ROH TV Reviews for 22 & 29/11/14

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Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis Promo

Bennett says that the fans don’t know what love is and then insults some fans inthe crowd. Bennett then says that Nigel makes all these title matches but has
not made a title match for the Title of Love. Bennett then issues in an openchallenge for the Title of Love. The Romantic Touch answers the challenge.

Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis vs. The Romantic Touch

This was an ok match as it was kind of a short match. The match starts out withBennett hitting him when Touch went for the handshake. Touch hit a very nicedropkick on Bennett. Touch went for a dive but Bennett pulled Kanellis out infront and stopped Touch. Bennett then hit a superkick and then a side effect onthe apron. Bennett picked up the win with the Twist of Fate.

Caprice Coleman vs Michael Elgin

This was an odd segment as it was not even a match. The bell rang and Elgin laid down for Coleman to pin him but Coleman refused. Then security came out and escorted Elgin out and there was no match. The whole Elgin storyline is weird to begin with and this made it even weirder and I’m not a fan of it. Most likely he and Ciampa will tear it down at Final Battle on December 7th.

Hanson vs AJ Styles

The match starts out kind of normal and then Hanson keeps trying hit AJ and AJ  dipped out of the ring to calm down. AJ hit his signature and best dropkick in wrestling on Hanson. Hanson went for a suicide dive but AJ got out of the way and Hanson hit all floor. AJ then went for a moonsault and Hanson caught him and tossed him into the ring post. Hanson ran to hit the bronco buster but AJ ran at him and clipped his knee. AJ then hit a springboard 450 splash on Hanson’s knee which was the knee that AJ clipped earlier in the match. While Hanson was on the second rope, AJ hit the pele kick and then hit the Styles Clash for the win.


QT Marshall vs. Cheeseburger

This was an ok match but was pointless to put on TV leading up to Final Battle. The match started out with Cheeseburger slapping Marshall because he was
doubting him. Cheeseburger hit an amazing springboard to the outside on Marshall. Marshall won with some type of power slam.

Marshall then gets on the mic and says that he should be on Final Battle. He then says the he wants to face Jay Briscoe.

ROH World Champ Jay Briscoe vs. QT Marshall

This was basically a squash match as Jay just beat his ass pretty handedly. Jay won the match with Jay Driller.

The Decade’s Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer vs Aaron Solo

This was an ok match as it was a quick match like the last one. Page controlled the match the entire time. Page threw Solo into the barricade and it looked like he hit his head directly. Page won with some type of piledriver.

Page cuts a promo and says that he’s learned from BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs but but learned what not to do from Roderick Strong. Page then says that he’s going to make Roderick Strong his bitch. Roddy then runs out and BJ and Adam to
the back.

Adam Cole vs Matt Sydal

This was a good match. Sydal had the upper hand for the beginning of this match. Sydal hit many hurricanas on Cole. Sydal went for a type of dive on Cole but Cole hit an enziguri. Cole hit the brain buster over the knee. Sydal then hit a step up reverse rana on Cole and then hit a meteora out to the floor. Sydal went for the Shooting Star Press but Jay Lethal distracted him and Cole pushed him off. Cole then won the match with the Florida Key.

After the match Sydal was attacked by Lethal and they went to the floor. Cole was then attacked by Brsicoe who threw Cole out of the ring. Tommaso Ciampa ran out and hit a knee strike that sent Jay out of the ring. Sydal then hit a Shooting Star on everyone to close out the show.

This was a passable episode of ROH TV but the main event was worth watching and the crowd was dead pretty much for this episode and all the other episode from Florida, where this one took place

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