ROH TV Review (Episode Airdate 3/11/15)

Added by Michael Cook

The show started off with The Young Bucks vs Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser was basically two matches in one as it started with Bucks and Silas and Bruiser. After being out done by the Young Bucks, Silas got on the microphone and said that he softened them up for his Boys. His boys being Dalton Castles boys. They were not in their peacock costumes. They were wearing vests and jeans like real men I guess. Anyway the match restarted as The Young Bucks vs Silas Young’s boys. Young Bucks easily won this match in quick fashion but in the future I can picture these two teams having a great series of matches.

Kevin Kelly and  Nigel McGuinness were interrupted by BJ Whitmer. He wanted Steve Corino fired after knocking Whitmer out two weeks ago. While Nigel was sending Whitmer to the back Kevin Kelly told us that Veda Scott is suing ROH for an unsafe working environment for Cedric Alexander even though it was her that started it in the first place with the wrench.

Roderick Strong beat Will Ferrara in what was basically a warm up match for Strong. Roderick Strong was named the number one contender for Jay Lethals television title and will get that title shot on a future episode of ROH tv.

Main Event was originally going to be Adam Cole vs AJ Styles but after what Cole did to Kyle O’Reilly at All Star Extravangza, O’Reilly was added into the match to make it a three way.

Each wrestler came out in teams. Cole with the kingdom, O’Reilly with Bobby Fish and Michael Elgin and AJ Styles with the Young Bucks. McGuinness got on the microphone and told everybody that wasn’t in the match to get to the back.

It was a good match for a triple threat. I did feel something was missing though. It had the potential to be a match of the year candidate but I can’t put my finger on what it was that I thought it was not as good as it should have been. I’m sure they will face each other again and have an amazing match but not this week. One move I did like was when O’Reilly had Styles in an arm bar, Adam Cole put a figure four leg lock on Styles that looked good.

Styles was going to hit O’Reilly with the Styles clash but Cole super kicked Styles on the back of his head nearly dropping O’Reilly on his head. That move is dangerous any ways but doing that looked even more dangerous. Cole then hit O’Reilly with a suplex into Coles knee for the win.

After the match the kingdom came out and started kicking O’Reilly. Bobby Fish, Michael, Elgin and the Young Bucks came out to make the save. While AJ Styles was in the ring, Jay Lethal came out to stare out AJ Styles and holding up the ROH World title to number one contender AJ Styles. Really looking forward to this match.

Entertaining episode that had the potential to be amazing but maybe if they had more time it would have been perfect.

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