ROH TV Reviews For 16/8 And 23/8/2014

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Double header this week guys, here we go with August 16th first.

This the episode of ROH TV with Kevin Steen’s final match. Before the usual intro of TV, Steen cuts a promo of how much ROH and Steve Corino has helped him in his wrestling but also says he wants to go out with a win.

The Decade’s Tadarius Thomas w/ Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Page vs. ACH

This was a pretty long match and was a pretty good match. The crowd was against the whole Decade stable and what they stand for and the crowd was into ACH the whole match. The match began with some technical wrestling with neither man gaining the upper hand. Thomas then began to use capawara kicks on ACH. At one point when they were both on the outside of the ring, ACH was against the barricade and Thomas kicked him in the chest so hard that it sent ACH over the barricade laying in the front row. Thomas hit some brutal capawara kicks to the face on ACH which led to ACH bleeding from his mouth. ACH hit the running
twisting backflip to Thomas on the outside of the ring to a huge reaction and then won with 450 splash.

After the match, BJ Whitmer ran and then Whitmer and Jacobs started smacking Thomas and Page who are the young boys of The Decade. The fans were chanting for both young boys to man up and give up being in The Decade. Thomas and Page opened the ropes for Whitmer and Jacobs to leave and they all left with the group still in tact but both guys were being fed up.

Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino

Steen comes out to a huge reaction and to it seemed millions of streamers. Steen then did snow angels in the streamers.

This was a good match as this was a great moment for Steen and Corino. The match began with Steen and Corino going back and forth but Steen gained the upper hand as they went to the outside. Steen put on a fans El Generico mask and hit 2 yakuza kicks on Corino. Corino hit a couple superkicks that were landed right underneath the chin. Steen hit the Swanton on Corino. Steen picked up the victory with the package piledriver.

After the match, Steen and Corino raise each others hands and hug each other. Jimmy Jacobs then comes to join the celebration but Whitmer and Strong run out to attack Steen but Steen clotheslines both of them. Kaz, Daniels, ACH, Cedric Alexader, and Caprice Coleman run out to help Steen but The Decade already left the ring.

August 23rd

Rocky Romero vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This was a really good match as both men had the crowd behind both of them. Romero hit some outside dives on Ciampa. Romero hit a top rope superplex on Ciampa. Ciampa went for a powerbomb of the second rope but Romero reversed it into a hurricana. Romero jumped and caught himself in the middle and top rope for a second time in the match but Ciampa nailed him in the face one of his signature knees. Romero won the match after Ciampa was disqualified after not letting go of a submission when Romero had a rope break.

RD Evans w/ Veda Scott and Ramone vs. Moose

This scheduled match didn’t even happen as Veda said that she offered to join her and RD Evans. Veda and RD convinced Moose to join them. Ramone didn’t look to happy about Moose joining,

ROH World TV Title Match: Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini and Seleziya vs ACH

This was an amazing match between ACH and Lethal. Lethal and ACH were trading some hard chops to the chest in the beginning of the match. ACH went out of the ring and Seleziya threw him into the ring post which got her ejected from the match by referee Todd Sinclair. ACH hit an enziguri on Lethal which knocked him out of the ring and ACH went for the Air Jordan springboard move but Martini pulled his legs out from underneath him which resulted in an ejection of Martini. Lethal hit a vicious superkick on ACH that sent him backwards and standing on his neck. Later in the match ACH hit the running backflip over the top rope and put Lethal into the ring and hit the 450 splash but Lethal put his foot on the rope which prevented the three count. Lethal won as the 30 minute time limit expired and all of the fans chanted 5 more minutes.

This was a very entertaining episode of ROH TV and I recommend watching just for the main event alone.

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