ROH TV Review 9/8/14

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Rocky Romero vs. Adam Cole

This was Cole’s first match on ROH TV since losing the ROH World Title to Michael Elgin at Best In The World 2014.

This match was a good match but I felt like the crowd wasn’t into it that much. The match started out with some technical wrestling but Romero gained the momentum. Romero hit his signature suicide dive and knee off of the apron in the match. Romero also hit a clothesline on Cole that dropped Cole on his upper back and neck area which looked very painful. Cole hit a superkick on Romero when Romero does the thing when he catches himself in the top and middle rope. Cole won the match with a figure four.

The Decade’s Adam Page w/ Roderick Strong vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This was an ok match but it was more directed towards the storyline of The Decade. The match began with Ciampa trying attack Roddy but Page took advantage of that as he knocked Ciampa out of the ring and then hit a shooting star press off the apron on Ciampa. Later in the match, Page hit Ciampa with a certain type of backbreaker which set Roddy off in anger. This distracted Page and Ciampa hit him with the knockout knee to the face and then Project Ciampa for the win.

After the match, Ciampa cuts a promo saying that Michael Elgin has an open challenge for anybody but he is being overlooked. Ciampa even says that he’s been overlooked since he’s stepped foot in an ROH ring. Silas Young interrupts Ciampa saying when he defeats Elgin on August 22nd people will have to earn their title shot. Ciampa then head buffs Silas and Silas rolls out of the ring.

ROH World Title Match: ROH World Champion Michael Elgin vs. ROH Tag Champion Kyle O Reilly w/ Bobby Fish

Before the match, Elgin says he’s been sick of the numbers game playing in ROH World Title matches. Elgin then calls out his mentor Tyson Dux to prevent Bobby Fish from interfering.

This was a pretty good match. The match began with some quick exchanges of technical wrestling. O Reilly was hitting some stiff kicks to the chest throughout the match. While exchanging chops and kicks, Elgin hit a brutal backhand to O Reilly. Later in the match, Elgin and O Reilly are up on the top turnbuckle and Elgin puts O Reilly in a fireman’s carry but O Reilly reverses it into a triangle choke. Elgin then powerbombs O Reilly off the second rope. Elgin then hits the Elgin Bomb for the win and retains his title.

After the match, Silas Young runs out and attacks Elgin. Ciampa quickly runs out and attacks Silas. Adam Cole, Cedric Alexander, The Briscoes, and War Machine run out. Mark Briscoe moonsaults on to everybody on the outside and then Cedric
hits a tope con hilo on everybody after. Cole and Elgin are the only ones left in the ring. Cole picks up the title and tries to hit Elgin with it and then Elgin hits a backfist and then hits the Elgin Bomb but he threw Cole out of the ring onto everybody.

This was a good episode of ROH TV. The episode showed how much all of the contenders for the ROH title want it and the last 3 minutes were very entertaining.

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