Southside Wrestling Entertainment ‘X-Factor’ (11/5/14) Review

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At the Beginning of Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s May 11th show, X-Factor, Pete Dunne faced off against Stixx. This match was a continuation of Stixx’s vendetta against the speed king division and him attempting to destroy it as he can’t have another heavyweight title match for a year. The match itself started with some short chains of wrestling where both men traded holds, but it looked like Dunne had a slight edge in this style. It seemed like Stixx had figured this out also as he took the match to more his strong suit with some powerful strikes to take over and start going to work on Dunne. After being beaten down by the bigger man Pete Dunne was going to give up at any point even to when he started asking for Stixx to hit him, which lead to the two exchanging shots in the middle of the ring. The fired up Dunne would get the upper hand here just before the match moved to a back and forth battle to get the one last move and the pinfall. Stixx hit Dunne with a spinebuster looking like it was all over, then Dunne powerbombed Stixx in the next exchange. In the end though Stixx came through and planted Dunne in the ring with a black hole slam for the one, two, three.

I Found this match was a good way to start the show, as it got the crowd involved, which would get the other guys later on with the fans being warmed up. While it also built up to an exciting ending that made you believe it could go either way and finish at any time.

The second match saw the Young Wolves, Dan Malony and Tyler Bate, against the Hunter Brothers. This match had a bit of a split crowd reaction as both teams were pretty popular and Tyler’s moustache always seems to get a chant going. Throughout this match both teams showed a lot of respect for each other especially early on during some chains that were shared around the participants. However following this the Hunters started working some rapid tags to gain a short upper hand till the Young Wolves got in a sneaky tag to break this up and send the match into what was a chaos of both teams using repeated double teams but neither getting any sort of long term advantage. The Hunters tended to have a speed advantage over their more powerful opponents and in the end this proved to be the difference as the Hunters hit a quick one, two together finishing the wolves with a splash from the top rope.

It was great to see such a even match from two young up and coming talents and a team that are very good any time they get in the ring with how smooth the Hunters are with everything they do. The match itself was an exciting show of what each team could do, as neither team seemed to gain an advantage so this finish almost came out of nowhere.

Following on from this was an all out brawl between Joseph Conners and Paul Malen. This grudge match between two former partners was never going to be a pretty showcase of wrestling, as the feud between these two boiled over into brawls at both of the last two shows in Nottingham. This time was no different the match wasn’t even started and they were fighting on the ramp and into the crowd. During this brutal brawl Paul got suplexed into a wall and Joe took a drop onto a pile of chairs. Finally they men both got into the ring so the match could start however it didn’t really go into much by way of wrestling as Joe kept talking trash and Malen kept firing with punches. The match got thrown out for a double count out as the two couldn’t care less about what the ref or any of the wrestlers who tried to split them up after had to say or do, while they just wanted to tear each other apart.

This was a very physical and well played continuation of a feud that had been getting more and more physical as the shows went by and it will be interesting to see where these former team mates end up going with it.

To bring a bit of order back to the show Kay Lee Ray was out next to talk. She started off by thanking the fans for helping her get to where she was, which is being one of the most popular people on the show, with the talent to back it up. Then moving onto more business and that she wanted a speed king title match. This grabbed the current champion Martin Kirby’s attention as he decided to join her in the ring, just to say she didn’t get the job done and that she doesn’t belong in the ring with him. Though his tuned changed after being reminded that he had never beat her cleanly and a bit of taunting always helped. So the two will be facing off at the next show in Nottingham which is in August.

Just before the intermission there was time to get a bit more serious with El Ligero going against the undefeated in SWE and one half of the tag team champions, Tommy End. It was a bit strange in this match when Tommy is getting cheered and hating it, then when a Tommy bell-end chant starts he was asking for it to be louder. I know he is the anti-hero but that’s just plain odd really and Ligero seemed to be just as perplexed by it. Anyway the match was pretty even until End started letting his brutally educated feet do the work in kicking Ligero around the ring. Ligero did try to fight back all through the match but the pure physicality of End seemed to be too much for Ligero to keep and offence going to more than a flurry. This was emphasised by the end of the match where Ligero took a spin kick in the air, which looked like it should have left him picking his teeth from the entrance way and left him for End to pick up the win.

This match was pretty much a display of Tommy End’s dominance in Southside as he has been tearing through everyone who steps in his path. With this and his current reign as tag champ it will be interesting to see where SWE go and who will finally beat Tommy End.

To lighten the mood after the break it was time for Mad Man Manson to go against Flex Buffington. Yes the was as funny as expected. From a huge build up to Flex getting his top off to unveil his “Flex-PAC” keeping with the theme of the night, to Flex wanting his training band back from across the ring and Manson giving it him. But an elastic band firing across the ring into a place that made all the men in the room cringe shall we say, wasn’t how Flex wanted it back. Now this comedic master class was broken up by a complaining T-Bone who had picked an issue with pretty much everything but mostly the two men in the ring. After destroying them both the SWE heavyweight champion Mark Haskins made an appearance telling everyone that Jimmy Havoc wouldn’t make the show, but Mark still needed an opponent. With the former champ T-Bone in the ring it seemed to make perfect sense to have a match between the two.

Early in the match Haskins came out firing and took an early advantage in this impromptu match between the two. However once it had spilled to the outside T-Bone’s physicality gained him the upper hand. Haskins kept fighting against the much bigger man however it wasn’t until he got a chance for a dive to the outside where he took back the advantage. When the match returned to T-Bone’s favour a T-Bag chant started ring around the room which had the big man in a lot of confusion, this seemed to give Mark the time to recover and reverse T-Bone’s next move giving him the chance to win with a triangle choke for the submission.

For a match that wasn’t booked before the show I thought SWE did well the try and replace Havoc though I’d still like to see the original match rebooked for another time. The match was a good showcase of both men getting time to showcase their skills and styles that meshed pretty well together.

Finally the main event between Project Ego and the team of X-Pac and Robbie X, or Robbie X-Pac if you go with the fans on the night. In the early goings Project ego seemed to struggle to get out of the blocks as both Robbie X and X-Pac seemed to have the upper hand, however this would only last till Kris Travis decided to take the low road and allow them the beat on X-Pac. Keeping with this underhanded theme to keep X-Pac down for a while. After Robbie got back in the ring it seemed he had Project Ego on the ropes until a bit of flashiness cost him. This was short lived for Kirby and Travis though as bizarrely Robbie came back with a crotch grab, which I’m not sure is legal but he did break at four which caused Kirby to take more damage when a Kris Travis miscue kicked him right where Robbie’s hand was, allowing X-Pac to fire into the match. After a Robbie X moonsault to the outside X-Pac finished off the rest of the job giving Project Ego a loss to go with their manager’s headache after Adam Curtis took a foot to the head during Robbie’s last move.

This was a well played main event match with the crowd very involved and all members of the match pulled their weight to make it as good as I should have been.

Overall the show was a packed full card with a bit of everything for everyone’s taste. All the matches from start to finish went well and the crowd really got into it.

I’d like to thank Indy Corner and my next show will be House of Pain Evolution 7 on May 23rd. Any Feedback @AlphaofAwesome. Thanks for reading.

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