SHINE 30 (2/10/15) Review

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Before the review of SHINE 30, let me give a little backstory.

At SHINE 29 So Cal Val was able to force thru a merger between her crew Valifornia and Valkyrie after their leader Allison Kay failed to defeat Santana Garrett for the SHINE Championship. Kay did not take to kindly to the mutiny (her team opted for the merger against her wishes) and attacked the newly formed Val-kyrie once Val announced the merger. Although she is facing Saraya Knight tonight I expect to see the feud between Kay and Val-kyrie develop further tonight.

Without further ado, lets dive right in

Four Way Freestyle: Jayme Jameson w/ So Cal Val & Andrea vs. Shazza McKenzie vs. Kellyanne vs. Liberty

I begin by admiring the guns on Jayme Jameson! This match quickly broke into a pseudo tag match, with Jameson & Liberty teaming up constantly against McKenzie & Kellyanne. After a slow pace of Jameson & Liberty double-teaming their competitors we see Kellyanne show off some impressive athleticism to seemingly take control. McKenzie contributes her own offense, but Jameson takes them both down with an impressive power display. The match ending comes when Kellyanne is occupied battling Jameson outside and McKenzie picks up the win via an Overdrive to Liberty.

Not a bad match, decent way to kick of a show. Jameson used her power well but contributed little to the match, with Kellyanne coming away as the most impressive of the four. Post match Andrea and Jameson attacked the participants of the four way freestyle. Luscious Latasha came out and challenged Andrea to a match after seeing the destruction Val-Kyrie had caused. Andrea happily obliged.

Winner: Shazza McKenzie

Andrea w/ So Cal Val & Jayme Jameson vs Luscious Latasha

This was a squash match. Latasha attempt to use her striking ability, but Andrea being the imposing force she is no sold all the strikes and looked at the crowd like “is this suppose to hurt?” Andrea proceeds to hit Latasha with a barrage of power moves, throwing her around like a child. But Andrea inadvertently dropkicks the ref and he disqualifies her! The win goes to Latasha (second straight event she has won via DQ), but not before Andrea puts her down with a Rack Bomb.

The match lasted for only a couple of minutes, but it did its job in putting over the power of Andrea. Something to note is the great work done by So Cal Val at ringside for both matches drawing the ire of the crowd with her cheering and comments. She really knows how to work an audience.

Winner: Luscious Latasha

Ivelisse w/ Amanda Carolina Rodriguez vs. Thunderkitty w/ Leilani Kai

Ivelisse and Thunderkitty start out the match with some great mat wrestling to my surprise! After a great exchange they break out in to a battle of strikes highlighted with some great kicks by Ivelisse and elbow strikes by Thunderkitty. They slow down by trading submissions, with a Crank and Dragon Sleeper emphasized in this portion. Ivelisse ends the match by making ThunderKitty tap to her Stump Puller.

Loved the beginning of the match. For all the hate she gets from fans Thunderkitty is a very underrated mat wrestler and Ivelisse was the perfect opponent to showcase this. I found the latter part fairly anti-climactic, with the middle of the match running too slow. At some point Ivelisse will get her hands on Leilani Kai, which may end up happening not until Shine 32 since I expect Ivelissa and Amanda to enter the tag team tournament at Shine 31.

Winner: Ivelisse

SHINE Tag Team Champion Kimber Lee vs. Taylor Made w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter

The match opened with Cherry Bomb being stripped of their tag titles due to Cherry’s injury. A tag team tournament will be held at SHINE 31 for the vacated titles. Cherry Bomb were promised a shot at the titles once Cherry returns.

I don’t have much to say about this match because it was fairly uneventful. A really cool spot was Kimber muscling Taylor over with a Deadlift Suplex. Kimber was very over with the fans, and she easily had the hardest chops of any competitor tonight. Taylor on the other hand was kind of just there. Too many rest holds and an overall slow approach to a match where fans were emotionally invested in Kimber because the titles had just been stripped from her and Cherry. Kimber did come out victorious, but the finish was pretty flat in all honesty.

Winner: Kimber Lee

Leah Von Dutch vs. Malia Hosaka w/ Leilani Kai & Thunderkitty

The least entertaining match of the night, easily. Hosaka played the heel role well, especially with Thunderkitty at ringside attacking LVD during a couple of referee distractions. But Hosaka controlled 90% of the match with rest holds and slow strikes. To make matters worse, the match ends when Thunderkitty “accidentally” hit Hosaka with a chair, allowing LVD to roll her up for the win, while Leilani was distracting the referee. I use the term accidentally loosely because Thunderkitty had all the time in the world to hit LVD with the chair as she had Hosaka in a Sunset-Flip pin, but waited until the Hosaka reversed it to hit her. A bad spot-ending to a pretty poor match.

Winner: Leah Von Dutch

The Lucha Sisters of Leva & Mia Yim vs. The Bellatrix Female Warriors Contingency of Rhia O’Reilly & Sammi Baynz w/ Sweet Saraya Knight

Saraya Knight comes out with her girls, takes the mic from Cadet, and proceeds to say “Shut the fuck up” in the sleaziest way imaginable; puts herself over, and takes a seat at the bar to drink some beer! Saraya Knight is sight to behold, and her quick promo was pleasantly welcome.

The Lucha Sisters come out in full freak show cosplay; Leva dancing provocatively while dressed as a mugger, and Mia rocking a half skull mask as she passes out balloons to the crowd.

O’Reilly and Baynz show off their power early, throwing the Lucha Sisters around. But momentum quickly turns as Leva catches both opponents with a springboard dropkick, leading to double team offense by the sisters in the corner. Leva ends up isolated from Mia, allowing O’Reilly and Baynz to work her over. After Mia hot-tags in we see both teams going at it, with moments of note including an O’Reilly Tiger Suplex to Mia and a massive German Suplex to Baynz by Mia. Both teams end up laid out in the ring and crowd loves it, all the while Saraya is still drinking at the bar! The match reaches its conclusion when Mia somehow plants Baynz with a Package Piledriver to pin her for the win!

Really fun match! I cannot begin to express the impressive strength displayed by Mia when you consider O’Reilly and Baynz significantly outweigh her and Leva. O’Reilly and Baynz, frustrated by their loss, head to the bar and each take a shot, joining Saraya who looks to have already downed a couple beers.

Winners: The Lucha Sisters

Madison Eagles vs. Su Yung w/ So Cal Val & April Hunter

Here comes the crazy! If you have not seen Su Young in the ring than this match was a great introduction as her ring presence and psychology was on full display. Almost immediately Young goes for the red mist, but Eagles forces her to swallow the blood pack, great visual of the blood dripping from her mouth. Young ends up taking control after she hits Eagles with a Diving Senton from the apron, keeping the powerhouse Eagles down by wrapping her in an assortment of great holds. Eagles came back in a big way however, placing Young in her own holds and delivering a Straightjacket Suplex for the near fall. The match was kicked up a notch when Young no sold an Eagles Suplex, rising menacingly with a look of sheer evil on her face! They get in to a back and forth brawl, both women delivering harder blows as the match wears on. Crazy spot later on with Young taking a German Suplex on the ring apron! Ouch! Su Young got distracted for a moment when she stared into the crowd and saw Saraya still there drinking beer. This allowed Eagles to plant her with a nasty Buckle-Bomb, followed up with a Fisherman Brainbuster for the win.

I really enjoyed this match. It got off to a slow start but picked up the pace nicely. A nice touch was Su Young being constantly unable to hit her finish (a mandible claw involving a bloody glove) and than throwing the glove away since it wasn’t working, she was serious about winning this match. This marked the 4th Val-Kyrie match of the night, which in a nutshell means this faction is half the show. So Cal Val could take over Shine with these ladies, but after a 0-4 effort tonight one has to wonder if dissention will already rise to the surface. Young getting distracted at the sight of Saraya Knight was no mistake; they may begin to build a feud between the two. A match between those women would be crazy!
Winner: Madison Eagles

Jessicka Havok vs. Kay Lee Ray

Havok is still peeved at Kraven snubbing her rematch request; Kay Lee Ray was going to be a victim in this match. In the early going Ray used her speed and athleticism take Havok off her game. Havok would use her power to repeatedly gain control of the match and keep Ray grounded. Havok even pulled out an apron Powerbomb, toying with Ray afterwards who was in a lot of pain. Ray did her best to mount a comeback, but was eventually put away by a Chokeslam.

Although this was actually a one-sided match, Kay Lee Ray always looked competitive and ready to turn the match around. She would keep getting up and attempt to fight back, hitting a number of big moves that would knock Havok down. Her offense was just not strong enough to keep Havok down for long, and Havok’s power was simply overwhelming. Solid match, would have loved for them to have gone on longer.

Winner: Jessica Havok

SHINE Championship Match: Santana (Champion) vs. Evie

Being the showman she is, came to the ring in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired gear. Santana and Evie were evenly matched in terms of athleticism and ring technique, leading to some great chain wrestling. Evie however came in with some superior strikes, using her kicks well to wear down Santana and knock her down for some close falls. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say the Yakuza Kick Evie delivered to Santana is the best I’ve seen since El Generico (who was sadly gunned down in Mexico) and Sami Zayn. Much of Santana’s rebuttal to the strikes of Evie involved slick reversals in to her own offensive maneuvers. Santana eventually won the match after she hit Evie with a Handspring Elbow and hit her with the Shinning Star Press immediately after.

One hell of a match put on by these ladies, and my pick for match of the night. These two were so smooth in the ring; every exchange seamless and they kept the match speed at a constant pace that wasn’t too slow or fast. Although one would have expected Santana to win, Evie looked like a legitimate threat in the ring. If she ever gets a rematch I could see her beating Santana, she’s that good. Santana is slated for a tour of Japan, and one can only expect some great matches from that tour.

Winner: Santana (Champion)

Anything Goes – Allysin Kay vs. Sweet Saraya Knight

I came in to this match anticipating a rough encounter, and these ladies proceeded to exceed every expectation I had for this match. Saraya comes out and waits by the entrance curtain, attacking Kay the minute she comes out. They brawled all over the arena and I cannot even begin to explain all the crazy sites of this match. Crazy spots included:
• Saraya slapping a fan for getting in her way
• Allysin busting Saraya open, blood gushing down her face for the rest of the match
• Saraya with the chair-shot to the head of Allysin
• Allysin 3:16 chugging a beer and smacking Saraya with the can
• Saraya yelling at Allysin and calling her a bitch
• Allyson placing a plastic bag over Saraya’s head, attempting to asphyxiate her

Kay would go on to deliver a hanging DDT on to a steel chair in order to put Knight down for the 1-2-3.

My words can do no justice to just how intense this match. In a year highlighted by the great wrestling matches put on by the Women of NXT, this match was a display of brutality that NXT, or WWE for that matter, would never allow their women to partake in. I encourage everyone to go watch this match so you can appreciate another side of women’s wrestling you may have never seen.

Winner: Allysin Kay

Final Thoughts

The show suffered from too many match slow downs that took the crowd out of it and made a number of finishes not feel as rewarding. What worked for them however, worked very well. The final 3 matches not only energized the crowd but put on some of the best female wrestling you will see in the US. The Saraya Knight/Allysin Kay match is something all fans should take a look at.

MOTN: Santana vs Evie

Wrestler of the Night: Evie

Personality of the Night: Saraya Knight

Show Rating: 7.5/10

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