ROH TV Review for Week (3/4/16)

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Hello wrestling fans! No you are not reading this wrong. I am a week late. I had wrestlemania last week and weekend. I have been super busy with work and all my other duties. I am sorry I have been gone. But I’m back! I am reviewing last week’s Ring of Honor Television. So, let’s get started with one of the best hours of wrestling television every week!

We get a replay of what happened last week with Donovan Dijak attacking Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. We then get a pretty good promo from Jay Lethal about how Dijack doesn’t deserve Lethal but how he is going to get him. Pretty good short promo from Lethal to further the feud between House of Truth and Dijack.

We are taped again from Las Vegas, Nevada. We are welcomed by Mr. Wrestling 3 and Kevin Kelly. The main event is The Motor Machine Guns vs The Addiction. That should be an awesome main event but maybe a little bit too soon but we will see.

We start with a tag team match. The first team is one of my favorites, reDRagon. I love this team but I am still in the belief that O’Reilly should be a main event star and in singles competition. Fish could be a good heel and in the mid card still. But, if ROH wants to keep O’Reilly for a long time then they should push him more. And their opponents are the IWGP Heavyweight Champion “Rainmaker” Okada and Gedo. This should be good. WE get the tale of the tape with Okada and Gedo having the obvious advantage in experience. We do not get the code of honor with Gedo and Okada disrespecting reDRagon. And the match is on.

ReDragon vs IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

This match was very good. I feel like the ending was anti-climatic with Okada and Gedo not getting as much offense as they should have at the end but it was still good. They chose an odd limb to target by targeting the cauliflower ear of O’Reilly’s. That is very different and I don’t know how to feel about it since it’s a legit injury that could damage his ear for real. But, it was unique to see. The match was good and ROH finally won with ReDragon finally getting over a tag team to get some momentum. My other gripe is that the ending of the match seemed a little sloppy and not as tough as reDRagon usually is. Pretty good match

ReDragon win with Chasing the Dragon to Gedo *** ¾

We are told that next is New Japan’s time traveler Kushida facing Adam Cole. That is an interesting match up.

We get a promo from the Briscoes calling out War Machine and the tag team division. I like their tag team run since they are a pretty good team and they are better as a team than separate.

Adam Cole comes out first to the usual cheers that I complain about. Even though the Adam Cole baby chant is very catchy. Kushida comes out next. If you don’t know him, get New Japan World and watch him. He is fast and a very good character with borrowing from Back To The Future and looking like Marty McFly. He is one half of the IWGP Junior Tag Team champions with ROHs Matt Sydal. He is fun to watch and the fans chant his name as we get the tale of the tap. Cole has weight and height advantage. We get the code of honor and the match is on.

Adam Cole vs Kushida

Great match. I expected way more coming out from the first match but that match under performed. But this match exceeded my expectations. Kushida played a great underdog but when he was on top, he was great with hard strikes and his armbar finisher. Cole did great to as selling his arm injury and crisp offense. This match overall was great and these two meshed well together. Adam Cole and ROH won again with Cole gaining more momentum to get towards his goal of becoming world champion.

Adam Cole defeated Kushida ****

We get prepped for the main event but before that we get a promo from Dalton Castle talking about what he will fight Silas Young with next week in their fight without honor. I recently met Dalton Castle during Mania weekend and he is truly great all the time and is in character all the time. I am excited for this match.

We get a replay of the reunion of the Machine Guns before the main event. We get the commissioner Nigel McGuiness at commentary for the main event. I always love when he commentates because he is great at it and adds power. Daniels and Kazarian come out to boos. Shelley and Sabin come out to a huge pop. I love that they are reuniting because they were great in TNA as a tag team and I feel like they will flourish more in ROH with there style of wrestling and the tag team division will be better with them in it. We get the tale of the tape. Kazarian and Daniels have the experience individually but the tag team experience goes to Machine Guns. This match will be great between four real life friends that know how to have a good match together.

The Addiction vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Another great match. I wanted to give this a higher rating. I truly did. But it didn’t have that true climatic ending that it should have. Both teams had great chemistry. Shelley played a great hero in peril while the Addiction was great at cutting off the ring and hurting Shelley. Sabin was good as a hot tag, could have had better spots and quicker on the offense but still good. Overall, the match was good and the two teams have great chemistry. In the end, Machine Guns get there revenge and welcome back win.

Machine Guns get there returning win and revenge against the Addiction ****

After the match, The Addiction attack Machine Guns before Sydal and Kushida make the save. That’s a bit confusing since in ROH, ACH and Sydal are a team. Make up your mind New Japan and ROH! Can’t have someone having two different tag partners unless it’s a stable. So let’s fix it. The Young Bucks then come out and attack Machine Guns. We get a four tag team brawl to end the show. Machine Guns and Kushida and Sydal end the show, sending the fans at home happy.

Overall, another great show with three good matches. I like the partnership with New Japan, especially now that ROH is finally getting a few wins against them. The match of the night I would say is the tag team main event. The tag team division in ROH is the best right now and they put on the best matches. Kushida and Cole was good to. We furthured the storyline of all the tag teams fighting each other which is producing great matches and storylines. I am excited for next week’s main event with Young and Castle in a fight without honor. Tune in soon for my review of that show and check out everything else on The Indy Corner! Goodnight and see you next week!

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