Southside: Day of Reckoning (11/10/14) Review

Added by Jack Bennett

Picture Credit: Brett Hadley

Day of Reckoning was a show that had a lot of potential, and boy did it deliver.

Robbie X vs. Rich Swann

What a way to start. This was such a great match. Swann is just so damn entertaining; his entrance is one of the most feel good moments in Pro Wrestling today. This match didn’t slow down at all. They had some insane counter spots, and some great near falls to take the match to the next level. The finish was brutal; the crowd is on their feet. Awesome Match.

Rating ****

Martin Kirby vs. Biff Busick

This match was really good. Kirby is one of my favorites without doubt at the moment. The match had some really nice sequences in it, they kept it pretty short. They got some good near falls in there but didn’t go over the top. I liked the finish.

Rating  ***

Flips and Forearms vs. The Young Wolves

THIS WAS AWESOME! This was so damn good. I love both of these teams, and they just keep showing why they are amongst the best in Europe. The Wolves are really making a name for themselves, and really showed what they could do here. A lot of jaw dropping moves/sequences here that again had me on the edge of my seat.

Rating  ****

Jimmy Havoc vs. Joesph Conners

Obviously both men had big matches this evening, so I didn’t expect a classic by any means, but both of these men worked hard. Some pretty cool spots to the outside as well as some near falls and AWESOME STORYTELLING made this a really good match.

Rating  ***

Drew Gulak vs. Kay Lee Ray

LOVED THIS! This was really good and told a great story. The match mainly was Gulak working over Kay Lee but the way they did it was so clever. Gulak is just so damn good when it comes to matt work, it was a joy to watch. The match really picked up near the end and had an AWESOME finish. Great Stuff.

Rating  ***1/2

 El Ligero vs. Stixx vs. Shane Strickland vs. Will Ospreay

This was insane. Insanity. I won’t spoil this one too much, but it was the best Southside 4 way I have seen. And up at the level of PROGRESS’s latest 4 way match. This was all out awesomeness. The crowd are on their feet again.

Rating  ****1/4

Amazing Show.

Rating  8.5

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