out Bonesaw and Dunkan. Fletcher looks to fly but Corvin hits him with a white star line. Corvin then dives and takes out Davis and his teammates…. Ooops! Brooks then drives his knees into Dunkan’s chest. Fletcher is alone in the ring but not for long. Here comes the Aussie Arrow, who hits the bullseye and takes everyone down. Dunkan climbs the ropes and takes everyone out too. They have hit the concrete so many times I’m surprised there aren’t any holes.

The Kings are getting fired up now, and send their opponents into the ring before entering themselves. It’s now a back and forth between the two teams. They are all just wailing on each other. Dunkan is then left alone in the ring and is brutalised by the Aussies. Then in comes Bonesaw who tries to clean house, but the numbers game is too much. Now Corvin is alone and takes down the Aussies but again the numbers game is too much. Brooks pushes away Davis and Fletcher so he can pick up the win, but Corvin gets the shoulder up. HOLY SHIT!

Bonesaw and Dunkan are back in and take the fight to the Aussies giving Corvin time to recover. I think they just killed Kyle. That poor sweet boy. As the Kings are looking to raise their hands Brooks looks to attack, but it doesn’t go to plan. The Kings destroy him.


[AFTER THE MATCH: Aussie Open shake hands with the Kings. Aussie Open then beat down Brooks. I don’t think they will team together again.]

Finally the Kings are working as a unit again, thank goodness. Nobody wants to see this team split, now hopefully they can go and reclaim those tag titles.

This was another incredible match. Both teams are amazing both individually and as a group. All are at the top of their game, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come from all of them. We need another match with the Kings and Aussie Open to settle the 1 – 1 score. Adam Brooks is a douche and plays it well. Davis is hench AF. Kyle is agile AF. The Kings are in phenomenal shape.
I just love all these men. Don’t judge me. (Or do, I don’t care).

‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay vs Matt Riddle

The two shake hands showing their respect, but respect doesn’t mean they won’t beat the crap out of each other. Riddle immediately grounds the high flyer and keeps him on the canvas. Ospreay counters and locks in an arm bar of his own. The two get to their feet and Riddle slams him down. Ospreay seems worried. Ospreay then backs Riddle into the corner before chopping his chest. Riddle looks to hit Ospreay in the face but misses and Ospreay kicks him in the face. Riddle then takes Ospreay down, and Ospreay responds. Riddle goes to the outside and Ospreay flies and takes down Riddle. The action is already fast paced. The action remains on the outside, and Ospreay takes a long run and hits Riddle in the face. Riddle isn’t moving, he could be dead Ospreay rolls him into the ring and Riddle fights back.

Ospreay looks to jump from the ropes but Riddle has it scouted and catches him and takes him down with a Suplex. Riddle hits a senton but cannot pick up the win. Ospreay still has a lot of fight left in him. Riddle then kicks the spine of Ospreay before chopping him down like a tree. Riddle maintains a waist lock and slams Ospreay down twice and looks for a third but he counters.

The action goes back and forth with both mean beating the hell out of each other. Both are extremely talented, and aren’t afraid to show it off. I don’t want this match to end, and honestly it looks like both men could fight forever. But everything must come to an end, and the action does when Ospreay counters Riddle and takes him down and quickly picks up the three count.


Both men are insanely talented and this match was insane. I hope these two face off again and soon, because, this is a match worth reliving.

OTT Women’s Championship – ‘Main Event Empress’ Sammii Jayne vs Valkyrie

Katey Harvey pushes for Valkyrie to be in this match, and Valkyrie is looking to bring the women’s title back to Ireland. Sammii is looking to keep a hold of the title for a little longer. There can only be on winner and the title is either returning to Ireland, or is going back to Scotland.

Sammii immediately shows off her dominate nature, but Valkyrie is no slouch and won’t take anything lying down. Valkyrie takes the fight to Sammii and hits a brutal dropkick to Sammii’s spine, before booting her in the face. She then takes a moment to rest and take in the crowd, whilst sitting on the ropes. Valkyrie heads to the top and hits a cross body but cannot pick up the win. Valkyrie looks to jump on Sammii, but Sammii catches her and drives her spine into the ring post. Sammii then dominates Valkyrie as she shows off her brutality. Valkyrie again dives looking to take Sammii out but nobody’s home, and she eats canvas hard.

Valkyrie rolls up Sammii twice but cannot put her away. Sammii then hits a dragon suplex and it’s ugly. Valkyrie somehow manages to get her shoulders up. Valkyrie then hits an enziguri but both women are down, and neither one can capitalise. Both duke it out on their knees, as they beat the hell out of each other. They both get to their feet and continue the assault. Valkyrie gets the upper hand and goes for the cover, but Sammii kicks out.

Valkyrie then hits a diving back elbow from the second rope but still cannot put Sammii away. Neither one is going to give up easily. Sammii then hits the shadow fox, and Valkyrie lands right on her head. Sammii takes the time to gloat, rather than capitalising and eats a boot for her troubles. The crowd are behind Valkyrie as she goes high risk, but Sammii pushes the ref into the ropes causing Valkyrie to lose her balance. Sammii then drives her into the canvas and picks up the win.


Underhanded tactics from Sammii but a win is a win none the less. Both women beat the absolute crap out of each other, and put everything on the line. It was a huge opportunity for Valkyrie getting a shot at the title. Both women are extremely talented and in my personal opinion, both women are extremely underrated. I look forward to matches with these women in, in the future. Because, those matches are going to be amazing.

Tomohiro Ishii vs Jeff Cobb

The two men immediately lock up and Ishii grounds Cobb, but Cobb gets to his fit. Ishii hits the rope and connects with Cobb, but Cobb is an immovable wall. Cobb hits the ropes and he can’t move Ishii either. Both men won’t go down, until Cobb finally manages to knock him off his feet. Ishii looks angry. The two then exchange blows. The blows rock them, but neither man goes down. This is a battle, of the big boys. Wall meet wall! Both men are absolutely belting each other as they exchange blows, how these two men are standing is mind blowing. Ishii then takes a run up and runs straight through Cobb. Ishii then headbutt’s Cobb who asks for more. These shots are brutal! Ishii then repeatedly slaps Cobb, who is fired up. Cobb returns the headbutt’s and they are just as brutal. Now the two exchange is what can only be described as a headbutt off. I don’t think anyone wins in this battle. Cobb picks up Ishii and runs him into the turnbuckle before slamming him down. Cobb then hits a standing moonsault but cannot pick up the win. The two men then exchange chops in the corner, and the sound is sickening.

Cobb then hoists Ishii high and slams him down. It’s close, but Ishii kicks out before three. Cobb then kicks Ishii’s head and slaps him, which just angers him. Didn’t anyone ever tell Cobb not to poke a bear? I guess he’s going to learn the hard way. Ishii steps into the forearms and absorbs the impact before battering Cobb. Cobb hits a vicious forearm and Ishii crumbles to the canvas. Ishii then hoists Cobb high but Cobb rolls through and counters, returning the favour to Ishii. It seems to be turning into a competition of whatever you can do I, I can do better. Not that I or the other fans are complaining.

The end to the match comes when Ishii hits Cobb with a stalling brainbuster.


[BOTH THESE GUYS! BOTH THESE GUYS!] Holy shit! These guys put on one heck of a match. Both men are outstanding wrestlers, and have bucket loads of talent. Having these two face off was a great shout from OTT. It was absolutely amazing. Both these guys need to hurry back to OTT. A rematch should definitely happen. Cobb will be looking for redemption.

OTT Tag Team Championship – The Rapture (Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling) vs Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool)

The two teams hate each other, someone will probably die. Given the history of weapons Angel Cruz brings to the ring, it will probably be The Rapture

B Cool and Gibson start off the match, immediately locking up. Sterling then tags himself in and B Cool exits the ring quickly. B Cool gets back into the ring to face off with Sterling. Sterling pulls B Cool’s hair and forces him down to the canvas. The two lock up again, with Sterling getting the upper hand. Again Sterling grabs a handful of hair. Gibson is back in the ring and takes down B Cool, who then tags in Cruz. The two then take down Gibson. They then take down Sterling. Cruz then takes out the knees of Gibson, and drives his knee into the side of Gibson’s head. Cruz looks to go old school as he walks the ropes, but cannot take down Gibson. Gibson catches him and looks to slam him down, but Cruz escapes. Cruz walks the ropes with some help from Team Prick and then flies across the ring and drives his feet into Gibson’s face. Cruz is a freaking bird. A damn Eagle. Beautiful and majestic and flies with grace. Sterling is obviously jealous and enters the ring and beats down B Cool before isolating Cruz. Gibson and Sterling then work together to beat down Cruz.

Cruz eventually fights back and takes down both members of the rapture before exiting the ring. He’s rummaging around. This means only one thing: WEAPONS! But Sterling hits him in the back of the head to prevent anything being added. Gibson looks to lock in the shankly gates but Cruz fights it off. Sterling runs across the ring and punches B Cool. But Cruz manages to tag in B Cool. B Cool then fires off on both men. Cruz is back in and the Angel Cruzers take down The Rapture, and finally managed to kick up.

B Cool dives to the outside but is caught then power bombed onto the ring apron. Sterling enters the ring but quickly rolls out after being kicked in the head. Cruz then tells Gibson he’s going to kill him. Gibson then goes under the ring and pulls out a Samurai sword. Cruz gets out of the ring and goes under the ring and pulls out a gun. A GUN. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight Gibson. Gibson is going to die. He looks afraid. I can’t watch, but I can’t look away. Gibson puts the sword down and pleads for his life, as Foxy and B Cool plead with B Cool to put the gun down. Gibson lays down and B Cool covers him for the three count, but Sterling pulls B Cool out of the ring. Sterling then uses B Cool as a shield. The distraction leads to Gibson diving out of the ring and taking out Cruz and Team Prick.

B Cool is now alone in the ring with both members of The Rapture. Gibson and Sterling beat down B Cool, B Cool tries to fight them off but the numbers game is too much. But B Cool fights back and manages to beat down both men. The guys a tank. Don’t mess with B Cool. Sterling then sends B Cool into the ropes knocking Cruz off the apron. Sterling and Gibson then take down B Cool but they cannot put him away. The Rapture can’t believe it. B Cool makes the tag and in comes Cruz who takes it to both men.

The win comes when Gibson locks in the Shankly Gates on Angel Cruz, who reluctantly taps to save Team Prick from being stabbed.


Sterling and Gibson threatened their way to a win. By hook or by crook, a win is a win. This was a great match. A feud for the ages, and no doubt a rematch will happen in the near future. Angel pulling out a gun wasn’t shocking, but it was bloody brilliant. What will be next though? I’m curious to find out. The Angel Cruzers as a tag team are great, and I’m glad they are back on track. Hopefully they will have a title run in the future. The Rapture are diabolical and great, I hope their run continues for a little longer because, they are great.

Keith Lee vs Minoru Suzuki

The match starts with Suzuki kicking Lee’s thighs. Suzuki is telling him to bring it on, almost taunting him. He then punches him in the gut, and Lee exits the ring and stands on the apron before getting back in. Suzuki repeatedly kicks Lee, and again taunts him and tells him to bring it on. Keith Lee then runs through Suzuki and stomps on him. Lee then stomps on his throat. I guess Suzuki shouldn’t have riled him up. Suzuki then traps Lee in an arm bar with some aid of the ropes, before dragging him to the outside and kicking him again. He then drives Lee shoulder first into the ring post, before wrapping his arm around it to inflict more damage. Suzuki then hits Lee with a chair. Lee then says “I’ll bite your ankles bitch”, before biting his ankle.

Suzuki then manipulates Lee’s wrist and hand and it’s ugly. I feel sick now. Probably shouldn’t snack and watch wrestling. Lesson learnt. Lee gets the rope break, and Suzuki attacks Foxy, who quickly gets out of the ring. For the best really. Lee then catches Suzuki’s lead and just pounds on him. The chop is sickening. Lee hits a slingshot crossbody into the pin, but Suzuki kicks out.

The two then go back and forth battering each other. Both men are brutal and powerful, it’s scary. Suzuki locks in an arm bar, but Lee powers out. Suzuki locks it in again, but Lee gets his foot on the rope forcing the break. Suzuki then repeatedly kicks Lee in the chest. Lee then slams Suzuki down but he manages to kick out. Lee couldn’t hook the leg, because of his injured arm. This may impact on his power moves too. Suzuki then kicks both of Lee’s arms and unleashes a round of slaps onto Lee. Lee steps of Suzuki and climbs the ropes, and looks to hit the moonsault but nobody is home.

The win comes when Suzuki hits the Gotch-style piledriver.


How are both men still alive? Bloody hell this match was insane. Both these men are phenomenal, and extremely talented. This was a fantastic match, and placed perfectly for the show. Getting individuals more hyped up for the main event. These two guys are two of the best wrestlers in the world and it’s amazing seeing them face off against each other.

OTT Championship – ‘The Import Killer’ Jordan Devlin vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Main event time with Devlin taking on Sabre. The two go back and forth locking each other up, trying to get the upper hand. Both men want the title, and both will do anything to get it. Sabre goes straight for Devlin’s arm, manipulating the joints and looking to inflict damage. Devlin escapes Sabre’s clutches, and keeps his injured hand behind his back. Hiding the target, and trying to protect it. Devlin then kicks Sabre’s thigh, which causes visible pain. Devlin then grounds Sabre and looks to manipulate Sabre’s arm. Sabre rolls through and grabs the leg but Devlin holds the ropes, but Sabre keeps the hold until the ref forces the break. Devlin then kicks Sabre’s leg again. Sabre goes back to Devlin’s injured hand, inflicting a lot of damage, and Devlin desperately gets to the rope. Sabre yells “get the fuck out of my ring dickhead” and receives boos from the crowd.

Devlin then gets Sabre into a surfboard but he quickly transitions out, and goes back to the injured hand. Stomping it into the canvas. Sabre is showing off a vicious side, and it’s horrible to watch. Sabre then connects a vicious uppercut, Devlin begs for more, but is taken down by another vicious uppercut. Sabre then taunts Devlin. Devlin fights back with a chop, but Sabre gets him in a leg lock. Devlin gets to the ropes, but Sabre cranks on the leg. Zero sportsmanship shown from Sabre.

Devlin fights out of the corner and hits a uranage and follows it up with a standing moonsault. Devlin landed on his thumb, and doesn’t go for the cover. Devlin then breaks Sabre’s back, but it isn’t enough to put Sabre away. Sabre then goes back to the leg, but again Devlin gets the rope break. The ropes seem to be the only thing keeping Devlin alive right now. Sabre then cranks on the ankle and it’s gruesome. The two then exchange blows, before Devlin hits a slingshot cutter. Devlin then hits a moonsault to the outside.

Devlin hits a spinning back elbow, then drives his knees into the face of Sabre. He then looks to hit the package piledriver but Sabre escapes. Sabre then locks up Devlin but yet again Devlin gets the rope break, and Sabre uses the count to his advantage. Sabre then kicks Devlin in the chest, and Devlin tells him to do it again. Sabre then unleashes kicks but Devlin fights them off, but he cannot fight off the penalty kick. Sabre then goes for an arrogant cover but Devlin kicks out.

The win comes when Devlin hits a package piledriver.


What a match. This was an all-out war between these two incredible talents. Devlin can add another name to his kill list now. I think Sabre will be looking for a rematch and honestly I hope these two men do face off again. It would be a huge injustice if they don’t.

What a show. The card was stacked, and all the matches were incredible. Has OTT ever put on a bad show? I don’t think so, but try and find one. I’ll wait.

Until then give this show a watch on demand right HERE