ROH TV Reviews For November 1st, 8th & 15th

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The episode starts out with a promo by Matt Sydal saying how much coming back to ROH means to him.

Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman

This was an ok match. The crowd was not really into this one but the match was not awful. Briscoe through Coleman out of the ring and then went for the Cactus Jack elbow off of the apron but Coleman moved and hit Briscoe with the one inch punch. It didn’t effect Briscoe until he was getting into the ring and the moved off the apron and then Coleman hit a springboard moonsault. Briscoe won the match with the cutthroat driver.

ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness and Tommaso Ciampa promo

McGuinness said that Tommaso is reinstated in ROH but with a no tolerance policy. The policy includes that he cannot put his hands on any ROH staff member. Ciampa says that he wants a title match with Jay Briscoe. McGuinness says that he will have to earn it. Jay Briscoe comes out and says that he’s not hard to find and they can have a match right now. Ciampa says that Jay has been protected and they start hitting each other in the faces with refs holding them back. Ciampa is forced to leave the ring by Nigel.

While Briscoe is still in the ring, The Kingdom comes out and attacks him. Cole, Bennett, and Taven then hit a triple superkick on Jay. Mark Briscoe came out to help but Cole superkicked him and Bennett and Taven hit the Briscoe’s tag team finisher, the Doomsday Device.

This was a good segment that progressed many storylines in not too long amount of TV time.

Brutal Burgers (Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger) vs. The Decade’s BJ Whitmer and Adam Page w/ Jimmy Jacobs

This was a short match that I did not enjoy. The Brutal Burgers hit a super sized backpack stunner. The Decade won the match as Page hit a reverse piledriver on Cheeseburger. Page hit another one after the match was over.

#Reborn Matt Sydal vs. AJ Styles

This was a good match as it was great to see Sydal back in ROH. Just like the last match, the crowd just seemed worn out. The match began with each man trading headlocks. AJ hit a springboard forearm. Sydal hit a jumping knee strikes and then hit hurricana on him then sent him out of the ring. Sydal then went for a springboard moonsault but AJ pushed his legs out and Sydal landed oddly on the second rope. AJ won after Sydal missed a shooting star press and AJ hit the hollow point and Styles clash for the 3 count.


The show begins with a vignette about The Kingdom featuring clips from promos of The Kingdom. The Kingdom said they have a long history with the Briscoes and it the history will continue tonight.

Cedric Alexander vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This was a very good match. Before the match, there was clip shown of how Cedric laid out from when Ciampa assaulted him to take him out of the Honor Rumble an possibility to get an ROH world title shot. Cedric hit a dropkick on Ciampa that knocked him out of the ring and that hit a tope con hilo. Ciampa hit some of his running knees that looked brutal. After Cedric kicked out of something that Ciampa thought was a 3 count he charged in the corner at referee Todd Sinclair looking like he was going to attack him. Cedric ran to hit a dropkick on Ciampa but hit it on Snclair. As Cedric attended to Sinclair, Ciampa untied the tag rope and choked out Cedric for the win. Ciampa was then stopped by Nigel and they found the rope hidden under his arm. Cedric was awarded the win and then Ciampa beat him down with a chair.

Worst Case Scenario (Elijiah Evans and Ethan Case) vs. Moose and RD Evans w/ Ramon

This was an ok match. Apparently Worst Case Scenario impressed ROH officials at a tryout camp. Worst Case Scenario hit some impressive moves which included a pop up forearm. Moose and RD picked up the win with a Moose spear followed by RD hitting a flying head but while standing on Moose’s shoulders.

Kevin Kelly interviews Michael Elgin

Elgin says that he wants to be comfortable and tries to put his suit jacket on Kevin Kelly’s face. Kelly leaves the ring and Elgin says that he will no longer say what ROH wants him to say and he will be him.

No DQ Match: The Kingdom (Michael Bennett and Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis vs The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe)

This was a good match as Adam Cole was on commentary. The match started off quickly even before the bell rang as The Briscoes attacked The Kingdom. The Kingdom hit a nice superkick and spear combo on Mark. Mark hit a brutal looking blockbuster on Taven. Bennett hit the Matt Hardy leg drop and the Kingdom keeps teasing Hardy. The Briscoes won as Jay hit the Jay Driller on Taven. Cole then ran in the ring and the Kingdom began to beat The Briscoes got some offense in and when Mark sent for the doomsday device he was pushed off of the top rope by Maria and hit a table but it did not break. The Kingdom stood in the ring to end
the episode.


Will Ferrera, Caprice Coleman, and Tadarius Thomas vs. The Decade’s Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer and Adam Page

This match was an ok match. The match did start out fast as Whitmer tried to intimidate Thomas but Thomas started pounding on Whitmer. Then everyone started brawling and Coleman’s team hit some dives on The Decade after they were knocked out of the ring. Roddy hit a nasty backbreaker after pulling one of his opponents off the second rope. Coleman hit a standing hurricanrana on Whitmer. Ferrera hit a nice yoshi tanic on Roddy. Coleman picked up the victory for his team with an ace crusher on Roddy.

After the match, Roddy and Page were beginning to shove each other and Whitmer said they are going to self destruct. Roddy was then starting to talk but Page attacked him from behind. Roddy then fought off of both Page and Whitmer essentially kicking Roddy out of The Decade.

Kevin Kelly Interviews Ray Rowe

As Kevin Kelly just begins to talk to Rowe but Whitmer and Page come back out. Whitmer tells Rowe to walk his bitch ass to the back with his gimp arm and dares him to hit him. Rowe starts to undo his bandage on his arm but then referees come out to bring Rowe to the back. Whitmer then says Roddy is a cancer and volunteers Page to go against Roddy at Final Battle 2014 on December 7th.

ROH TV Title Match: ACH vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini

This was a really good match. The match started out normal although ACH seemed hesitant in the beginning to chop Lethal. Lethal hit his signature cartwheel into a dropkick. Lethal went for an early Lethal Injection but ACH held his Lethal’s legs and tied him up in the ropes and started repeatedly kicking him in the chest and then hit him with a dropkick in the chest. Lethal went for a sunset flip but ACH would not go down as he almost bridged to stay out of it and hit a double stomp on Lethal. While ACH was holding a waist lock, Lethal hit him with a back elbow that sent him through the ropes hitting his head on the announce table and dropping to the floor. ROH referees tried to take ACH to the back and stop the match but ACH came back with a short spurt of offense on Lethal. ACH hit a springboard through the ropes flatliner and then hit his beautiful Air Jordan springboard. Lethal hit the Lerhal Injection after a brutal superkick and ACH kicked at 1. Lethal then an elevated and modified DDT for the win.

Matt Sydal then gets in the ring after being on commentary the whole match. Sydal goes over to Lethal and offers a handshake to join the House of Truth but he pulled his hand away when Lethal went for the shake. Sydal then pointed at the TV title and indicated that he wanted the title.

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