ROH TV Review 7/6/14

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

The DECADE’s BJ Whitmer and Adam Page w/ Tadarius Thomas vs. War Machine Raymond Rowe & Hanson)

War Machine got a pretty good amount of streamers as they are early into their tenure as a team. The match begins with War Machine dominating Page. Hanson receives the hot tag later in the match and starts steamrolling on Page. War Machine win with their finishing move called the fallout as Rowe held up Page in a back suplex position and Hanson hit Page with a leg drop. This was an alright match as it was a kind of ordinary type of match. War Machine definitely impressed me with their chemistry in the ring.

Veda Scott, Ramone and Romantic Touch Segment

Veda Scott and Ramone come out to cut a promo to update the fans on #TheNewStreak. Veda tells the fans the streak will not be defended and then The Romantic Touch interrupts her. Romantic Touch tells her that he loves her and Veda tells him to close his eyes but she then kicks him in the private area. This segment seemed like filler and to have the fans keep RD Evans and
#TheNewStreak in mind.

Team Benchmark (Bill Daly & Will Ferrera) & Zizou Middoux vs. J. Diesel, Moose & Vinny Marseglia

J. Diesel starts off this match by showing off of his power but then tags Marseglia. Marsgelia hits a schoolboy on Ferrera into the lowest turnbuckle which was very unique. Marseglia tags in Moose as he starts throwing the opposing team around. Moose then hits an amazing dropkick on Bill Daly as Moose is around 6 foot 5 inches tall. Moose hits Middoux with spear for a pretty good reaction. This match was very entertaining and every man had something in the match that made him stand out.

Defy or Deny 3: The DECADE’s Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mark Briscoe vs. ROH World Champion Adam Cole

The stipulation of this match is if either Jacobs and Briscoe can eliminate Cole they get a future title shot but if Cole eliminates both men neither can get a world title shot when he is champ.

The match begins with both Jacobs and Briscoe trying to put away Cole early. Cole roles out of the ring as he watches Jacobs and Briscoe battle for a shot at his title. Briscoe hits Cole on the outside and then hits him with a vertical suplex on the floor. Jacobs goes for a back elbow off of the second rope but Cole catches him with a back stabber. Cole eliminates Jacobs after Briscoe hit the froggy bow on Jacobs but Cole super kicked Briscoe. Cole won the match as he hit a straight jacket suplex with a bridging pin on Briscoe. Both Jacobs and Briscoe cannot have a title shot as long as Cole is champ.

Elgin then runs into the ring saying the title will be around his waist soon. The show ends with both Elgin and Cole face to face talking trash.

This was an alright episode of ROH TV as it only progressed the world title match at Best In The World. The show also introduced some guys from ROH’s event called Future of Honor.

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