ROH War Of The Worlds Night 2 Review

Added by Jason Worthing

This was my first ROH show since the Anniversary show at the Armory Feb of 2014. This year I got really good seats, front row west-side isle for my 7 year old son Dillon and I.

Doors opened a bit late, just after 6:30 pm. This was also my first show at the famous ECW arena so the first thing was a pic of the ECW wall painting in the bathroom.

I go to quite a few shows in the Philly / NY area so I saw allot of familiar faces, both fans and workers. A friend of mine, local ref Larry Peace was working security/ring crew as well as Monster Factory wrestler Good News Hughes and Grey Wolfe. The lobby was packed for the meet and greet, we skipped that and went right to our seats.

The crowd was electric and the show started mere minutes after 7:30 pm. Our great seats allowed for some really great pictures and interactions with the wrestlers.

Dark match was Jay Diesel w/ Truth Martini vs Romantic Touch. Jay Diesel is a power house with a great body and lots of potential. Jay Diesel got the win.

First match on the official card was Adam Page with Young Boy Colby Corino vs Taka Watanabe. Page was the heel and the crowd was solid behind the NJPW up and comer Watanabe. Corino got involved accidentally hitting Page at one point but redeemed himself as he kicked Taka was the ref was distracted giving Page the win. Taka hit a stiff belly to back suplex on Corino to get payback.

Match 2 Elgin vs Kushida. At the beginning of the match they went to shake hands but Kushida gave Elgin the middle finger popping the entire arena. Elgin looked strong, lots of stiff moves and Kushida had lots of high flying offence. Elgin got the win with Elgin bomb.

One thing I forgot to mention was streamers. Lots of streamers, one guy a fan came around at the beginning with a huge box and was passing them out.

Next was Naito vs Kyle O’Reilly. Great high flying match, lots of back and forth your classic match you’d expect from both great wrestlers. O’Reilly lost giving NJPW this win.Post match Naito gave my son his personalized wrist bands which was awesome.

Next up in the 4 way, Nakamura vs Mark Briscoe vs Liger vs Jay Lethal W/Truth Martini. Streamers galore for this one, I’ve got some great video clips too. Mark Briscoe gave my son his sweat soaked shirt during his intro which was really cool.This match had so much action I can’t even begin to recall it but this could’ve been the main event it was that good. Nakamura got the win

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Roderick Strong. Tiger Hatori reefed this one and was way over with the crowd and got streamers. I’m not sure how it happened but in the early staged Strong got busted open and was bleeding pretty hard. Sinclair came out with a towel Roddy whipped his head and threw the towel back at him.

We come back with Cheese Burger coming to the ring to pass out free merch, and streamers. He threw out some Okada bucks which got caught in the lights earning him a “you fucked up” chant. Bob Evans hits the ring while Cheese Burgers back is turned , takes an ROH shirt and puts it on.

Next, Addiction vs Gedo and Okada. I love Daniels and Kaz. These guys are great heels and were way to talented for TNA. People were chanting Fuck TNA, Addiction would motion to quiet and then get them going again. Kind of short but great match with the Addiction retaining.

ROH Champ Jay Briscoe vs Bobby Fish, O’Reilly accompanied his tag partner to the ring hugged and then went to the back. The crowd was split 50/50 as to who they were behind, I’m a Dem Boyz type of guy so I was pulling for Briscoe. Briscoe retained, both men hugged and Moose hit the ring speared Briscoe. Stoakley Hathaway then seamed concerned with Briscoe after Veda and Moose left and put his belt on the fallen champ.

Main Event saw The Bullet Club vs The Kingdom. Bullet Club out first with the roof exploding. Next, Maria, Bennett and Taven cut a promo and introduced Adam Cole.

There was a spot were Cole was trying to get the Bucks to Too Sweet him and get Mt. Rushmore back together but didn’t work. Maria got super kicked, typical Bucks match but meant in the best way possible. High flying, no one can follow these guys. The ending came when Bennett hit Matt Jackson with the belt allowing Cole to get the pin.

Great night, well worth the price of what I paid. The entire ROH staff and talent are awesome and they will be back at the arena August 21st for the After Shock tour.

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