Southside Wrestling Entertainment ‘Risky Business 3’ (26/4/14) Review

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Southside started their day of wrestling with Tyler Bate facing off against a rather humourous Noam Dar, I say this as from before the first contact through the exhibition of chain wrestling at the start of the match Dar seemed to want to play a comedian as much as the wrestling talent we all know he can be. Saying that Dar had most of the start of the match in his hands, by putting Bate in some very unpleasant looking positions leading up to a pin exchange of so many one counts that the ref must have been feeling it while the crowd started chanting one, one, one, with him until the pair split to opposing sides of the ring. Upon the continuation of the match Dar seemed to want to take the more powerful Tyler down by targeting his leg, which was working as Bate seemed to struggle to amount much offense until further emphasizing his power advantage with a huge deadlift germen suplex which got the crowd thinking it was all over. This flurry would be shut down though by Dar applying a heel hook to finish the already injured leg of Tyler Bate off and gain the submission win.

Following this light hearted friendly affair was Joe Conners who decided to talk down about his former predator team mate Paul Malen, taking the poster of Paul from around the ringside area saying he didn’t deserve to be there before getting in the ring ready for his tag match with Lana Austin against Kay Lee Ray and El Ligero. The dislike for Conners from Kay Lee Ray’s standpoint was very evident throughout this match with it initially gaining her team the advantage over Conners. Joe would show his physical advantage over Ray with a brutal strike to cut her momentum off. This leading to a period of Joe and Lana controlling the match until Ligero finally got back into the match and bring it to an even point, allowing Kay Lee to get the pin fall over Lana for the victory. Following the match Conners would start to verbally abuse the crowd, leading to him slapping a fan and throwing him to one side. While Joe was busy with verbally assaulting the same fan a man wearing what was a bit much for the weather that day, stood up taking his hat off behind Joe to show himself to be Paul Malen before beating down on Conners and announcing their match for May 11th.

The final match before the intermission saw Robbie X, T-Bone, Will Osprey and Prince Devitt clash in a fatal four way. This chaotic madness was begun with Robbie and Will being taken out by T-Bone and Devitt leaving the pair in the ring to begin the match. That wouldn’t be for long though when Robbie X and Osprey got back in the ring and showed the crowd a free flowing taste of what was to come in the Speed king card later that evening. As I said before this match was chaotic with no single wrestler having much longer than a flurry of advantage which created and amazing non-stop flow of big shots and mayhem. Eventually Prince Devitt did manage to find enough seconds worth of advantage to muscle up the larger man to gain the win.

Following the break AR Fox took on Mark Andrews in a match which picked up pretty much where the last match left off with a display of what was to come in the second show of the day. Firstly in a Fox friendly environment both men showed a lot of respect and sportsmanship with each other while working some chain wrestling to build into the match, before Andrews hit a huge hurricanrana to seemingly take the advantage however in the high flying game Fox had a response in a springboard to the floor. This set up the rest of the match as they broke out into the expected high paced, high flying showdown leading to a beautiful shooting star press for Mark Andrews to pick up the win.

Bringing the pace down a few notches was the rematch between Stixx and his House of Pain student Zac Northern after the last show in Nottingham where Zac answered the Stixx open challenge. Stixx began his dominance by black hole slamming Northern to begin the match before the bell had even rung. After a few points of overconfidence by Stixx allowing Zac to get a bit of offence in a shot with the trademark chain from Stixx caused the match to end with a disqualification giving Zac the win. This however wasn’t even for the former SWE heavyweight champion as he continued his punishment of his student giving himself two three counts before leaving the ring. Zac seemingly being a glutton for punishment calling Stixx out for a no DQ restart to the match which Stixx was more than happy to accept, though it didn’t go the way he thought it would when Kay Lee Ray, Pete Dunne and Will Osprey came down to force him into the path of a Northern knee shot and a loss before anyone knew it. Leaving Stixx at 0-2, for this particular day.

The main event of the Risky Business show saw Project Ego, “Ego Dragon” Martin Kirby with “The Shooting Star” Kris Travis, go two on two with “the Star Attraction” Mark Haskins and Petey Williams. The pre match banter between the two teams saw both teams get fans in the ring with Haskins responding to a giant of a fan that the Ego pair got in the ring, by fetching his son Jack, which if I’m honest got a surprisingly loud Jack chant going. Travis in his usual way managed to get himself in trouble by throwing a top at the Haskins duo hitting Jack in the process, then following it up with questioning if Mark was really the father, typical Travis really. After all this laughing and joking around a rather back and forth match eventually broke out with each team sharing periods of control. One point I thought I’d point out was a bizarre sequence where Travis was sat in the corner and Williams dropped Kirby into Kris’s crotch area, the weird bit being that Kirby got back up after a little while wiping his mouth before a chain of everyone throwing superkicks lead to both teams being laid out on the floor. To finish the match Travis caught Haskins setting up on the top rope which gave Kirby the chance to get the win over Williams. Following the match Project Ego had a plan to Canadian Destroyer Williams however this was turned around to Travis getting hit with Petey’s impressive finisher, before Jack was raised by Haskins to finish the show off on a high.

This show was an extremely good warm up show to the Speed King show for later that evening with a lot of the matches giving an idea of what can be expected without going too far into the style. If you couldn’t tell by now my next review will be Speed King. I would like to as always thank Indy Corner for giving me the chance to do these reviews.

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