ROH TV Reviews (18 & 25/10/14)

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The Romantic Touch vs. Hanson

This was an OK match. Hanson dominated the match the entire time and it was a quick match. Hanson threw Romantic Touch around and hit a brutal bronco buster. Hanson won the match with the Spin Kick of Doom.

The Kingdom comes out to cut a promo. Bennett says that The Kingdom will have 2 crowns as they would hold the Title of Love and the ROH World Title. Cole says that he is the king of The Kingdom and then there is tension between Bennett and
Cole. Maria says something to Cole and Cole says he knows Bennett will give Jay Briscoe a beating of lifetime. This pretty much teased a breakup and Cole’s desire to become the ROH World champ again.

No DQ Match: The Decade’s Tadarius Thomas vs. The Decade’s Adam Page

Jimmy Jacobs says that he wants to see some action and wants the younger guys to prove themselves. Jacobs then made this match. This was a good match but was short. Page and Thomas were reluctant to hit each other in the beginning. Page hung Thomas up in the tree of woe and hit his leg with a chair. Thomas hit a German suplex on Page on an open chair. The match didn’t have an ending but Thomas hit Jacobs with the chair after being frustrated with how he’s been treated in The Decade. After hitting Jacobs, Thomas just went to the locker room.

Cedric Alexander vs. Adam Cole

This was a good match. The match began with some technical wrestling and Alexander gaining the momentum and drop kicking Cole which he then slid out of the ring in frustration. Alexander hit his signature flatliner. Cole superkicked Cedric’s leg out as he went for the 450 kick off of the turnbuckle. Cedric went for a springboard but was met with a superkick to the jaw. Cole hit a superkick on Cedric when he went for a corner dropkick. Cole won with a Twist of Fate, paying homage to his mentor the Iconic Matt Hardy.


This weeks edition of ROH TV is an episode where all 3 champions in ROH will defend their titles.

ROH Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O Reilly) vs The Decade’s Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong w/ BJ Whitmer and Adam Page

This was a good match as it was the first match between these two teams. The match began with O Reilly and Jacobs and Jacobs gained the upper hand. Strong put Jacobs in the electric chair and threw Jacobs for a back senton. O Reilly and Jacobs each had the other teams partners in guillotined but Fish and Strong power bombed O Reilly and Jacobs into each other. Later in the match, O Reilly and Strong traded some brutal forearms strikes. reDRagon picked up the win and retained their titles with Chasing the Dragon.

ROH TV champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs Will Ferrera

This was a good match. Lethal began the match by beating up on Ferrera a bit. Ferrera showed his fight as he 3 straight elbow in the corner on Lethal. Lethal hit his signature backbreaker-flatliner combination. Later in the match, Ferrera hit a very nice swinging DDT on Lethal. Lethal won the match and retained his title with the Lethal Injection.

ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe vs Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis

This was a very good match. The match began with Bennett slapping Briscoe in the face and then Bennett ran from Briscoe as he chased Bennett. Briscoe hit a vertical suplex on the entrance way on Bennett. Bennett was going to go for a piledriver on the apron but he is banned to use it ROH after losing the match to Kevin Steen at Final Battle last year. Briscoe then hit Death Valley driver on the apron. Briscoe went for the Jay Driller but Maria threw the Title of Love in the ring and Briscoe looked down at it. This distracted him long enough for Bennett to low blow him and then hit a piledriver. Bennett went for a Swanton but missed and then Briscoe hit the Jay Driller for the win and retained his title.

After the match, Maria came in the ring and tried hit Briscoe with the belt but he just got her and tried to hit the Jay Driller. When he got her, Adam Cole ran in and hit a superkick to the back of the head of Briscoe. Mark Briscoe then ran in to save Jay but then Matt Taven ran in and hit Mark with the belt. Taven then revealed that he joined The Kingdom. Cole then hit Briscoe with the belt and The Kingdom stood hand in hand to end the show.

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