ROH TV Reviews 14 & 21/2/15

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ROH World Champ Jay Briscoe comes out first to sit in on commentary to watch the three men who will be taking him on for the world title at the 13th Anniversary on March 1st on PPV.

The DECADE’s Jimmy Jacobs vs Tommaso Ciampa

When Ciampa got down to the ring, he went right over to Jay and picked up a chair. As Jay was telling him to do something, Jacobs ran to dive on Ciampa but Ciampa tossed the chair and it Jacobs right in the face. Both men then fought on the outside for a little bit and the match didn’t start yet. The match finally started and it was good quick match. Jacobs hit a head scissors on Ciampa on the outside on Ciampa. Jacobs later hit an diving backwards ace crusher-sliced bread number 2 combo. Ciampa regained momentum by hitting a discus lariat. Ciampa won the match by ref stoppage after kneeing Jacobs face into the barricade 3 times.

The Romantic Touch vs Hanson

This was a squash match but made Hanson look strong. Touch gave Hanson a chocolate and then Hanson hit the Spin Kick of Doom for the win. After the win, Hanson and Briscoe got in each other’s faces.

Moose w/ Veda Scott and Stokley Hatahway vs Michael Elgin

This was a surprisingly good match. The match started out normal. Then Elgin hit a stalling vertical suplex on Moose but Moose immediately got up and hit a dropkick on Elgin. Moose then a powerbomb on Elgin. Later in the match Elgin hit a pop up powerbomb and then a deadlift powerbomb on Moose. The match ended know disqualication after Elgin pushed Jay Briscoe and Jay chased him into the ring. As Jay chased Elgin, Moose hit a spear on Jay even though he was going for Elgin. Then Hanson ran out to attack Elgin and then Ciampa to do the same on Jay Briscoe. Mark Briscoe then ran out for the save and he cleared the ring of those 3. Jay then hit a tope con hilo on Ciampa, Hanson, and Elgin. Mark was still in the ring and when he turned around he got speared by Moose.

Cedric Alexander, ACH and Matt Sydal vs The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks and AJ Styles)

This was match was absolutely insane and I’m not lying when I say it was the greatest match that I’ve seen live. The winners of the match was the Bullet Club. There was too much awesomeness to put into words for this one so go to to see this. You will not regret it.


This edition of ROH TV is one of the episodes titled Road Rage.

ACH vs Alberto El Patron

This was a very good match. The crowd was into to both guys but they seemed to like Alberto more. Although I’m not a fan of him, he seems so appreciative and energized to wrestle in front of the ROH crowd. The match started slow as both were circling each other trying to think of what move to attack the opponent with. ACH then hit his signature sequence of a cartwheel, backflip, dodge a clothesline, and dropkick combo. ACH then went for a plancha but Alberto pulled out the apron and ACH got caught in it. Patron then hit a step up enziguri. Later in the match, ACH hit his signature running backflip dive on Alberto. ACH then went for the 450 but he landed on his feet and then hit a bridging German suplex on El Patron. El Patron won the match with a cross arm breaker after he got his knees up on ACH’s second attempt at 450 splash.

Michael Elgin vs Mark Briscoe

This was a good match. The match started right away with Elgin attacking Mark but Mark quickly turned the tables as he drop kicked Elgin off the apron to the outside. Mark then hit a dropkick off the top rope after Elgin was set up for the Cactus Jack elbow but Elgin rolled inside the ring. Later Elgin hit a somersault leg drop on Mark. Mark then went for a tornado DDT but Elgin reversed it by deadlifting him into a suplex. Elgin won the match after he hit the Jay Driller on Mark.After the match Elgin got two pieces of metal that connect into the corner and put them in Mark’s mouth. Before he could do anything, Jay came down but Elgin got out of the ring. Elgin then slid back in and hit Jay with the belt. Ciampa then came down hit Elgin, then Hanson did the same thing. All the men brawled and Ciampa hit a dive on everyone but Elgin. Elgin was last pictured holding the

ROH TV Title Match: Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini and J Diesel

This was a very good match as well. The match started fast paced as both were coming very quick off the ropes. Roddy hit a leg lariat after Lethal hit a dropkick when Roddy was sitting down. Later in the match, Lethal hit his signature 3 tope suicidas on Roddy, by the way Lethal does the best suicidas. Roddy was then attacked by BJ Whitmer, Whitmer hit 2 exploder suplexes on Roddy. The match was disqualified but Roddy wanted to keep going so the match resumed. Towards the end of the match, Lethal went for a Lethal Injection but Roddy and then hit a sick kick. Lethal went for another later in the match but Roddy caught him in a backbreaker. Lethal finally retained the TV title with a Lethal Injection. After the match, Roddy went to the back and found Whitmer and they started brawling. The episode with El Patron and Lethal battling it out.

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