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At Shine 30 Kimber Bombs were stripped of the tag team titles due to the injury suffered by Cherry Bomb. It was announced than that a tag team tournament would be held in order to crown new champs. After a great deal of silence Shine officials finally announced a 4-team tournament for the vacant titles and a number 1 contenders fatal four-way match for the Shine championship.

SHINE Championship #1 Contender Fatal Four Way Match: Allysin Kay vs. Jessicka Havok vs. Amber Gallows vs. Taylor Made w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter

Jessica Havok came to the ring in a pretty cool Joker cosplay. Meanwhile, Allysin Kay was sporting a shiner from her MMA debut. Early on we got a Havok and Kay stare down that received a big pop from the crowd, but instead of fighting Kay went right after her former partner Taylor Made. While she chased Made around ringside Havok was having her way with Gallows until Made got back in to the ring. The action was a bit slow going at first, with things picking up towards the end with a number of near falls. While Havok and Kay where having it out in the corner Su Young made her way to ringside and spread them both with the Red Mist! Taylor Made was than able to roll up Amber Gallows for the win. After the bell Young attacked Kay with her bloody vice, targeting the already injured eye. Havok was able to pull Young off, but by that point that damage had been done.

An OK match to get things started. I think I went in to the match with high expectations, which didn’t do me any good given the match quality. Gallows in particular looked pretty soft with her moves. The timing for the match in general seemed off, but the ending did make for some great story, especially with the way Kay sold the attack by Young.

SHINE Tag Team Championship Tournament Opening Round Round Match #1: The Lucha Sisters of Mia Yim & Leva vs. Legendary of Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine w/ Leilani Kai

This time around the Lucha Sisters came to the ring in Nightmare Before Christmas themed attire. Early on viewers saw the Lucha Sisters in control, putting the moves on Brandy Wine. Things went back and forth between Hosaka and Mia until Legendary used some underhanded tactics to take control and work over Yim. A lot of double team moves over this period. Eventually Mia was able to get Leva in with a hot tag, where she used her kicks to take down Brandy. Pretty spiffy Northern Lights Suplex by Leva to Hosaka while she was running wild. Leva tagged Mia back in to the ring and Thundykitty came to the ringside area. During a referee distraction Kitty missed a chair shot intended for Mia and hit Brandy. Mia than followed that up with a Bridging German Suplex to Brandy for the win. Lucha Sisters advance to the finals of the tag tournament. Post match Thunderkitty got in to it pretty bad with Legendary because of the botched chair shot.

Fun match. Both teams worked well together and made the most of the time.

SHINE Tag Team Championship Tournament Opening Round Match #2
The Buddy System of Solo Darling and Heidi Lovelace vs. B.T.Y. of Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter

We continue the cosplay theme in this match, this time with Heidi & Solo dressed in Christmas gear. Loved the look on the face of Heidi when Solo made her wear animal ears, she looked so pissed. Belle and Jameson give Solo a packaged gift before the match started; it was teddy bear. SWERVE! The head of the bear was cut off and B.T.Y. attacked while Solo looked so distraught. B.T.Y. spent the entire match working over Heidi thanks to the opening sneak attack. At one point Heidi looked to be enjoying the strikes delivered by Belle, but got knocked down hard by a bicycle kick. After a quick DDT Solo gets the hot tag in, but after a quick burst of energy gets cut off by Jameson. Solo and Heidi seized control again and seemed to have the match won after a Top Rope Senton by Heidi, but Val pulled the ref out of the ring. During the distraction Belle dropped Heidi with a Pedigree for the win. B.T.Y. booked their place in the tag team tournament final matchup against the Lucha Sisters.

B.T.Y. owned this match; The Buddy System really had no chance outside of their late push.

Thunderkitty w/ Leilani Kai vs. Luscious Latasha

Thunderkitty got in the ring and took forever to change her cloths to draw the fan heat (something tells me she has been watching Tetsuya Naito matches). Latasha attempted a quick roll up while Kitty was just wrapping up changing, but Kitty kicked out and grappled Latasha to the ground. Hard lariat by Kitty once Latasha got back to her feet, followed up by some Leilani Kai interference. Kitty toyed with Latasha a lot during this match, showing Latasha she was out of her league. On several occasions Kitty went for the claw but Latasha fought it away. Every time it seemed like Latasha was going to battle her way back Kitty cut off her advance. After finally getting the claw locked in Legendary came out to the ring and Malia Hosaka laid Kitty out with a chair shot while Brandy Wine distracted the referee! Hosaka placed the unconscious Latasha over Kitty for the win!

Luscious Latasha has now won 3 matches in a row, the streak continues! Thunderkitty was at her best in this match, and remains probably the most underrated competitor on the Shine roster. But Latasha’s streak looks to be something that could lead to a big payoff down the line. It also looks as though Thunderkitty has not been expelled from Legendary due to her second botched attempted at helping Legendary win a match. This is likely going to be the first feud of 2016 for Shine.

shine 31Andrea w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter vs. Amanda Carolina Rodriguez w/ La Rosa Negra

With Ivelisse away we saw the return of La Rosa Negra to Shine as she accompanied Amanda to the ring. La Rosa is still recovering from a nasty injury while wrestling in Japan, which has her out for a year so it was very heartwarming to see her here. Once the bell rings Amanda challenges Andrea to a Test of Strength! Andrea (like the rest of the audience) couldn’t believe it and happily obliged. And of course Andrea wins it, but Amanda comes back with a series of kicks while Andrea is twisting her wrist. Andrea starts no selling Amanda’s strikes and knocks her down with a hard Single Leg Dropkick. Andrea continually punishes Amanda, giving her few opportunities to get in any offense. But Amanda stubbornly kept kicking out of all of Andrea’s pin attempts. Amanda mounted a final comeback where she was able to drop Andrea with a DDT (full with a drink of beer for added energy) and get a near fall following a Missile Dropkick from the top rope. April Hunter stopped a ref pin count when it looked as though Amanda was going to pull off the upset, allowing Andrea to hit Amanda with a Running Fireman’s Carry Slam for the win.

Gutsy performance by Amanda. Whatever Andrea dished out she took and constantly fought back. Although she didn’t win it shows she is an opponent not to be taken lightly. On the other hand, Andrea is a F’N Machine. Not sure if there is anyone in Shine who could match her power outside of Jameson and Havok. Event after event she dominates, and one has to wonder when she will finally get a shot at some gold.

Su Yung w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter vs. Jessica James

During the introductions Su Young was moving around the stage and ring like a psychotic menace. So much so that Val left the managing of Young to Hunter as she could not cope with her unpredictability. The match started with a lot of distance between James and Young, with James connecting on a number of strikes to Young. But Young shrugged off the hits, constantly taunting James to come in close. Once James came in close she got knocked to the floor by a big jumping knee. Young had James wrapped up like a pretzel on ground and began to bite her fingers! Most of Young’s offense focused on the arm, slamming it against the ring post and a lot of shoulder block hits. James surprised Young with an Octopus Hold during a pin attempt, but Young not only powered her up, but also bit the fingers again to break the hold! Young placed James in a Reverse Boston Crap and than converted it in to a rocking chair stretch! Su Young finally put James away with an Airplane Spin in to a Fireman’s Carry Buster.

I loved this match. It started off like an MMA fight with James trying to keep distance and maintain a striking battle, but she fell into Young’s trap when she came in close. Young’s ring psychology may be the best in Shine right now. Everything from the biting, the submission holds, to the no selling of strikes makes her such a daunting opponent. Her attack on Kay & Havok earlier in the night and her defeat of James is the stuff of great wrestling and character build. Jessica James looked as though she had no chance but her striking ability kept her in this match longer than a normal person would have lasted.

Leah Von Dutch vs. Leilani Kai

Legendary are immediately removed from ringside before the match begins as per order of the Shine VP. Kai surprisingly takes control with some hard strikes, but LVD ends up pushing Kai to the corner and nearly chokes her out with her boot. Kai immediately takes control again, utilizing a number of sleeper holds. Thunderkitty comes out and is shown beating on Legendary. LVD locks on a modified Tazzmission, which Kai has no choice but to tap to.

Leilana Kai is not a young woman, so for her to come out and put on a fully capable match is something to be applauded. Than again she is a legend in her own right and we should not be too surprised. Leah Von Dutch has now defeated all members of Legendary, including “the biggest dinosaur of them all” so one has to wonder where she goes from here.

SHINE Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals</strong>B.T.Y. of Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter vs. The Lucha Sisters of Mia Yim &Leva

Marti and Yim start out the match, with Marti imitating a doll (that doll house burn!). Leva got into the match and showed off some Strong Style with a Nakamura running knee to the corner. Marti took control and Leva is worked over by both her and Jameson. At one point Leva spit at Jameson! But gets her butt kicked for it. Leva connected with a Double Foot Stomp to the back of Marti and got the Hot tag to Mia. It looked as though the Lucha Sisters won the match after a Lung Blower/German Suplex combo but the pin was interrupted. Mia began yelling at Leva for the failed pin, and kept yelling at her for the rest of the match. After the yelling April Hunter inferred by spraying Leva in the face with hair spray. Marti Bell than connected on pedigree for the win. B.T.Y. are the new Shine Tag Team Champions!

After the match Mia continued yelling at Leva and hit her with a Package Piledirver! She grabbed the mic and cut a scathing promo on how she does all the work for the team and Leva holds her back. She even insulted Fallout 4, what a heel! The Lucha Sisters have imploaded. Really entertaining match with that heart-wrenching breakup fans hoped would never happened.

SHINE Championship Match: Santana defends vs. #1 Contender Fatal Four Way Winner

Early control by Santana, quick movements and counters at a constant pace kept Taylor Made off her game. Taylor is eventually able to slow down the pace and takes control, out striking Santana (a theme for here opponents) and keep her on the mat. But Sanatana was able to keep coming back, locking in a modified Octopus Hold and pick up the pace. The match seemed won when Santana connected with a Handspring Elbow in the corner followed up by her Shining Star Press but Val interrupted the pin (like the 3rd time tonight that has happened). With the referee distracted Taylor put on some brass knucks and knocked out Santana cold for the pinfall. Major upset, Taylor Made is the new Shine Champion! After the match all of Val-Kyrie came out to celebrate, showing off all the gold they acquired.

A good championship match followed by a shock result. Booking wise this made sense as Val-Kyrie now dominate Shine and it will be them vs. the likes of Santana, Kimber Bombs, Allysin Kay, and Havok in the coming months. Feuds and matches that will be great to watch.

Final Thoughts

As 2015 comes to a close let us take a moment to applaud Santana Garrett. This woman has been phenomenal all year, and up until tonight’s main event was holding 3 different Women’s titles (NWA, Stardom, & SHINE). In that same vain So Cal Val has been one of the best managers in wrestling, tonight her crew had a clean sweep and couldn’t have done it without her. Good show overall, a lot of screwy finishes but most were needed in order to progress the narrative. Many of the matches had a clear-cut winner from the get go, and while I appreciate individuals dominating a match, it makes for less exciting matches. Moving forward I see Allysin Kay running the gauntlet and having to wrestle every member of Val-Kyrie before she finally gets her hands on Taylor Made, which should make for some great encounters.

MOTN: Lucha Sisters vs. B.T.Y.

Wrestler of the Night: Su Young

Personality of the Night: Su Young

Show Rating: 7/10

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