ROH War of the Worlds 2015 Nights 1 & 2 Thoughts

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First and foremost it’s always great to go see ROH live and especially down at the former ECW Arena. On both nights the crowds were packed and the energy was electric in the building. Although I stood both nights I had an amazing time at both shows.

Night 1 Memorable Moments

Adam Cole came out to start to show and cut a great promo. He actually got me when he said that his doctor and ROH officials said he should ease back into wrestling and then said he wants to face AJ Styles.

Roderick Strong vs KUSHIDA

This match tore it up as the crowd was kind of split on both guys. This match had great technical wrestling in the beginning and then it picked up with some hard chopping and KUSHIDA going for the Kamara arm lock. Roddy won with a vicious looking End of Heartache.

Adam Cole vs AJ Styles

Holy shit, it was so much fun watching these guys kill it and the fans chanting back and forth with names. I was chanting both names because both guys are two of my favorites. They had an absolute killer match and Cole did not hold back coming off of his injury. Cole got hit with a Bloody Sunday on the apron by AJ. I personally like this match more than the match All-Star Extravaganza from September 2014.

The Briscoes vs Kazuchika Okada and Shinsuke Nakamura

I was pumped to see Okada and I was on another level to see Nakamura along with the rest of the Philly crowd. Nakamura was clearly the most over guy in the match. The match was tons of fun. Okada and Jay played the more serious roles and Nakamura and Mark played the fun-loving roles. Nakamura did get serious at the end when he fucked Jay up with a Boma Ye knee for the win.

Night 2 Memorable Moments

4 Corner Survival: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jay Lethal vs Jushin Thunder Liger vs Mark Briscoe

Once again and I know Liger is legend and all but I’m stating facts because I was there, Nakamura was the most over guy and seems to be the most over guy on the planet after seeing him live. The match was very enjoyable as the guys worked it kind of like a tag match but Lethal turned on Mark who was in his corner. Lethal called out Nakamura and we all went batch shit crazy for Nakamura. Nakamura won with Boma Ye on Liger.

Roderick Strong vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

This match was excellent and the great was very happy to see Tanahashi in Philly. I’m pretty sure Roddy got busted open early in the match. The match was just a good to very good match until like the final 8 minutes or whatever was when they just turned it up and got us really into. There were some great back and forths in the match. My favorite part of the match is when Tanahshi went for the High Fly Flow and Roddy drop kicked the shit out of Tanahashi. Tanahashi eventuall won with the High Fly Flow. Apparently there will be a ROH guy or more in the G1 this year, I’ll expect Roddy after his matches from these 2 nights.

The Bullet Club (AJ Styles and The Young Bucks) vs The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven w/ Maria Kanellis)

This was the best match of both shows. It was tons and tons of fun with creative moves and enjoyable shenanigans over Cole not being able to decide who to be friends with as he was teaming with the Bucks in PWG as Mount Rushmore. We chanted “Suck It!” whenever Matt Jackson was doing at one point which was a blast. There was triple superkick to Maria which looked vicious. The Biz Cliz then went for a double Meltzer Driver but Nick and AJ were pulled of the apron. Matt was then hit with a belt and The Kingdom picked up the win.

I highly recommend these shows and so happy to have enjoyed so much live.

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