Sendai Girls (2/8/20) Review

Added by Frank Burford

So this is my first-time watching Sendai Girls, although I have watched matches by Meiko Satumora in Progress wrestling and in the Mae Young Classic. I really wanted to watch her baby, her promotion, and her legacy. Hopefully, this review of the 02.08.2020 show will help you take that leap as I did in doing this review. 

Manami defeated Yurika Oka

Before watching this match I did some research into these two and found out Manami is the Sendai Girls Junior Champion and that her and Oka were both somewhat rookies in the promotion. Both girls are 16 years of age and this showed instantly in the match. Opening with good mat exchanges and arm exchanges, they both then landed dropkicks to each other. These opening moments made me realise their inexperience as they both used a limited number of moves. They then tried to finish the match with differing pinning predicaments. They match finished with Manami locking in a painful looking submission which she then turned into a pin and Manami gets the win. In total, this match was a clear and good opener, although the title was not on the line (I don’t know why not). I really like Manami from a first impression and loved her blue attired, looked slick and suits her style. 

Masha Slamovich defeated Mei Hoshizuki

The next match was a match I looked forward to when I saw the card as I have seen Slamovich before wrestling in Chikara and thought she looked good. The match started with them avoiding each other’s moves then transitioning into a test of strength. The story of the match was Mei as the underdog and Slamovich trying to execute her finisher. Slamovich being the heel constantly beet down Mei and then hitting a nice-looking lariat. Although Mei did lock on a single leg Boston crab. But then Slamovich gets out of it and hits single boot and then a executes her powerbomb followed by a double under hook powerbomb for the win. The match was good and was not clumsy. It got Slamovich over as a big name and will be looking forward to her returning to Sendai Girls.

Sakura Hirota defeated Kaoru

This match was not my cup of tea, from the sloppy looking dropkicks and the weird looking ass attack Hirota constantly performed. Although the fans seemed to enjoy this match, but I certainly did not. Hirota one after pinning Kaoru but only after being hit with a backdrop suplex. This was a match I was not wanting to last a long time. The best thing about this match when the bell rang to signify its finish. 

Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Natsuho Kaneko 

Unlike the previous match, this match was the opposite it was a quick and strong match starting with a lock up and followed by some nice grapple exchanges. Matsumoto locks in a guillotine choke and then a powerslam. Followed by multiple nasty looking elbows strikes but then Kaneko tries to roll up Matsumoto. But then Matsumoto hits a double knee drop from the top rope and locks in a boston crab for the win. This match was short but entertaining. It built Matsumoto (who I believe is one half of the current tag championships) to be a dominant star and I would like to see more of her in the future. 

Chahiro Hashimoto, Manami & Yuu defeated DASH Chisako, Meiko Satumora & Yurika Oka

Now finally the main event is this 6-man tag match. I was looking forward to this match as it included Meiko Satumoraand had the current Sendai Girls Champion Chahiro Hashimoto. From the start I thought Hashimoto had a good look and during this match she really impressed me. This match started out with Manami and Yurika Oka which was also the first match. They exchanged submissions, but then Manami tagged in Chahiro Hashimoto and its was clearly obvious the difference is push and place on the card as Hashimoto just destroyed Oka. Although Oka hit a good looking hurricanrana on Hashimoto. Oka then tagged in Meiko who then did a test of strength with Hashimoto. After various moves and grappes Manami was tagged in and faced off with Meiko. I was excited to see this as I have taken a liking to Manami. For a brief second Manami took control over Meiko but then Meiko tagged in DASH Chisako who instantly hit a drop kick on Manami. Then Yuu and Chahiro Hashimoto got involved and chopped Chisako aswell. Then tags in Yuu. Who hits a nice looking senton and a rolling corner senton. Then tags in Hashimoto who hits an amazing northern lights suplex. Then Dash Chisako tries to hit a hurricanrana to Hashimoto but reversed into a powerbomb. The match finished with a double senton by Yuu and Hashimoto to pin Oka for the win. This match was fun and fast. I would like to see more Hashitmoto and also love to see more Manami. 

Show Summary

In conclusion this show lasts about 1hr 14 minutes and it went be really fast. The show was well structured and allowed to build various singles stars such as Slamovich and Matsumoto. Match of the night is the main event and show MVP is Manami who was built very well and felt like champion and would love to see a Manami vs Hashimoto match or even Hashimoto vs Yuu match if its ever happened before. I cant wait to watch the next show that comes out.