ROH TV Reviews 28/3 & 4/4/15

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This the TV return of Samoa Joe for ROH.

Moose w/ Stokley Hathaway and Veda Scott vs Caprice Coleman

This was an OK match. The match is obviously meant to make Moose look strong. One notable move Moose did in this match was that he swung Coleman into the guardrail repeatedly. Moose won with the spear.

The Decade (BJ Whitmer and Adam Page) vs Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali

This was a very quick match. The Decade dominated these two guys. I really like Adam Page’s aggression in this beat down. The Decade won with the All Seeing Eye. Whitmer gets on the mic after and says that he’s found The Decade’s new youngboy. Whitmer asks Corino to join and Steve Corino gets up but Whitmer says not him but his son, Colby Corino. Steve Corino goes to hit Whitmer but Jimmy Jacobs runs out to stop Corino. Jacobs says he’s gone too far and Whitmer says he ain’t seen nothing yet.

Donovan Dijak and J Diesel w/ Truth Martini vs Brutal Burgers (Cheeseburger and ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans)

This was a fun match. It showed Dijak in the House of Truth. I really enjoy watching Cheeseburger because he’s just a fun character on ROH. Dijak and Diesel picked up the win when Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes on Cheeseburger. After the match, Cheeseburger and Brutal Bob hugged after the loss trying to keep their spirits up. Brutal Bob then attacked Cheeseburger.

ROH Tag Champ Kyle O Reilly w/ ROH Tag Champ Bobby Fish vs Samoa Joe

This was a very good match. I really enjoy the MMA influence both of these guys use. There were tons of great moves in this match and I feel the match told the story of whose tougher because these guys brought. One of my favorite spots was when O Reilly ran to hit Joe with a forearm in the corner and Joe catches him in the STO. Joe won the match with a muscle buster.


The show starts off with a promo package showing Steve Corino’s son, Colby, becoming The Decade’s new young boy.

Will Ferrara vs Michael Elgin

This was an alright match. Elgin was presented with lots of anger and was beating the shit out of Ferrara. Ferrara only got offense in on Elgin in the beginning of the match. Ferrara kept fighting even though Elgin was beating him down. Elgin won with a buckle bomb and an Elgin Bomb combo. After the match, Elgin picked him up and hit him with a another powerbomb.

War Machine (Hanson and Ray Rowe) vs Anthony Greene and Cam Zagami

This was a good match for War Machine to return in. They just beat the shit out of these two guys. War Machine won with Rowe holding Greene up in a stalled back suplex and Hanson hit a leg drop off of the top rope. After the match,Elgin comes out and challenges War Machine by himself.

Handicap Match: Michael Elgin vs War Machine (Hanson and Ray Rowe)

This match didn’t last very long. Elgin got out of the ring then Rowe hit him and the floodgates opened for War Machine double team moves. Shortly, Elgin and Rowe are outside of the ring and Elgin hits him with a chair and War Machine won via disqualification.

QT Marshall vs ACH

This was an alright match. Marshall did the backflip ACH does off the apron to avoid a move. ACH then kicked him in the chest and dove on Marshall but he reversed it into a power slam on the floor. Later on in the match, Marshall went for a 450 but ACH moved and hit his own for the win. After the match, The Decade comes down. BJ Whitmer says that no one respects ACH, he should’ve have gotten the opportunities he has gotten, and his mother sees him as a failure. ACH then went to attack Whitmer but Colby Corino hit ACH which did not effect him. Whitmer then hits ACH with a forearm and Adam Page hit a guillotine driver on ACH.

Mark Briscoe vs IWGP Hvt. Champ AJ Styles

This was a very good match. Not a particular that I feel was told throughout the match. Just an enjoyable match to watch between tow awesome wrestlers. AJ Styles won with a Bloody Sunday and then a Styles Clash.

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