ROH TV Review (9/5/15)

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Chris Sabin vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly had his head bandaged up after he was busted open a couple of weeks ago by Knights Of the rising dawn who was revealed to be Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Chris Sabin. The bandage was removed by Sabin and the cut started to bleed. As the match progressed O’Reilly seemed to be getting weaker.

O’Reilly tried a number of times to lock Sabin into an arm lock but seemed to always get out of it. Sabin had O’Reilly in a tree of woe and Sabin was ready to jump and drop kick him in the face but O’Reilly moved and Sabin went balls first into the ring post. I really warn people when watching this that your eyes will water after that.

Bobby Fish and Christoper Daniels come out to help causing a distraction. This distraction brought out Frankie Kazarian who raked the cut of O’Reilly and double teamed him leading Sabin to hit the cradle shock for the win.

Very good competitive match. Adam Cole on commentary was good also as he had not forgotten that at SuperCard Of Honor 9 Kevin Kelly repeatedly accused Adam Coles Kingdom of being part of the KRD and my God did Adam Cole not let him forget it. He wanted Kelly to apologise with Steve Corino saying sorry on their behalf.

2. Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal and ACH vs Roderick Strong and The Briscoes

This was one crazy match with everybody looking very strong. Highlight was a series of dives over the top and through the ropes. ACH was about to do a dive of his own but Mark Briscoe gave him a huge clothesline that flipped ACH onto his face.

Alberto hit Jay Briscoe with a painful looking DDT. Match eventually went crazy and everybody was hitting kicks and double foot stomps. The match ended when Alberto applied the armlock to Mark Briscoe Sydal jumped to the top rope and hit a shooting star press. As soon as Sydal rolled out of the ring ACH hit a brilliant 450 splash for a surprise victory. This was a brilliant match and I was convinced that Briscoes and Roderick Strong were going to win but I am very happy with this result. ACH has had a lot of good matches so far this year and deserves the opportunity for a shot at the World or TV titles.

Next Episode:

This will be the first episode after Global Wars IPPV on 15th May and we will see ACH vs The Decades Adam Page.

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