ROH TV Review (8/7/15)

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This is the first show taped after Best In the world. TNA could learn from this and have the world title defended on the PPVs and have a couple of weeks of non specific wrestling.

1. Dalton Castle vs Watanabe

An OK match and another win for Dalton Castle. I’m glad Castle is starting to win some matches now because it was getting close to him ha I g a great entrance to the ring but he would lose all the time. After the match Castle said that he is a real man. On hearing this Silas Young came out not happy as Young claims to be the last real man. I’m liking the early stages of this rivalry.

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and introduces the television and World champion Jay Lethal. Jay come out with Truth Martini and the House of Truth. Nigel asked Lethal what his plans are. He asked him what title he was going to vacate. Jay Lethal said that he earned both titles so he is keeping both of them. Jay said he will defend them as the undisputed title. Nigel corrected Jay and said that the belts are separate titles and he will have to defend them in two separate matches. As I watched this I shouted “You Can Do It!” then the crowd chanted it. Jay said he would defend the titles in two matches. Nigel said that next week he would defend the TV title against Mark Briscoe and at Death Before Dishoner he would defend the World title against Roderick Strong. Roderick Strong came out and said that Lethal will enter World Champion but Strong would leave World Champion. That told him I guess.

It’s good that he is going to defend both titles and hopefully he will defend both for another year. Why not?

2. The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Matt Taven & Michael Bennett) w/Maria vs. Michael Elgin & reDRagon (Fish and O’Reilly)

Before the match started Maria had the microphone and said it wasn’t Adam Coles fault for the defeat at Best In The World. Maria says that as the leader of the Kingdom she takes responsibility for that. Uh oh I am not feeling very confident for the future of the kingdom with Maria claiming to be the leader. It never works. Look what happened to the rockers when Shawn Michaels started calling himself the team captain.

On to the match and it was another strong six man tag that we have been having a lot lately. One man that was strong in this match was Michael Elgin. When I say strong I mean that literally as he had Taven and Bennett on his shoulders and even had time to drop Cole with a swing of Taven and Bennetts legs. He then planted them both with a Samoan drop.

reDRagon hit chasing the dragon on Adam Cole for the win. After the match Cole shook O’Reilly’s hand. Maria left the ring with a little smirk on her face like she had a sneaky plan in the works. I’m intrigued on what the reaction will be after Cole did this. I don’t mind the Kingdom breaking as it creates fresh matches to look forward to.

Next Episode: Jay Lethal defends the TV Title against Mark Briscoe.

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