Southside Cruel Intentions Night 1 (10/10/14) Review

Added by Jack Bennett

Picture Credit: Brett Hadley (@Magic_Bert)

Robbie X vs. Shane Strickland

What a great way to start the show. This started off at 100mph and didn’t slow down. Some absolutely insane spots that left the crowd speechless. Strickland was very impressive throughout here, his standing C4 was especially awesome. The finish itself was done very well. Excellent.

Rating  ****

 Tyler Bate, Jimmy Havoc and Soldier Ant vs. DJ Hyde, Ryan Smile and Martin Kirby

This match was very fun. Tyler was very over throughout, and really played off the crowd. Havoc is just fantastic; we do not get to see him wrestling for Southside enough. Match picked up nearer the end, really set a nice platform for the other big matches that weekend.

Rating  ***1/4

Biff Busick vs. STIXX

WAR! This was a hard-hitting match, and one I really enjoyed. Right from the bell they were laying huge blows into each other. Love the story they are telling with Stixx in Southside, really was played well in this match. The finish was really awesome as well, very nicely done.

Rating  ***1/2

 Flex Buffington vs. Alessandro Gravina.

This match was meant to have Mad Man Manson appearing, but due to unknown reasons he could not make the show last minute. I will give credit to ** for filling in last minute, not an easy thing to do, and he did himself proud.

Rating  N/A

Flips  & Forearms vs. The Hunter Brothers

Jesus. Wow. Damn. Words I said out loud during this match. This match was unbelievable. It started off pretty slow, but then it just exploded. The last 10 minutes of this match were insanity. The near falls were just so well executed; you genuinely thought it was the finish. Each team just busted out all of their big moves and left everything in the ring. This is probably the best tag team match I have seen in 2014, unbelievable.

Rating  ****3/4

Rich Swann vs. Will Ospreay

Another fantastic match. These guys just brought it all. They really did pace this match very well, building up to some really nice sequences near the end of the match, as well as using nearfalls very cleverly. The finish was a little underwhelming due to the slight confusion with the referee. I think Ospreay was a little banged up. Nonetheless, fantastic match.

Rating  ***3/4

El Ligero & Kay Lee Ray vs. Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee

This match was really much better than I thought it would be. Gulak is just fantastic when it comes to execution of technical counters, working with Ligero must have really helped that as well. Kimber Lee and Kay Lee Ray also worked great together, makes me excited for their match the next night.

Rating  ***1/4

Joesph Conners vs. Paul Malen

It is time for those words again, Jesus, Wow, Damn. This was one of the most brutal matches I have ever seen. These guys just beated the shit out of each other. I do not want to spoil the big moments, but I insist you all buy this DVD to see this match. It was just insane.

Rating  ****1/4

Overall, an amazing show from Southside. One of the best shows I have seen live in recent memory.

Overall Rating  9

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